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Author has written 13 stories for Naruto, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries.

Helloooooo kiddies. From here on out I shall be known as Quintessentia (don't ask about the name, I was being random).

7/17/09 OMG...i'm so pathetic. I'm only just now deciding to update b/c a dorkish bff of mine has finally decided to join ff.net. I need to be slapped with some kind of dinner utensil. In other news...i have delved into a new fandom and have thusly been inspired by an awesome video to write a very long oneshot based on it. I'm not positive when it will be up, but i'm working on it now and if anyone is interested in being a beta please let me know. -puppy eyes- To all my friends of whom I seem to have forgotten--I haven't--I've just been kind of preoccupied but I will try and make myself known in the internet world again.

Age: 19

Name: Be creative, like me, 'cause I ain't tellin'.

Hobbies: Reading (Maximum Ride-Love Fang! Love Iggy!-Bad Kitty- I love this kind of humor, I really do.), Writing (You are rolling your eyes, I know. I can feel it. Oh, and redundancy is made of win.), Drawing (Yeah, I do this from time to time. Not sure how good I am at it though.), Singing (Sing with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!), Piano (Yeah, I'm supposed to be really good at that too. And I could spend hours (and I have too) in front of it.), Analytical Thinking (Yeah, this is where all that "grown-up nerd" stuff comes in to play) etc...

Favorite Music: Mostly country, since i'm from the South, yeah. But I like Rock too.


I am a Dean girl...as Sam has gotten on my nerves in a very bad way this season four. Despite his apparent evilness...and stupidity...I am also a rabid fan of evil!Dean/evil!Sam. Thus I am writing a fic involving them. It will be somewhat Wincesty, so if you don't like that kind of thing it may irk you a little.

Even though I have made it clear that Sam is seriously irritating me, this does not mean that I don't like him. I happen to love Sammy very much...it's just that right now I think someone (Dean possibly) needs to drop a brick on his head. And then promptly kiss it all better.


In addition, I am also quite glad that Ruby is dead. If I hadn't had to have been quiet the night the s4 finale premiered, I would have done a very special dance for joy while simultaneously singing, 'Ding, Dong the witch is dead!!" like I know so many others did that night. I was a very happy camper in that regard.


Favorite Couples: DeiSaku (DeidaraxSakura-It's addictive. Ask anyone who's read it. That's my only explanation.) ItaSaku (Yes, I know you think i'm smoking something. This one is addictive too, I can't help but love Itachi.) SasuSaku (Gasp! This from an Uchiha hater? Well, I like to make him work ok? And seriously, who is he going to repopulate the clan with? Karin? -eye twitches- I think not. (at least, he better not)).

WINCEST!! Yes, I am one of those rabid fans that are convinced that every time the brothers Winchester look at each other funny they are imagining fabulous sex acts they performed the night before. However, this is the only slash pairing of any kind that I like. In addition, I do not suppport incest in real life. Because if it were anyone but Sam and Dean, that would be just...creepy.

Also, for some reason, I happen to like Dean/Bela. Don't ask why...I just think she was an awesome bitch who should have never died. Or whom should have at least been brought back to life. :P

Least Favorite Couples: Any yaoi or yuri (Not counting Wincest). Nothing against those who like it, but it's just not for me. Same goes for any Student-Teacher relationships (Like KakaSaku- that one kind of creeps me out. No offense...)


1. You've Got Me: Um, yeah. I wrote this one one night right before bed because I felt like it. Not much of an interesting story there, huh? A DeiSaku, sorta crack fic. ONESHOT.

2. Hand Me a Cloak With Red Clouds: I hate this thing. I wish it would burn from my account. Sorry guys, I was only doing one more chapter anyway, but I might just leave it alone until I feel like writing the rest of the second half. Some DeiSaku. Crack. Should not be taken seriously, much less liked. I really hate this thing.

3. Dreaming Heaven: A late-night boredom fic, what more can I say? It's...meh. SasuSaku. ONESHOT. Inspired by:

4. Just Taking Care: I wrote this while my laptop was out of commission and i decided to dedicate it to my first friend here on fanfiction xxforbiddenlove07xx! Here's to you! Hugs!

5. My Uchiha Matriarch: My favorite story i've written so far! Crack is love and i'm planning to write a sequel for it sometime (if i have time between all my essay writing). Yay!


If you know of any good angsty or brotherly love fics of any fandom (and some good Wincest from the Supernatural fandom -fangirl eep-), tell me, i'm always willing to read new fics!

And so for now I take my leave. See you peoples L8ER.

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