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Author has written 12 stories for Supernatural, Fruits Basket, Harry Potter, American Horror Story, and Hunger Games.

Top Ten Fanfiction Peeves

10. Butterbeer is NONALCOHOLIC.

9. In any story about Bill Weasley, open you're goddamned book and find the description of Bill. It is impossible to create a sweet love story between Fleur and Bill if you've just described the physical characteristics of Charlie.

8. If Snape and Lily have a secret child, that means she cheated on James. 'Nuff Said.

7. If Voldemort had a baby, make sure it was concieved before he, you know, ceased being a human being.

6. Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley are not just your second chance extension of the the Dramione shipping of your dreams. It's quite offensive really, because Scorpius would've been taught better by his father than to act the way Draco did in school.

5. THERE WAS NO GOOGLE MAPS OR FACEBOOK CHAT IN THE 90s! No one int the world found mapquest drections to the murder house before visiting Tate for a study date. And no one at Hogwarts has a cellphone or IM's each other. (In the nineties or today, because Muggle technology doesn't function at Hogwarts.

4. Fred and George are NOT Hikaru and Kaoru. Also, Fred DOES NOT ABUSE HIS GIRLFRIENDS.

3. Dean Winchester does not sleep with large amounts of women to quench his thirst for Sam. And I PROMISE you they never shared beds during hunts as adults.


1. Hogwarts only accepts students from the U.K. If your OC didn't die in the murder house, they are not stuck in the murder house. If you are using a previous Hunger Games to the 74th, your OC from District 12 SHOULD NOT survive. If Dean and Sam suddenly have a third wheel coming along, make sure she actually has the skills to keep up or Sam and Dean wouldn't have kept them along. OC's are of course, made up by you. But at least TRY to make them fit in.

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