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Hello... currently on a prolonged hiatus.

Stories Currently working on: Precious Nothings

Revamping Stories: Mystic

Stories on Hiatus for now: Voice of the Mourner, Tsuki No Nozomimasu Daisuki

Dropped Stories: Behind an Angel's Eyes

Hello, I'm a high-school student currently residing in the east coast of the United States. I've got no life other than sports, school, and band, so whatever time I have left is spent sleeping, on the computer, or eating. I also cannot wait for Spring Break, because that's when I finally get my life back. (Hurray?)

I have a weakness for yaoi/yuri pairings, because I'm into the whole "Opposites Attract" thing, but I'm also okay with straight pairings. Also, (Not to offend anyone) reading stories that don't have breaks in paragraphs, I mean, how am I supposed to follow something like that? It hurts my eyes ._.

Plus, if I don't reply to your review/PM, don't be mad. I have sites sending me a thousand spam reviews a day so it's hard sifting through them.

Hopefully I can update PN sometime during the next week, and rewrite Mystic.

Story Updates:

Precious Nothings:
- Working on new one-shots. I would like some ideas, so either go on over to the story page and hit "Review" or send me a PM.
- Hopeful next oneshots: "Alma", "Piggyback", "Skeleton", "CROW", "Escape", "Cross"

Expected Changes in Mystic:
- Chrylisn Hydrangea will be taken out (Yay for all you haters)
- All the behaviors of the characters will be more mature. I mean, Tyki squeaking? Come on.
- The actual Noahs will be put in.
- Changes in writing style will also be put into place.

Voice of the Mourner:
- On Hiatus
- I need to re-read the story to get a feel for the plot
- Linali is not what she seems

Tsuki No Nozomimasu Daisuki:
- I think the phrasing is wrong for the title. Someone send me a PM to see if the grammar's right.
- IF the title is right:

Yes so, now I'm off to re-read the stories and retrieve the backup files from the disk.

Good luck, all you aspiring writers, and all you readers - I hope you find that special story you've been craving for. ]


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There were many things I saw in life. I had a kind mother, a bastard father, and oh, what's the last thing? Oh, that's right. It just so seems that I'm not a normal kid. -LedahxEin- Dropped.
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