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Hmmm ... I suppose this is where I tell you a little about myself ... where to start?

I'm a Cancer, born on the cusp of Leo - with a Leo rising. I like the beach at sunset, bearskin rugs by roaring fires ... Wait, wait - wrong kind of bio... ;)

I'll try to keep this short and sweet! I hail from Nova Scotia, Canada. I love it here on the east coast! I love the ocean (being the happy cancer crab that I am)- it's really such a beautiful place. The only downfall is the damn snow! I dislike winter - a lot - and some days I wonder why I haven't migrated to warmer climates yet!?

I must confession to being too old to be a fangirl ... but I'm too young at heart to give it up! I've always been a sucker for dramas full of teen angst. Might have something to do with my own teen years being filled with my own special brand of angst! Then again, who's wasn't?! lol:) I had the misfortune of living through a very Dawson/Joey-esque relationship in my youth. Using writing as an outlet for the craziness of growing up is what kept me sane.

I grew up a writer, original work, just as a hobby. I was a very precocious child - I blame/credit it on being the youngest of 4 kids (the oldest being 7 years my senior). Through my siblings I was exposed to a cornucopia of wildly inappropriate ... well, everything! I've always loved mysteries (my fav cartoon growing up - Scooby Doo) and anything dealing with the occult (first story I wrote was a ghost story - I was 7 or 8 at the time :)

I love the show Veronica Mars (R.I.P) and the characters so much, I just didn't agree with the direction RT & company had them going. I was inspired one day and the result was my first fanfic 'All You Need Is LoVe'. I'm a total LoVe shipper - my stories will always feature them together:) I have a few other V.Mars stories in the works - each in various stages of the plot planning. One will be a possible lengthy multi chapter continuation of the alternate universe I created in 'All You Need Is LoVe', picking up only a few months where it left off - a little summer LoVing ... a mystery that will, of course, lead Veronica and co. into some danger from new and old enemies!

I am also fooling around a bit with other plot bunnies that lead me outside the V.Mars world. An idea hit me for a Moonlight/Heroes crossover where Logan & Veronica's amoral (supernatural and electrically charged, respectively) versions Josef & Elle cross paths. It'll be in the Moonlight world with a few Heroes characters throw in if I find them useful in my story line:) I've also got a few pages outlining a Gilmore Girls fic - set after the series finale, it will fix the mess made of Rogan and give us some much needed Lor/Luke moments that aren't so forced. My muse just needs to get back into that proverbial saddle - strapped to a pony named Inspiration - and ride off into the sunset so I can get these projects underway!!

Well, that wasn't so short ... and I'm not sure about sweet ... But there's a little background info on me and some things I have planned for the future! Thank you for taking the time to check out my bio, for reading my stories and leaving reviews (hint,hint .. nudge,nudge .. wink,wink)!! Reviews are golden and make my muse dance with joy!

xoxo Bean

Oh, I also think that Jensen Ackles and Tom Welling should have to film all scenes topless ... Jared too ... he looked damn good wearing only a towel! ;) haha! Who's with me?!

A few other pairings I swoon over (past/present shows):

Angela/Jordan - My So Called Life

Johnny/Lulu - General Hospital

Rory/Logan & Luke/Lorelai - Gilmore Girls

Buffy/Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Booth/Brennan - Bones

Izzy/Denny - Grey's Anatomy

Kara/Lee - Battlestar Galactica

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