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Is master of the hiatus! Anybody willing to try for the title? Seriously, this last hiatus was getting stupidly long.

To most of you who probably don't really care about my actual name, or about this profile for that matter, I'm simply FelisMargarita or Felis to you.
How odd, seeing how I'm more particular to canines.

Well, it looks like I'm sixteen now, and getting older by the second. It seems like it won't be long before I graduate, in less than two years now in 2012. So, if the world doesn't randomly implode, I'll probably find myself in a career in art somewhere and even less time writing. Or perhaps more, seeing I don't have to put up with the pointless classes in physics, science, and other things I won't need in the future. Though, I will admit, calculus sounds like way too much fun.

To you, I shall never be more than font on a screen.
But to those lucky enough to know me, or eventually meet me in person, you will learn that I'm never steady in appearance: I change my hair color to suit my mood so it seems, having dyed it every color of the rainbow, except pink. It's naturally black or at least dark brown, depending on what color it feels like being that month. Currently, it's back to black for the most part (does purple-black count?) and is set at shoulder length. Yet amongst all of these crazy colors, ranging platinum blond to black, I have a rather steady and predictable wardrobe which is the only thing that has toned down about me. I long to wear some kind of semi-formal attire every day eventually, but for right now, it'll be t-shirts and jeans, with either a trench coat or long hooded sweater.

I am still quite an odd character, though time changes everything.

Since the last update, I've bounced through many different things. I've found two amazing groups of people, one in a neighboring town to me and one in my school, so needless to say, -I travel a lot. I hang out with mostly boys, and although at times I do complain about the lack of estrogen, I doubt I'd have it any other way. Even if I get the label of whore, thanks to an ex-girlfriend of mine, I really wouldn't change the way I am now.
By the way, I really think being a whore would mean sleeping with multiple people at the same time. Since I haven't slept with anyone since her, -I kind of think she's wrong. Okay? Thanks. :)
I still value my personal space, though it seems that the bubble is getting smaller and smaller each day with the touchy crowd I have to deal with. It isn't that I mind, -my best friend, my love, my life, is probably the most amazing thing on this planet. Love you Jay.
I pride myself on being mature, looking on things with a more adult perspective than some of my fellow counterparts. This being said, I will write about things that pertain to an older audience at times. Don't hold it over me, -if you don't like it, don't read it.

I can write, draw, act and play multiple instruments for each genre of music. I'm a born entertainer with all qualities stolen from my parents. I switch between these hobbies, school work and my many amazing friend, so I spend little time on each. Isn't that terrible? So, I'm trying to balance piano, guitar, trombone, bass clarinet, painting -which has budded into a part-time career-my actual career, and writing.

My Favorite Quotes (Friends):
-"Her moods change as often as the color of her hair, and that's quite a feat to manage."
-"Jayson Thompson, you are the only person that will be jealous of me going to the psychiatric ward." -Felis Margarita
-"I swear! Guys! This face paint really does smell like peach yogurt!" "Oh my God, you're right!" -Max Brown, being turned into a zombie.

My Favorite Quotes (Anime):"
-'Because remember kiddies, all the good men are gay, taken or anime: Sasuke Uchiha is all three.'
'Being a ninja and wearing bright orange is like giving a pedophile directions to where your kid sleeps at night.'
-'The Hitachiin Brothers : when 'Oops!' could very likely mean 'We may have started a nuclear war.'
-"You know America's full name is 'Alfred 'Fuck Yeah' Jones?' " -random you-tuber.

My Favorite Quotes (Other Things):
-"You don't understand. As an atheist, having a Christian tell me that I'm going to hell is like having a hippie tell me he's going to punch me in her aura." - Josh Thomas
'Don't think of yourself as an ugly person. Think of yourself as a beautiful monkey.'
-'Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't after you.' - Joseph Heller
-"Milk: keeping you safe from all satanic troll attacks." -Nostalgia Critic
-'Suicide is man's way of telling God: "You can't fire me - I quit." ' -Bill Maher

-'The difference between school and life is that school teaches you a lesson, then tests you on it. Life gives you a test, then teaches you a lesson.'

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SasuNaru's One Hundred Themes Challenge reviews
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