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Hello there! I am a girl who loves cheesy humor and angst and of course, the big R. Yep, that right, I'm talking about romance. (Is the cheesiness setting in yet?)

My favorite fandoms are The New Legends of Monkey, Inuyasha, Xena: The Warrior Princess, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Battlestar Galactica, and officially some Lord of the Rings now too. I loved lotr when I was a kid but only recently realized there is amazing fic out there for it, lol, don't know why I never thought to look before.

Music very much inspires me and I guess I'd like to throw out my favorite artists too. They are Asadi(his music is just AWWW!), Beats Antique, and the guy who makes the Battlestar Galactica ost's. They are so epic!

I have some another Monkey story I'm working on, Possibly a Sess/Kag tory in the works if I can get it to where I want it(Sess/Kag is really no joke to me. Her fiery attitude and his stoic coldness, I think it compliments so well.) And I may have a Lotr story on the way but I have much reading I need to do for it(I've only read up to Two Towers and need to finish it and then probably read The Silmarillion and then do more research than I think my brain can handle, lol. But I've got an idea I wanna do and that's what counts!)

My favorite pairings are:


Font Demon/Tripitaka(Multishipper here lol)







Azula/Tai Lee






and then for lotr, so far I have read only one fic that was Legolas/Oc and I am down with it! However, I think I may be quite infatuated with Thranduil. That elf... Ahh, its always the stoic ones that I enjoy.

Well, that's me I guess, I don't know what else to put here.

So I'm just going to list all my ideas for fics for The New Legends of Monkey so I can't lose them. Feel free to take one and write it, surely I won't get to them all. If you do, if you could just send me a pm so I can be sure to read it so I can fangirl just a little more xD it would be appreciated.

They go to a party and game of spin the bottle is going on. (Weird premise but could be fun and funny)


Trip and monkey bodies get switched for a little.(laughs just waiting to be chuckled imo)


Trip gets attacked while bathing naked and monkey saves her, what hapoens next though? Also doesn't mean sexual, could just be awkward and funny.


Trip gets sick and monkey insists on taking care of her. Monkey is really clumsy and messes everything up but trip doesn’t care because she is just glad monkey is there.


Promt for sad/angsty fics: Take your favorite couple and write one (or more) one-shot(s) describing “the first time and the last time” they did something together. Might contain:

- the first and the last time they saw each other

- the first and the last time they kissed

- the first and the last word they said to each other

(This prompt made me feel like it could be so good for trip/monkey )


Trip slips and monkey happened to be walking behind her and she fell into his arms and man is his hair especially pretty today...


The group tells ghost stories and trip gets too scared to sleep and monkey stays up with her.


Trip is a modern girl who gets portaled to the past as a chosen one. Now she is caught up in a crazy quest while trying to maintain her secret of being from the future.(probably going to be my next idea if I don't come up with a shadow monkey spin off before then because well, shadow monkey... He's so good, I have to find a way to make him fit into the story and not get killed, but of I can't work out some plots for that, definitely this one next.)


The group tries to cook something special for pigsy but fail miserably.


When they find the scroll of time either monkey, sandy, or pigsy, or maybe all four of them get teleported to modern times.


Monkey, Sandy, and Pigsy get turned into little kids and tripitaka not only has to watch them and keep them safe, she's gotta fix it too.


Monkey has a bad hair day


Therapy sessions

Monkey and davari

Trip and shadow monkey

Sandy and pigsy

Font demon on his lonesome


Monkey is to be king but has to marry in order to do so. The only problem is that he is falling in love with a boy monk who helps advise his father... Wait, he isn't a boy?


Love potion scene but for some reason the font demon is there too.


Tripitaka gets turned into a demon, hurt/comfort


Khan switches sides because she really did like pigsy and sure, it's hard for her.

"Don't kill the humans" they say.

"Don't destroy the whole village over one enemy" they tell her.

"Don't be so obnoxious" that one annoys her.

Yet slowly she becomes a part of the group and gains the family she never had.(found family fic idea, just because.)


Monkey and pigsy have a competition to see who can eat more spicy foods.


Shadow monkey tries to pretend to be monkey so monkey can take a break but he's about as good at being monkey as monkey is at being Norman(all I could think of when monkey had the idea really)


Hagfish is less of an idiot and makes a shadow crown too. Only people with bad intentions can wield the power(opposite of monkey's). How would things go now?


Flashback story of monkey's father/son kind of relationship with the master and trips father/daughter memories with the scholar and then they talk about it with each other and bond.


Crack fic, write your favorite fight scene from the show except now it's a dance battle/rap battle/snowball fight/food fight, really any other kind of face off that would be funny.


Monkey gets turned into a human for a while and hates it but helps him see things from a different perspective.


I'll add more eventually but for now this is it. Again, feel free to steal some, these are just things I wanna see happen. Just tnlm prompts if you will I suppose. Well have a beautiful day.

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