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I've been a faithful fan of Fanfiction for years now, but until now I did not feel comfortable writing or posting any stories, now I have a good, a very good idea.

Harry Potter and the Turning of the Wheel- My first attempt at a story. Its a Wheel of Time and Harry Potter Crossover. If you don't know about the WOT universe, check it out, its an amazing place. The story takes place in the summer afterHalf Blood Princeand after the latest WOT book, Knife of Dreams. So the story is totally AU. There will be elements of both series in the books, plus a lot of ideas of my own. If you know anything about both series, if you think about it, you'll see a lot of similarities between the 2, and I mean a lot! Since both happen after the last books came out, anything used in the series till this point is fair game so there will be lots of spoilers in the book based on the latest books, so if you haven't read the books yet, and you don't want anything ruined DON'T READ THIS least not yet.

I have the beginning, middle and end in my head, though not written down. I probably won't update the next few chapters till I have 2 things:

A Beta (anyone interested please let me know)

At least 4-5 more chapters done. Hopefully once that happens (1-2 weeks I'd say) I hope to have 1-2 chapters up a week from that point on. No promises though. I can see this taking at least 30 or 40 chapters, and that will only take me through part of the Arc I have planned. So a sequel is quite probable

So please be kind, its my first attempt at a strory, I will endeavor to have proper grammar and spelling, I hate when people can't spell Dumbledore's name, it really annoys me! But no promises on format yet, that's something I'm not too good at so give me time!

Reviews are welcome



Here are some Common terms that will crop up throughout the story, more maybe added, along with my definitions of what they are (which are usually the JK Rowling and Robert Jordan definitions anyways!) I probably won't put this in chapter format cause everyone knows how picky FFN has become over that type of stuff! SPOILERS!

Channeling-The ability that some men and women have to access and use the One Power.

One Power- A source of power that drives the Wheel of Time, comprised of 5 separate aspects: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. Divided into Saidin and Saidar.

Angreal- Devices that increase the amount of power one can wield safely.

Ter’angreal- Creations of the One Power meant to aid in its use, created to do specific Tasks that may or may not use the One Power.

Sa’angreal- Devices made to increases the amount of the One Power a man or womencan safely draw upon. Increases the amount of power one can channel as much over an angreal as an angreal does over normal channeling on average.

Damane- Women who can channel that the Seanchan put a collar on in order to controlthem, means “leashed one.”

Sul’dam- Women who can learn to channel, but not born with the ability. They control the damane and will not admit that they can learn to channel, for they should be considered damane then as well.

Wand- A device used by wizards for focusing their magical power and concentrating theeffects. Made of wood with a core of some form of magical creature.

The Dark One- Shai’tan, The Great Lord of the Dark, Heartsbane, Leafblighter, and Many, many other names. The original evil in the Wheel of Time, bound outside the pattern by the creator at the moment of creation, released into the world 3000 years ago, resealed, and destined to break out again during the Last Battle.

The Dark Lord- Lord Voldemort, aka Tom Marvolo Riddle or He Who Should not be Named. The greatest Dark Lord that the world has known, at least to wizards.

Cuendillar- Heartstone, a creation of the power which is an unbreakable substance. Any force that is used against it only adds to the resistance of the material to breaking.

Cannot be destroyed, even by Balefire. The Seals of the Dark One’s prison are made of 7 cuendillar discs.

Saidin- The male half of the One Power, was tainted for 3000 years by the Dark One and would drive men insane. Recently cleansed by Rand al’Thor and Nynaeve al’Meara using the Chodean Kal at Shadar Logoth, destroying the city in the process.

Saidar- The female half of the One Power.

The Dragon- Lews Therin Telamon, The Lord of the Morning, The Kinslayer. Leader of the forces of light during the War of the Shadows, leader of the 100 companions. Went mad with the power and killed all his living relatives before given a moment of clarity to realize what he did. Drew in so much Saidin that he killed himself, creating the mountain known as Dragonmount in the process.

The Dragon Reborn- Rand al’Thor, the reincarnation of Lews Therin Telamon.

Choedan Kal- 2 small statues, one man and one woman, access keys linked to the greatest Sa’angreal ever created. Created at the end of the War of Shadows before the breaking of the world. Never used and the access keys were lost.

Shayol Ghul- Site in the blight where the bore to the Dark One’s prison is closest to the surface.

Myrddraal- Offspring of the Trollocs. Called the Eyeless as well as other names. Have the ability to disappear into shadows, have no eyes, usually cloaked in darkness and a dark hood. Use blades forged in the shadow of Shayol Ghoul that are tainted by the Dark One.

Trolloc- Creature created during the War of Shadows by Aginor, one of the Forsaken. Mixtures of men and animals.

Darkhound- Twisted form of wolves and dogs created during the War of Shadows by Aginor.

The Forsaken- The 13 most powerful Dreadlords who went over to the Dark One during the War of Shadows. Locked away with the Dark One when the bore was sealed. Recently released as the seals weaken. Several have died already while several new Forsaken have been created since then. Call themselves “The Chosen”.

Perrin Aybara- Lord of the 2 rivers, home of Rand al’Thor, Perrin Aybara, Mat Cauthan, Nynaeve al’Meara and Egwene al’vere. A Wolfbrother, often called Perrin Goldeneyes, after his golden tinted eyes. Married to Faile Bashere. A blacksmith by trade, threw away the axe he used as a weapon for a hammer instead.

Faile Aybara- Wife of Perrin Aybara. Daughter of Davrim Bashere, Marshall General to Queen Tenobia of Saladea.

Rand al’Thor- The Dragon Reborn. Son of Tam al’thor. Born on the slopes of Dragonmount at the end of the Aiel War 25 years ago to a Maiden of the Spear, an Aiel woman who had been Tigraine Damondred a noble, and son of a Clan Chief among the Aiel. Taken by Tam al’Thor and raised in the Two Rivers.

Mat Cauthan- A mischievous young man from the Two Rivers, friend of Perrin Aybara and Rand al’thor. Distrusts Aes Sedai and the One Power. Has the memories of dead generals and military leaders from the past 1000 years. Leader of a military group called the Band of the Red Hand. Has a ter’angreal necklace in the shape of a foxhead that makes him immune to the One Power if used directly against him. Married to Tuon, daughter of the Nine Moons, recently named Empress of the Seanchan Empire. Called the Prince of Ravens by the Seanchan now. Has incredibly fortunate luck and the ability to manipulate chance.

Harry Potter-The Boy who lived. Son of James and Lily Potter. Has a wand of Holly with a brother core of phoenix feathers with Voldemort. The only survivor of the Killing Curse ever. Can speak Parseltongue, snake language, a “gift” of Voldemort.

Horcrux- An object that is infused with part of the soul of a wizard. Voldemort has 6 of these, plus his own soul used to give himself immortality. 2 have been destroyed already.

Cor’savair- A device that uses saliva and blood to create a link to a what is called a Mindtrap, when created in the Pit of Dhoom at Shayol Ghul in the presence of the Dark One. The holder can make the recipient feel when they are holding the Mindtrap. If the mindtrap is destroyed the recipient becomes a mindless puppet of the holder.

Aelfinn- Snakelike people who live in an alternate reality. A kind of evil that is as different from the Dark One as he is from normal people. Can be accessed 2 ways, through a twisted doorway bearing their sign, or through the Tower of Ghenji. Will grant 3 wishes when asked, but demand a price. Part of the basis for the game Snakes and Foxes, fear Music, Fire and Iron.

Eelfinn- Foxlike people who live in an alternate reality. A kind of evil that is as different from the Dark One as he is from normal people. Can be accessed 2 ways, through a twisted doorway bearing their sign, or through the Tower of Ghenji. Will grant 3 answers when asked, but demand a price. Part of the basis for the game Snakes and Foxes, fear Music, Fire and Iron.

Tarmon Gaidon- The Last Battle at which the Dragon Reborn must be present if the Light has any chance of defeating the Dark One and his forces as he breaks free of his prison again.

Avada Kedavara- The Killing Curse used by wizards. Only 1 person has ever survived it, Harry Potter. Is a spell with a green light.

Ta’vern- One of the people that the Pattern shapes itself around. They are focal points in the Pattern and can affect those around them just by being present. Rand al’thor is the most powerful Ta’vern in at least the past 1000 years, if not ever. Perrin Aybara and Mat cauthon are Ta’vern as well.

Nae’blis- The highest of the Dark One’s servants on earth. Moridin currently holds this position.

The True Power- Power given directly from the Dark One and only accessible to those the Dark One wishes to have access to.

Saa- Black flecks that appear across one’s eyes after using The True Power often.

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