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Hi. I'm a girl. Who wishes she was a vampire.Hence the 'vampiregrrrl' thing. (Who is also now looking for a Beta. So. Ya know. PM me. PLEASE. my budding stories need to be tweaked to perfection!)


No, from what I hear, the self-control takes hard work and patience. I might put in the work, but i'm seriously lacking in the patience department.

But i'm down with blood. And the xtra senses. I'm one of those people that think we should've been born with, like, claws or something. I mean, everything hurts. Is that fair?

But life isn't, I so know. So i'll suck it up.

Well hi again anyway. I got caught up. Okey-dokey. I'm back now.

So, me. What can i say about me? Not much. Though i wouldn't like to hear what other people will say about me.

Not that i'm an evil bitch or anything, i'm just. . .a little. . .eccentric.

And i might be bi-polar. But i'm absolutely normal apart from that.

Back to the normal part of me.

Okay, well right now, i'm currently attempting to steal a girl's soul-mate, which isn't working out too well.

Cuz, you see, they're kinda in love.

His name is Edward, from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Isn't he just sigh-inducing?

Those eyes. . .that brain. . .faints with perfection of Edward

okay. i've run out of things to say. I DO talk ALOT. like nonstop. But i don't type as fast a s i talk. so this is kinda tiring. Okay, we shall move onto INTERESTS.


Twilight Series-Stephenie Meyer
Mediator Series-Meg Cabot
Sweep Series-Cate Tiernan,
Uglies Trilogy-Scott Westerfield (Hey, did you know that there's another book after Specials in the Uglies trilogy? It's called Extras. I wanna read it when it comes out.)
Harry Potter


basically, if it's Meg cabot, im gonna pick it up without reading the back at the bookstore or whatever.
the ONLY sciencefic would be the Wrinkle in Time Series. Cuz it's good.
i read basically all the Artemis Fowls. but wait. that's sciencefic too, isn't it?
Anything Christopher Pike.
Ditto Stephen King
Ditto Mary Higgins Clarke.
And John Grisham or James Patterson.
Basically, If you wanna buy me a book for my b'day, you'll be safe with something supernatural or gory-ish.

Speaking of gory-ish things. Did i mention I love horror movies? And that, unfortunately, whenever I watch suff like SAW and Resident Evil and stuff, I don't get the slightest bit scared?

Please tell me if this is normal. Cuz most of the time when my friend is, like, cowering under her sweater or whatever, i'm laughing at how funny it was when he beheaded whoever. I think the horror movies lately are seriously lacking the fear factor. I mean, Come on. If there are people laughing during -wait, no, that's just me.

ohhhhhh. I think i'm starting to understand why mommy look at me like 'Who the hell are you' sometimes. Maybe that's why there were people in the house asking me funny questions yesterday. . . . . .

You can put the straightjacket away now, I'm back. And very sane thank-you-very-much.



Well. . .You know WHAT? iT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. who cares if i'm sane? Or bi-polar? The only thing that matters is that I keep writing stories you guys enjoy right? Who's with me?!

I wanna read Interview with a vampire, but if mom sees it, she's gonnna kill me.

Does that tell you something about my age?

Okay.On to tv.

Blood Ties-lifetime
Moonlight-ABC OR NBC or something
One Tree Hill
Gossip Girl
Family Guy-Stewie is just so frickin' funny.
South park-the 'suck my balls episode is my favourite.

That about my tv quota for the week.

By the Way. . .

Has anyone seen thirty days of night yet? Or beowulf? I soooo want to. Angelina Jolie looked soooooo sexy-ful when she like emerged from the pool-like think in the goldish thingie.

Yeah, I'm just soooo literate right?

I play piano, i'm in about Grade 6, and in desperate NEEEEED of an actual piano. (I have a 6octave keyboard rite now)

I play tennis and i'm, quite good, if i may say so myself.

I dance: Tap. I'm not the best in the class, but I enjoy it.

Oh, and if you throw me into a pool, I won't drown.

I only wish I could draw.

And occasionally attempt that wish before going back to that belief.

well, not many really. just some popular songs and so on.

and Muse, My Chemical Romance, some Greenday, Occasional Slipknot, Placebo, Lifehouse, Marjori Fair, Blood Hound Gang, ACDC, American Hi-Fi, so on, and so forth.

Oh, and i figure i'll be writing some Twilight fanfic. I would do mediator, but i figure most of the ideas have been VERY played out.

Ummm, I know that most of my stories are, like, centered around sex, but don't worry, I'm not a nympho or anything. Those are just the ideas that pop up.

Yeah, I should say I'm so sorry when I don't reply to all your reviews, and I appreciate them SO MUCH! but I normally just say a general thanks before my new chappies.

And so sorry if I don't update as often as you'd like me to, And I don't update as often as I'd like to either. But there aren't enough hours in a day.

That's all for now. See you in cyberspace chicas!

And, um chicos too i guess, if they, like, read my stories.

OH! and EVERYTHING I write Is disclaimed to Stephenie Meyer cuz I'm kinda forgetful, ya know?

Ceee ya!

Yes, I do realize i'm making my profile much too long, and no one will read the whole thing, but I figure they'll read the part before the stories if a certain word catches their eyes. A word called:


See? I bet you're reading now. This is what pisses me off. I write a long-ish story called trying, and i get 7 reviews. But I write a short story with 'sex' in the title-yes, sex talks with Edward, reviewers, i'm glaring at you- and i get 57!

This is great. And I thank everyone for this so much, but why don't we try to even out the reviews a little? Try 'Trying'? Plz?

It's just as pervertedly funny as Sex talks, but makes Edward a little happier. It's even about Sex! Just a little later in the story. Like a chapter in.

Which brings me to something else. When everyone is looking for fanfics to read, do you know that when something has Sex in the title, they are almost guaranteed to read the summary? Than if the story sounds mildly interesting without the word 'sex'?

I've come to a shocking, disturbing realisation. It's not only the guys! We're ALL NYMPHOS!!!!


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