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Name: it's a secret, i mean come on...that's why we have pen names. lol.

Age: 16


Favorite Couples of all time!!

1. Zanessa !!(Zachary Alexander Efron and Vanessa Anne Hudgens)

2. um...yeah. pretty much...

COUPLES I HATE. let me emphasize. HATE:

1. Zashley. (Zachary Alexander Efron and Ashley Tisdale)

2.Zikki (Zachary Alexander Efron and Nikki Blonsky.)

nikki- wtf.

I admire Vanessa Anne Hudgens for her courage, her lack of self counciousness, her personality, and who she really is inside.

zacs' okay i guess. since he's dating vanessa i don't want to put him down or anything u know?

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Troy and Gabriella are the perfect couple. Whilst on a holiday, Gabriella hurts her ankle and Ms. Darbus thinks she shouldn't be in the musical. Who is Troy put with and what happens to Troyella? I hope you like it!TROYELLA! Chaylor, Zekepay, Jelsi & Ryan
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The Girl Next Door by Jewel2502 reviews
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