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"Open Graves"

Credits & Tribute List

District 1

Male : Platinum Titan, 18 [District 1 Victor] - An average, but confident career, Platinum is the broad-shouldered, smooth-talking warrior many see as the "safe" tribute to bet on. Will his typical training guide him toward an easy victory, or will he find himself destroyed by something he never could have prepared for?

Female : Nion Azure, 17 [nicci'weezy] - A career until then overlooked at the favour of her sister, Nion views her entry into the Games not as an accident of fate, but as a chance to prove herself the worthiest of them all. Will she finally shine as bright as those who have overshadowed her in the past, or will she lose herself in a struggle in which even the mightiest have no hope of victory?

District 2

Male : Quintus Avitus, 18 [Alicia Mirza] - Introverted, but blunt and cunning, Quintus is the kind of career who makes for an antipathetic interviewee and a dangerous opponent in the arena. Will his undeniable strength and quiet determination be enough to grant him the victory he has been dreaming of, or will his solace be stolen away by a struggle he was never equipped to face?

Female : Azara Lavino, 15 [britmck] - Confrontational, tough and well trained, Azara is a typical District 2 career. Many expect her to thrive during the Games, but doubt still lingers; will her preference for direct combat lead the way to victory, or will it revel itself to be a liability in this year's arena?

District 3

Male : Rider Jansen, 16 [Funny-Bunny-lover] - Disorganized and assertive, Rider considers himself an outcast among District 3's populace of obedient factory workers. Will the Games be his occasion to demonstrate the value of divergence, or will he have overestimated his ability to fend for himself?

Female : Electra Watts, 12 [LouisVuittonluver] - Strange and obscure, Electra's past weights heavily despite her young age, tell tale of her empty heart. Will her mask of innocence and the true nature it covers be an asset, or will the Games reveal themselves as an even bigger monster than she is?

District 4

Male : Nicholas Castellen, 16 [fman173] - Well trained, but thoughtful and compassionate, Nicholas is a career who might not posses what it takes to murder his way to victory. Will his longing for the shores of District 4 be enough to make him disregard his empathetic nature, or will he accept his own death as a noble sacrifice?

Female : Luna Delphos, 17 [Wisteria22] - Adventurous, but firm and rational, Luna is the kind of career District 4 prides itself in having produced. Will the Games be the venture she has long sought after, or will those who placed their faith in her have to witness the fall of their figurehead?

District 5

Male : Lucius Spark, 15 [DragonFan1512] - Sly and independent, Lucius is the kind of boy who acts in secret, fighting in the shadows to protect himself and the few he loves. Will his usual furtive tactics give him the upper hand in the arena, or will he be forced to confront the horrors of a brutality no one can run away from?

Female : Zsan Zsan Holloway, 17 [XxFreeOatmealxX] - Audacious and self assured, Zsan Zsan is the proud daughter of a past victor. Will she prove herself to par with the champion that her mother was, or will her hunger for love at any cost be the instrument of her downfall?

District 6

Male : Track Norfleet, 18 [BlindBanditfighter] - Cheerless and righteous since the death of his younger sister, Track knows that his role in the Games is not one of a victor's. Will he become the savior his wishes his sister would have had, or will the arena be a snare in which even kindness cannot survive?

Female : Farrie Port, 14 [Indyracer715] - Lovable, but hesitant, Farrie is a dreamer who wants to be heard, but hasn't yet found her voice. Will she find the strength to rise and become a Victor to be remembered, or will she fall into oblivion like so many before her?

District 7

Male : Jackson Pine, 17 [thgultimatefan19] - Brave and outgoing, Jackson might be seen as the archetypal romantic hero. Will his good but fiery nature reveals itself to be what victors are made of, or will his heroic potential turn out to be insufficient?

Female : Mitzi Cordovan, 15 [constellationgrl] - Whimsical, sensitive and a bit odd, Mitzi has well earned her reputation as a peculiar but inoffensive child. Will her fickleness and weird habits transform revel themselves to be assets in the arena, or will she be broken by a struggle where nothing is ever romantic?

District 8

Male : Weft Drugget, 17 [Hel-Lokisdotter] - Deeply wounded by the loss of his best friend, Weft knows that his decision to volunteer was a death wish masquerading as a noble sacrifice. Will the brutal reality of the Games spark him with a new will to survive, or will suicide have been his ultimate revolt against his own apathy?

Female : Paisley Till, 16 [thgultimatefan19] - Timid, but driven, Paisley is a girl who should have been allowed to know peace. Will the desire to solve the mysteries of her childhood be enough to get her trough the Games, or will she succumb to the horror of the machine?

District 9

Male : Dynamo Corral, 18 [DragonFan1512] - Good natured and responsible, Dynamo is a volunteer ready to face death for the chance of aiding his starving district. Will he come home the hero all have wished would take away their misery, or will he discover that victory only comes to those ready to lose all that make them human in the process?

Female : Skylark Judge, 16 [Kitkat1425] - Withdrawn and bookish, Skylark has never known a day without being preyed upon by bullies and malicious pranksters. Will the Games give her the chance to prove herself stronger than her tormentors, or will death be the only escape from her misery?

District 10

Male : Thatcher Geddes, 12 [Eliza Ghost] - Egoistical, but smart and contemplative, Thatcher often wonders if he is a bad person, or only an interesting one. Will this year's arena become the glamorous theatre of his darkest fantasies, or will he be consumed by a reality where violence is neither thrilling nor glorious?

Female : Thorn Azalea, 16 [MidnightRaven323] - Rough and razor tongued, Thorn has since long learned that nothing in life comes without a fight. Will her difficult upbringing have been the perfect training for the realities of the arena, or will she find herself consumed by a world crueler than she has ever learned to be?

District 11

Male : Croft Sedgewick, 18 [Hel-Lokisdotter] - In appearance lighthearted and fun loving, Croft has grown to mask away his true emotions, woes and fears. Will his often underestimated abilities and passionate will to reunite with his family be what it takes to ensure his survival, or will he fall to monsters he knows himself unable to outmatch?

Female : Sage Meadows, 16 [Phantasia515] - Ill-tempered and selective, Sage has made herself an outsider among her peers. Will the tempestuous nature many use to consider her fatal flaw reveals itself to be an asset in the arena, or will her standoffishness inevitably trigger the course of her downfall?

District 12

Male : Jayden Cinders, 13 [winterkitten] - Overly cheerful as a way of hiding his lack of self confidence, Jayden lives with the perpetual feeling of being overshadowed. Will his place in the Games become a chance to be seen as never before, or will he die with the realisation that life itself is nothing but unremarkable?

Female : Darcy Anders, 17 [Phantasia515] - Sharp, but erratic Darcy has volunteered with the goal of avenging the murder of her older brother. Will her hunger for justice lead her to a consoling victory, or will the reality of the Games reduce it to nothing but the setup to another senseless sacrifice?

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