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This is MysteryFanBoy or MFB for short, AKA The Mofeta from Brooklyn, Osiris.

You may have heard of me for my "artisitc" stuff. I am not too well known for my fan-fics. I am in need for some help on wiritng better since I suck at writing stories, let alone fan fics. I am going to try and start over with something new that will NOT involve me pushing my OCs in the story, as well as forbid myself from "God-modding" like I have in the past. I may need to think of what to write about if I plan on making art about it.

Sorry if this little profile is short, but in case you want to know a bit more of what I do, follow me on deviantART (same name, MysteryFanBoy718), Fur Affinity (MysteryFanBoy91), Inkbunny (MofetaFanBoy1991), So Furry and Weasyl (MofetaFanBoy718). You can even follow me in other overrated social medias like Facebook (Osiris - The Mofeta From Brooklyn), Twitter (@MofetaFromNYC) and Tumblr (MofetaFromBrooklyn)