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ANNOUNCEMENT: I'd like to formally state that I will begin redoing the first 9 chapters of my story. I'm pretty content with most of my chapters but some like the first one I just really want to edit. Also, my story format will now be changing. I will now write in the sense of an actual story with "these" instead of a script format. This will help me to better express my characters emotions and expressions in the story. Also, when redoing the chapters I will add in new things like a Prologue, NWG segments at the end of each chapter, and the edit/deletion/addition of scenes. That's not to say you'll have to wait forever for me to post a new chapter. I'll still be working on the next chapter until I'm done.

Name: Skyler.

Age: 17


The Legend of Sima Yi - Chapter Progress

Chapter 10: 40%

Chapter 4 Remake: 90%


The Legend of Sima Yi - Chapter Guide

Chapter 1: The beginning of Sima Yi's epic. Sima Yi uses a ploy to escape from the forces of Orochi and starts his path back to Wei, his former home. However as it turns out this escape wasn't as easy as he thought it'd be...

Chapter 2: Sima Yi has made his way home and finds an unwelcomed welcoming as he returns to his rank within Wei, under his liege Cao Pi. (Filler chapter)

Chapter 3: A race against time as the demonic Soul Cannon threatens to wipe away Xu Chang castle, Wei's capitol, from the face of the planet. With his new allies Sima Yi must use might and cunning all in one to surpass the Orochi troops blocking his way before it's too late, and maybe regain some trust in the process...

Chapter 4: Directly from the return of the previous battle Sima Yi finds himself greeted with a party in celebration of Wei's victory. Sima Yi now begins to feel back in place at Wei despite having fought against them several times before and the others feel the same...or at least most of them.

Chapter 5: Wei's attack force sweeps in on an underground base belonging to Orochi in hopes of rescuing its Prisoners of War and bolster Wei's army while dealing a blow to the enemy all in one. Sima Yi must fight past the beastly Executioner and rescue the prisoners in this underground raid.

Chapter 6: Chen Gang, a former Wei castle stronghold, is in command of the honorable Nagamasa Azai and Cao Pi decides he wants it back. He sends his most ingenious individuals to take back the castle; Sima Yi, Mitsunari Ishida, and Guo Jia. Who's stratagems will prevail this day?

Chapter 7: Before they had time to celebrate regaining Chen Gang and recruiting the Azai into his army, Cao Pi learn that Shu is under attack from a merciless enemy onslaught. He wastes no time in going to their aid, bringing with him the best of the best of his army to bail Zhao Yun out of his hole. Sima Yi and the other Wei warriors soon find this to be one of their most challenging battles in this midnight bedlam.

Chapter 8: Princess Tamako Hanayuuki. Otherwise known as "evil incarnate". After a mere day of rest from the grueling battle before, Sima Yi and the others have to deal with a worse terror than Lu Bu with a rocket launcher...with infinite rounds. However through the hilarious antics of the warriors as they try to survive the princess a dark future is foretold for Sima Yi and his friends in later battles...

Chapter 9: With the Princess gone the gang returns to their duties until Yi is sent to the Lu Shi base with a small force and a few other officers to inspect the area after contact with the base was silenced. However upon arrival it appears that not all is as it seems. Something dark is lurking about...

Chapter 10: Finally, a day with no battles and no problems at all...until the gang catches word of the Chosokabe army under seige by Orochi. Yi and others soon find themselves on the way to Shikoku island to deal with the new threat, but may just find more than they barganed for.


The Legend of Sima Yi - Character Guide

-- Allies --

Sima Yi: The protagonist of the story. Certainly not your average warrior, our anti-hero Sima Yi is a cunning and arrogant strategest and in this tale he's at the peak of his ability. With a shape shifting fan, razor sharp clawed gloves, chains, ice white strings as sharp as a katana, and mastery of dark beams of energy Sima Yi is indeed a force to be recond with. In this story he keeps his DW6 look.

First Appearance: Chapter 1

Cao Pi: The son of the deceased Wei lord Cao Cao, Cao Pi took control of Wei as a major player in the alliance against Orochi's conquest. He has served with and over Sima Yi much in the past.

First Appearance: Chapter 2

Fang: Fang is just your average Wei solder in average blue armor with an average spear. He serves as a convenience and is mostly just there to give Sima Yi information of recent events. He's not really important to the story, so much so that I didn't even bother to give him a last name when creating him.

First Appearance: Chapter 2

Guo Jia: The closest thing Sima Yi has to a friend. Acting as the Zhuge Liang of Wei, Jia wields his rapier and shield in defense of Wei despite losing his lord Cao Cao whom he was good friends with. Sporting a casual blue and white robe he serves Cao Pi to the best of his strategic abilities. Be warned though, there's more to him than meets the eye.

First Appearence: Chapter 2

Mitsunari Ishida: Wei's ally and a sincere friend to Cao Pi ever since his defection from the Orochi forces, Mitsunari uses his brilliant mind to aid Wei's struggle against the Serpent King. Always skeptical of Sima Yi's loyalties, he holds the highest rank other than lord in Cao Pi's army.

First Appearance: Chapter 2

Zhang He: Zhang He serves as the comic relief of the story. His odd attitude and disposition to pretty things like flowers and dancing lead him to be on the bad side of most though none can deny his fighting prowess. He's served with Sima Yi and Cao Pi since the old days and has always followed Yi around like a happy little puppy and seems to be absolutely infatuated with him. Of course, any expression of this is often met with a laser from Yi.

First Appearance: Chapter 2

Nene: This hyperactive kunoichi serves as the hinted love interest of Sima Yi, though nothing really solid about the two is ever expressed. She's worked with Wei ever since they quelled her rebellion many battles ago and plays a "mama" role to the other warriors. Particularly Guan Ping, guiding and advising him throughout his experiences.

First Appearance: Chapter 3

Guan Ping: After a chance encounter from a wise Taoist, Guan Ping, son of Guan Yu, was told that sometime in the future he would meet his father in the ranks of Wei and left the Oda and moved to serve Wei. He has showed his valor in many battles under the Wei banner but has still yet to impress Sima Yi, being viewed as an incompetent child and his views against Sima Yi aren't much different.

First Appearance: Chapter 3

Nagamasa Azai: The daimyo of Bizen, Nagamasa is an honorable lord of the Azai clan. After losing to Wei in their siege on Chen Gang castle he joined Cao Pi's army after seeing a potential only previously thought to exist in his brother.

First Appearance: Chapter 6

Yuan Shao: The clumsy warlord of the Yuan clan, Yuan Shao was sent from Shu to Wei and is viewed as a fool and a hindrance to all rather than an asset, despite having an army of his own under his command. What shenanigans await him in the future, not even the heavens can tell.

First Appearance: Chapter 7

Samurai: The Samurai is not really an ally of Sima Yi specifically and he dislikes him for the destruction of his village, along with his personality. He fights for everyone and isn't under the banner of any one force, hoping to save as many lives as possible in this chaos. This man has a story entirely of his own but you won't see much into that until considerably later.

First Appearance: Chapter 3

Kira "Setsuna" Hiroyuki: A mysterious young male, he serves with Nobunaga Oda. He shows amazing skill and has control over the power of Twilight, light and dark. Even Sima Yi commented on his skill. His past is unknown, making him a total enigma. He wields a katana that constantly vibrates with a twilight glow and can transform itself into a multitude of other weaponry. Only time will reveal his tale.

First Appearance: Chapter 9

Motochika Chosokabe: The daimyo of the island of Shikoku, known as "The Bat of Shikoku". A great leader of his men.

First Appearance: Chapter 10

-- Enemies --

Orochi: The main antagonist of the story. He is the demonic overlord Orochi, the Serpent King. He warped time and space to wage war on humanities greatest and is the sole being responsible for this chaos infesting the world.

First Appearance: N/A

Kotaro Fuma: Not always an enemy, not always an ally, Kotaro is the embodiment of all that is chaos. The Fuma ninja appreciates bedlam and wants nothing more than to incite it everywhere. He likes Sima Yi and his tendency toward betrayal but he has no problem with bashing his skull open. You've really got no idea what's going on in this ninja's mind, and you probably don't want to know.

First Appearance: Chapter 1

Zhuge Liang: Sima Yi's archrival and world renown even in the Sengoku times as the greatest mind in the three kingdoms. He hates him more than anything in this world and will do anything to outmatch him and his ploys. He fights for Orochi as a Shu defector for unknown reasons and shows not a single remorse for the battles he fights in the Serpent's name. What lurks behind this mans calm and cooling exterior only he truly knows.

First Appearance: Chapter 4

Da Ji: The deceitful fox that freed Orochi and now acts as his strategist. Her and Sima Yi have been at each others throats even when he was fighting with them. She works to obliterate Orochi's enemies in the most painful and cunning ways imaginable.

First Appearence: Chapter 3

Masamune Date: Masamune is the young hotheaded lord of the Date clan and a world renown Orochi supporter. Masamune used to be good friends with Sima Yi before he defected but now holds a deep and bitter hatred against him for his betrayal. Whenever he enters battle with him, he's dead set on slaying Sima Yi.

First Appearance: Chapter 1

The Executioner: A seemingly unkillable brute with nothing on his mind but the next kill, this nameless executioner works for Orochi where ever he's told to go. Shrouded in mystery the reason behind his strength is unknown but almost nothing can stop him. Not for long anyways.

First Appearance: Chapter 5

Keiji Meada: A "friend" of Orochi and Kotaro and kind by heart, Keiji is a happy-go-lucky wild cat that just follows what his heart tells him to do. He'll often be seen working with Kotaro or just wreaking havoc on his own for kicks but this tiger is not someone you want to get on the wrong side of.

First Appearance: Chapter 7

Lu Bu: The mightiest warrior in the Three Kingdoms. He works for Orochi in hopes of finding a true challenge, the ultimate prey. His power is unmatched by all but his mind however, not so much.

First Appearance: Chapter 7

Mitsuhide Akechi: Once a samurai of great skill and honor, but his exposure to Nobunaga and his cruelty caused a desire for powers beyond even the Demon King which he obtained, turning him into a dark warrior with an unknown purpose of evil. He has skill that shown to surpass even Sima Yi and even has the ability to control the dead and shape reality itself into total darkness. Why this is will have to be revealed later.

First Appearance: Chapter 8


CAW Character Bio

Samurai: Wears regular swordsman cloths with navy blue pants along with a thin smoky blue samurai's coat he keeps untucked over a tight shirt. Two sheaths rest along his waist for his blades, Muramasa & Masamune. Both swords are beautifully crafted by the skilled smith Muramasa Sengo, thinking the Samurai could use these swords to save lives rather than wreak them. He uses Muramasa for regular attacks and Masamune for more stronger, elemental attacks (throwing shockwaves and such). With katanas in hand he wonders his path along with Ai, a girl from his village to aid the Resistance Forces against Orochi, coming to the aid of whatever force needs it.

Ai: Wears regular blue cloths that you'd see a 15-year-old girl walking around in the Sengoku era of Japan. (Think Tsubame Sanjo style from Samurai X) She's followed Samurai around ever since their first meeting and after their village was burnt to the ground on an order from Sima Yi (still in Orochi's command at the time) she's followed him as they traveled the land. She calls Samurai "Rai-chan".

First Appearance: Chapter 5

Princess Tamako: Wears a long red kimono with pink pattern, befitting her 12-year-old stature. Nothing really out of the ordinary about it. Tamako, only daughter of Seishiro Hanayuuki, is an ill tempered little girl that rules over the Hanayuuki clan after her father's death by illness. The Hanayuuki are a Japanese clan of expert smiths that served the Imagawa until Yoshimoto's defeat and were unaffiliated with any force until Wei convinced her to join them.

First Appearance: Chapter 8

DeapThroat: His face is always hidden in the shadows, even if he's in broad daylight. Wears a dark trench coat complete with a shady hat, and that's all we can tell from him as far as attire. Yuan Shao's adviser, usually only seen on (technically heard) over the phone with Shao. He is completely and utterly random with absolutely no backstory that pops up just for the hell of it. He's more or less Yuan Shao's version of Fang.

First Appearance: Chapter 7

Guo Jia: Unlike most strategist in his time Jia wears not a single head ornament to go with his white and dark blue robe. The main parts are white with the Chinese symbol for Wei on the back of it. The sleeves are long like Sima Yi's but not reaching as far down as his and he weres some leather shoes underneath it. Guo Jia is a loyal warrior of Wei that was great friends with Cao Cao. When Orochi ripped time and space all of Wei was brought together and in the brief times that Sima Yi and Jia fought together they found themselves getting along well as Sima Yi found himself impressed with Jia's tactics and skill. Uses a rapier and sheild much like Nu Wa and even commands ice abilities similar to her.

Fang: Wears simple and plain Wei armor. Just your regular chinese solder that pops up when necessary to inform Sima Yi of the situation or if Cao Pi wants him or other grunt work to that effect. He's more or less Yi's secretary.

The Executioner: The Executioner wears no shirt but only black pants, a black hood sowed into his flesh, black arm bands around his wrists, black boots, and a leather belt around his waist. Wielding his giant ax he fights as an unstoppable enigma against the Resistance Forces. This man is more or less Astaroth from Soul Calibur but in human form and incapable of anything but grunting.

Kira "Setsuna" Hiroyuki: Setsuna is a young male with black hair, along with blue eyes and dressed in a black coat with a belt tied around the waist to keep it pinned down. Underneath that were white under cloths along with black pants and black boots. Fastened in with the belt is his katana "Setsuna". Yes, the katana has the same name as he does.

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