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Hi, I'm F23. I used to be flygon23 but go ahead and call me flygon or whatever you like!

My wording and grammar may be weird so don't hesitate to ask me any suggestions and/or questions C:

I am a student and I tend to disappear a lot. I do check messages regularly so I will try to reply as soon as possible. If there are any plot-holes or details that I didn't cover/didn't make sense in my stories, please let me know also.

I like to reply to longer reviews or ones that have a specific question(s) so if you want a reply, it'll be easier if you ask from an account instead of a guest review, but you don't have to. Thanks for your time!

!!!There are some spoilers/helpful guides below here on Pit's journal entries in "Heaven's Door" and how the levels are set up in the setting of "Citadel of Anarchy", so click "hide bio" to avoid them.!!!

Work in Progress: Heaven's Door, Citadel of Anarchy(new)

Journal Entries in "Heaven's Door"

1.) "…it's impossible, some of us may not…"

2.) "Oh, why only five… I cannot do this. I need more time."

3.) "I hate my name I hate my name I hate my name...(repeated throughout the paper) "The entrance is an oxymoron" (on the back)

4.) "you're the heaven's door" (with a drawing of Pit holding a black feather)

5.) "Quietus arrives with swift wings. He arrives on nobody's impulse and it's not always you."

6.) "Find the tree. Find the tree. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Sacrifice. Down the stairs the lost child awaits. Hurry. Hurry." (plus a reference paper for the strange symbols, such as a feather = savior)

7.) "The answer is not always told. Some truth is meant to be hidden. You may not want to know about the Heaven’s Door.”

8.) "Hiring exterminator, electrician, hunter, ANYONE that can rid the "PLASMA CREATURE" LARGE REWARD Contact the city hall for details"

9.) "Oh he has such charming eyes. I wished they were just for me. But doctor, I'm just happy you're with us."

10.) "Apparently you favor yourself in exchange for everybody else."

11.) "Big Room crystal levels: 115"

12.) (A list of names as of CH25: Pit, Link, Marth, Ness, Lucas, Roy, Ike, Zelda/Sheik, Kirby, Lucario, Captain Falcon, Young Link, Wario, Red, Snake, Pichu, Dr. Mario, R.O.B., Mr. Game and Watch, Falco, [another name but scratched out and unreadable])

13.) (Various written conversations between Mewtwo and Pit, and Mario and Pit. Added later)

The Citadel in "Citadel of Anarchy"

Roof - The top of the Citadel. The Royals live up here but not even the Royal Battalion are sure where they are.

Outer Rim - Lucina, Chrom, and Robin live here. Lucina's assigned Royal Battalion station with Commander Ganondorf is located near the Roof, but still in the Outer Rim. Dr. Mario's potion shop where Robin, Lucario, and Luigi works at is located a little ways off the cafeteria district. The orphanage "Society of Smiles" run by Captain Falcon, Fox, Falco, Roy, and Link is located in the outskirts of the factories. Brighter compared to the lower levels, with the cracked ceilings and sunlight pouring through them. Although rain is frequent and can reach up to ankle-high levels before falling to the lower areas. Streets are lit with electric lights and most are orange in color.

Midst - The Guerrillas hideout, and the Royal Battalion station of Commander Meta Knight of the "Four Wings" is located here. The questionable and mysterious supply shop/bar "The Gates of Hell" owned by Rodin (and Bayonetta?) is located here also. Darker compared to the Outer Rim but still has artificial light. Parts of the areas have well-holes that reach down to the Core and Drain, and streets are covered in muddy steam.

Core -

Drain - A massive water plant and sewage system, presumably no humans live here.

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