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Author has written 17 stories for Mai HiME, Avatar: Last Airbender, Princess Resurrection/怪物王女, Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, and Once Upon a Time.

Hi, I'm Notori! I went through a few name changes but chose to come back to this one because (hopefully) people will remember me? XD;; Although the "Inuzuka" was removed because I no longer RP Naruto, haven't in years, and Notori has really become more of her own character anyway. "Storm Wolf" simply comes from my love of storms and affinity for wolves. If Notori were to be remade as a character, she would be a chaotic lightning/storm elemental so... that's where that's from.

So I've completely revamped my profile since "coming back" to fanfiction. I probably won't be as active as I was before but I still have fun writing and want to be in this community again. As you can see the bulk of my writing has been for Mai HiME, but I'm having some fun getting used to the OUaT-verse as well now.

You can find me on twitter @tstarkfiction or my website

A few things of note right now:

1) If They Were Us has been taken down from the freewebs site. Worse, I don't have the last 5 chapters... which are the ones with most of the ShizNat so... That makes me sad and I'm sorry about that. I will try to find a way to get them up again at some point, and possibly rewrite the last chapters but it isn't my priority at the moment.

2) I still really want to edit The Wolf Knight and make it better. The writing quality is horrendous compared to what I can do now and I'd like the story to reflect that. I'd also like to work on the side story as well to really flesh out the world.

2 b) That said, Mai HiME is not what I am writing for at the moment and I don't want to confuse and distract my brain while writing SwanQueen. I have no date or time in mind for when the re-write or the side story will take place.

Story Statuses:

Gun to the Ghost - ON HOLD. I'm sorry to everyone who reads this story, but right now I'm feeling very negative about OUAT and SQ. Whenever I've sat down to write, I get thinking about the real struggle the show and the fans are having and it just... gets me down and I lose motivation. I've also been working on publishing my original stuff, and my volunteer work which is taking priority.

About Me:

A lot has changed since I was last on here Right now I am mainly a volunteer worker for my city's queer library and resource centre. Things moved a bit quick and I wound up on their board of directors and will be taking over as treasurer. Otherwise I'm a student taking some academic upgrading courses so that when I can finally afford to go back to university I'll be able to get into the program I want: Wildlife Biology and Conservation. I want to work to help restore predators to their natural landscape.


I'm an INTJ, so forgive me if I seem disinterested - in fact it's the opposite; if I'm quiet it means I care and I'm listening. I also tend to live in my head, my thoughts and ideas and geeky headcanons mean a lot to me, as does writing and creativity. I like it when people ask me questions because otherwise I wouldn't feel like saying much. I can be blunt in my answers and being a moral nihilist can sometimes cause friction in conversations where I don't intend it. Also, being a moral nihilist doesn't mean I'm a "robot who rejects niceties and emotion" it means that I don't believe actions are inherently good or bad themselves. So I do try to be nice and I like to think I've kept the friends I've had for this long because it's not hard to see that I care about them. I'm someone who is "hard to love, but loves very hard." If anything gets in the way it would be my egocentrism/narcissism, but I am aware of it, and generally find it a point of humour about myself. It's a flaw that can sometimes make conversation difficult, but everyone has flaws and that's okay. It's just a matter of taking what is useful about it along with what is a hindrance. And that's generally how I view life.

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