Accentuating Kamikaze
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Let me also say that school (or even work) always comes before any story I may be working on. So updates may take up to two weeks, mayhaps more. I have a life... I know, it kinda sucks some times.


Sakura x Almost Anyone. - I love the crack. If I had my way, I'd make Sakura the sex slave -no, scratch that. The pimp of every character in Naruto. Damn right I like the crack. :3

.hack - Love the games/animes.

Mountain Dew - The essential key to survival in college. Yes, you can live off of this stuff, especially while writing one massive, twelve paged research paper. A two liter bottle is all you need.

Silent Hill. - Gotta love Pyramid Head.

Mah musicz und Ipod. - ... :B


Name: Polyamorous

Anime/Manga: Naruto

Pairings: I'm revealing them as I go along. Kukukukukuuu~. c: So far it's... SasuSaku, and KibaHinaShin.

Rating: M (for sexual content.)

Summary: What happens when a majority of the Naruto gang are all in one apartment complex? And what's this? They're being watched?! How could that pervert do such a thing! Putting cameras in their apartments and watching them from his 'study'! Really! Though, Sasuke and Sakura soon stumble upon the 'study' and discover how sick and perverted he really is! Monitors! All along the wall! Ugh, how disgusting! About to leave to take care of this little problem, Sasuke turns and is about to leave.. That is, until Sakura begins to watch with innocent curiousity at what one particular friend of hers is doing... It peeks Sasuke's interest as well, so maybe a minute of staying there won't do any harm, then they'd take care of this!... But... Is what's going on in the monitors so... Weird the two can't seem to look away?

Status: HIATUS.

Name: Plug In Baby

Anime/Manga: Naruto

Pairings: SasoSaku, DeiSaku, / SasuSaku, and NaruSaku with sprinkles of SaiSaku

Rating: M (for violent and sexual content.)

Summary: Things didn't exactly turn out as everyone thought they did. After the short war that had erupted between the Akatsuki and the majority of the shinobi nations, -a war that had only lasted, give or take, for a few months, though still took many casualties- a peaceful calm had settled down on Konoha and most of the other villages (as well as nations.) It was said that all the Akatsuki, during battle, had been killed. Whether it was during or before the war, it didn't matter. However, rumors have been flying around that a few actually had survived the Akatsuki war. But the rumors have yet to have really been looked into. After all, they could have very well just have been stories bored villagers made up to make their lives, and others', less boring... Unfortunately, unbeknownst to Konoha or any other villages, it is fact that a few Akatsuki did survive... But what's that have to do with those weird, discolored scars on Sakura that have been burning lately? And damn have they been burning! With one on both her abdomen and back, both directly parallel to one another, they are the very scars from when Sasori had stabbed right through her with his poisoned katana. Though, what she doesn't know is that the supposed 'scars', the ones mentioned from the battle with Sasori, were not at all scars. Sure to her, on the surface, they both looked and felt like scars. However... They were actually a very special seal. A cursed seal that, when activated properly, enables the caster of the seal to do so very much...

Status: In progress. Updated whenever possible. c:

Name: Oh Doctor, Doctor!

Anime/Manga: Naruto

Pairing: DeixSak

Rating: M (for sexual content and crappy humor)

Summary: Kidnapped by those damned bastards (the Akatsuki; she refuses to call them anything other than that), Sakura is, at first, suppose to be watched by a certain blonde Akatsuki member whom just so happens to be obsesses with things that go 'boom'... Then, getting bored with his duties, decides that he suddenly wants to play a game with her. No, this game isn't World of Warcraft nor is it Dungeons and Dragons. It happens to be something more... Childish. Yes, that game so happens to be 'Doctor and Patient'. Sounds innocent, doesn't it? No, Sakura isn't nearly that lucky.

Status: In progress. Being honest, next chapter will come when I have free time.

Author's Comments: Crackish? This will be a shorter story. How short, even I'm not sure. Though, it's likely to vary from 2 - 5 chapters... Hell, there may be a possibility of it being longer. I really just go with the flow.


3 - 08 - 08: Alright. At the moment, I'm at the library. Why, you ask? My computer caught a nasty worm and IT ATE SOME OF MY WORK. OH FREAKIN' HELL I'M SO TICKED. (NOTE TO SELF: BACK UP ALL WORK ON A DISC OR SOMETHING D:) Luckily though, it didn't eat what -little- work I did on Plug In Baby. My computer's still not fully functioning (damnitdamnitdamnit) but I managed to save what I've done for 'PIB' on a disc, so when I get out of class today (class starts in 10 minutes. -_-;;) I'll go to the school's library and work on as much as I can before work. See how much I love you all? CAN YOU SEE MY YOUTHFUL DEDICATION?... Gotta go. D:

4-09-08: I FREAKING GOT IT UP. COOKIES FOR ME, YES?... Yep, finally got up chapter 6 of Plug in Baby. So happy I needn't worry about that... Now I just have to focus on the next chapter of Oh Doctor, Doctor!... Which, may I add, I'm not sure when I'm going to have it up. Computer should be back aaaaany day now. Thank. God. I can hardly manage without that thing.

12 - 28 - 08: I apologize for my long absence and lack of updates for my stories. Long story short, life got in the way. However, seeing how I am now in winter break, I hope to update both my active stories at least once each. Again, I really am sincerely sorry for both the hiatus and the lack of warning. Hopefully, I'll be able to update 'ODD' first. However, can't honestly say which is going to be completed first. Ta ta.

Currently working on...:

Oh Doctor, Docotor! - Chapter 4. It's the long awaited one!... Yeah, not sure when I'll have it up. But thank you so much to the loyal readers who've PMed me about both stories. No, I didn't forget. xD I'll get this chapter to you guys as soon as possible. Though it's hard, seeing how most of my free time is in the late hours of the night. (Thus was why it took so damned long for PIB's update.

Next up...:

Plug in Baby - Chapter 7. IDK. D: After 'ODD!' ..Which is, hopefully, soon.

Some time...:

Polyamorous - It's under hiatus, though I really do wish to continue as soon as I can.


Me and Pandemic. At the Porno will be working together on a story. However, since I'm wrapped up in my own stories and life, (and she too being preoccupied with things) we're not going to write it for a while. When? Not sure. Could be a month from now, or maybe at the end of the year. We'll see.

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