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Author has written 18 stories for Naruto, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

If you enjoy my sonamy fanfics, and my Sasusaku oneshot, then come on over to and see my latest sonamy, and Naruto's First Sasusaku Fanfic!! Both in progress!!

Here is a profile of my latest Naruto Fanfic Character!!

Name: Rain Itachi Uchiha

Age: 10

Birthdate: April 11, 2011

Height: 4' 08''

Weight: 100.2lbs

Hair Color: Raven Black

Hair Length: Down to Upper Mid Back (Prefers in pony)

Eye Color: Jade Green

Appearance(s): 1) First Appearance in Sasuke's black Uchiha get up, from his scratched headband, to her feet. 2) Bandaged Tube Top, with upper part sleeve, bandages on hands, gray bill bottom pants with belt, weapon's pouch on right thigh, Genin shoes, cloak covering left arm, tied around neck, with Uchiha symbol sewn on back of cloak, large forehead, covered by Sasuke's headband, allowing bangs to frame. (there are days where she looks like Sasuke and Itachi)

Place of Birth: Leaf village

Departing Village: Sand Village

Father: Sasuke Uchiha

Known Relatives: Fugaku Uchiha (Deceased), Mikoto Uchiha (Deceased), Itachi Uchiha (Deceased)

Mother: Sakura Haruno

Known Relatives: None

Sensei(s): Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake

Legal Guardian: Naruto Uzumaki

Personality: Combination of Squad Seven: Sasuke's kekkei genkai, skills, Sakura's IQ, brude strength, quick temper, Naruto's pratical jokes, ninjutsu style, Kakashi's keen senses.

Ally(s): Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake, Tsunade, Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, Choji Ackimichi, Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, Shizune, Kisame "Spike" Hozuki (Work in Progress), Rock Lee, Neji Hyuga, Tenten, Temari, Kankuro, Gaara

Enemy(s): Madarra Uchiha, Akatsuki, Sai (Doesn't like him), Danzo Shimura, Homura Mitokado, Koharu Utatane, Orochimaru, Kabuto

Jutsu(s): Green Leaf RassenDori (Medical Chakra, Rassengan and Chidori combined)

Story: On the day of her birth, Rookie Nine were as excited as ever, especially Naruto and Sakura. But everything took a turn when Sai came into Sakura's medical room, and asked for the name of the newborn. Naruto convinced Sakura to allow him to kidnap Rain and raise at an unknown location, until she was well trained enough to take care of herself. On that note, Naruto was forced to erase Sakura's memories of her and Sasuke being together, and Rain for an x number of years. On the night of the departure, Naruto took one last look at the leaf village, and down at Rain, seeing the infamous kekkei genkai: The Sharingan on it's first stage.

10 years later, After being in the Sand Village, Naruto and Rain were allowed to return to the Leaf Village. Back with Sakura, Naruto informs Sakura of Rain's Heaven Curse Mark, and that she is now Orochimaru's Jinchuricki. Still allowed to be Rain's teacher (with help from Kakashi) he hands all of his custody over Rain back to Sakura. But when Sasuke comes back into the picture (unaware of his daughter), he calls his night a 'One Night Stand'. Being told that she was the child of a rape, Rain demands answers from Naruto at the WORST time. Now it's gonna take Rain fighting the counselors of the village, Sai, and trying to convince her father to come back home, and dealing with Orochimaru showing the conceiving of her every night for the last seven years of her life, her adventures begin.

Here are some I will do NOT in the late future:

sasusaku: Nutcracker- Fuck you!

sasusaku: Robin Hood- Sasuke would not look good in tights.

sasusaku: Sleeping Beauty- Sorry. No can do.

sonamy: Robin Hood- Tempting, but sorry.

Some possibilities

Konoha High- Work in progress.

Here's Hurricane's Profile:

Name: Guardian Princess Melvin Victoria Lee Kicker/Guardian Queen Melvin Victoria Lee Kicker (After marriage to Knuckles)
Alias: Hurricane Victoria, Guardian Priestess, Vic (Only allows Knuckles), Hurricane (Everyone), Keeper of All Secrets, Mel Bullevin
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 16; Actually 48,916
Height: 5"8
Eye Color: Green
Hair Length and Color: Below Shoulders, Brunnette
Positions: Lawyer, Detective, Class A Assassin, Hacker, Head Captain of Galaxy Protection Squad, Guardian, Priestess, Squior, Ninja
Father: Guardian King Melvin Kicker (Original Birth: Hedgehog)
Mother: Guardian Queen Linda Elanore Kicker (Human; Emporer's Youngest Daughter)
Siblings: EarthQuake William (On Earth her brother; Reincarnatted Cousin)
Crush: Knuckles the Echidna
Partner: Knuckles the Echidna
Daughter: Isis Lara-Lee the Echidna
Son: Knuckles the Echidna Jr
Appearance: Sailor Mercury's Uniform, Sailor Venus's shoes; blue, Starts with her left arm turning into a lightning rod; when seal is broken, Demon Blade (Lightning Rod) turns into The Bow of Water
Personality: First Debue, a cold hearted woman with instincts to protect and kill; later on, with help of Knuckles, lightens up to be extremely funny, understanding, considerate, understands both genders "personal" needs; will make sure whatever Sonic does "personally", will stay secret, eventually reveals her secrets.

Story: A Guardian Priestess, she spent most of her childhood alone, due to her parents being murdered, runs into Knuckles after an accidental kiss, caused by him tripping on something and landing ontop of her, becomes vast friends, joins Knuckles and his friends, and eventually falls for him. Some time later, she ends up having Knuckles's daughter, Isis, three years after that, she finds out she's with, but also finds Knuckles having an affair with Rouge, and has his son, without his knowledge, and hiding both kids. After the fall of the Guardian Kingdom, Knuckles freezes her in a glacier, and hides her in the comet belt.

48,000 years later, her body was reborn, and on her body's 10th birthday, she finds the key to her powers, her frozen soul (after being found by NASA), is set free, and returned to her body. Putting her beloved town in the center of Chaos Control, due to a huge battle, she flees for her family's safety, and spends 4 years traveling. Meeting up with Knuckles, she begins to unwind, and when he is taken hostage by EarthQuake William, she admits her personal emotions: "I admit it! I still love him! But he's with Rouge, now. I can't take that away from him." In tears, she is revealled to be a Guardian Princess, dressed in Princess Serenity's manga gown, only blue with tulips chaining along her chest, bangs braided, with a blue rose ontop of her ear. Discovering her fate, she stays with Knuckles, by a distance. Still in love with Knuckles, she avoids being anywhere near him with Rouge.

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