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Author has written 6 stories for Naruto, Bleach, and Rosario + Vampire.

Name: William Bandet

Places I'm at other then here: Youtube- WilliamBandet, Xanga- WilliamBandet, Gaia- William Bandet, Yahoo- will_bandet

Age: 19

Gender: Male

d.o.b: Sept. 28

State: Ohio

Dream: I wish to become a well known and loved writer, or at least a small time one.

Personalty: over active, lazy, and super, mega perv. I can also be very and I mean VERY serous when the time comes to it. I am also a pretty funny and interesting guy.

Ladies be wronged: I am a super, mega perv. So be ready for pervy stories and pervy talk from yours truly.

Ocupation: currently on the look out for a job... life sucks right now.

Personal notes: I love my freedom of speech and I use it. I try to update much as I can, but lazyness is my nindo way. I Also do take Idea's and give them, just ask. Also I don't care if anyone wants to take any of my storys to post on Myspace, or any other site I don't go to, but ask me frist and tell everyone that those are mine. Other then that I also like making friends and I try to talk as much as posiable as well.

Stories in progess: I have gone through a lot of computer problems lately, so if I take forever to post a chapter or story that's why i took so long. Plus lazyness doesn't help when it happens.

Awakened Fates- posted; chapter 1 up- Ch. 2 in progress

Screem Banshcee Scream-posted; on Chapter 5- 6 canceled for now.

Change of View- FINISHED! WOOOOO!!

William Bandet Chornicles: Bleach madness- Posted; On Chapter 3- 4 is on thought mood

The Chief's Crash Landing-posted; on Chapter 11 preview up- finished chapter soon.

Story Ideas:

None as this moment in time but i am always throwing ideas around.

Favorite food: Beef vegy soup, pizza, Ramen and ANY MEAT ON THIS PLANET! I LOVE BEING A MEAT EATING MACHINE!!!

Favorite hobby: I like to play pool, love fanfiction, and manga.

Favorite manga/anime: Let's see... Air Gear, Ranma 1/2, Grils Bravo, Bleach, Battle Club, FLCL, S-Cry-Ed, Full metal Panic, Inuyasha, A.I. love You, Love Hina, and meany others I don't feel like naming!

Favorite Bands: Staind, Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Thousand Foot Krutch, Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Tool, Slipknot, Seether, and Sick Poppies

Favorite games: All FF's exspect X and X-2, all the Halo's, DarkenGard 1 and 2, Jet Li's Rise to Honor, Jak II and III, all the RE's expect the Umbrella chronicles and survivor.

Favorite charters: From frist to last is Tayuya, Hidan, Shikamaru, Temari, Ikkaku, Kempachi, Hitsugaya, Inuyasha, everyone from Girls Bravo, and The MEGA PERV!! And if you don't know who the Mega perv is I will kill you, your family, and your children. Then your Children's, children's.. you get the picture.

People I hate: Frist off there is alot of people I hate, but I don't want to list or spell there names. But there are ones I have to mention.

Frist on the list- The entier Uchia Clan, Seifer from ff8, people who can't take a joke, Every mother fucking jock who thinks they are Gods gift to the world, and the fact that when a girl says she likes pervs, then goes and hits them for making a small joke, and people who think Guitar Hero is a great game! GUITAR HERO SUCKS, GOD DAWM IT!!

My OC's- I have some that are in my storys and others I haven't made story's for, but I'll tell you all about the ones that already have story's up and you can read.

Hunamaru Karamu- Ex-sound ninja that was to be a sacerfice for the forbidden Justu of summoning of the HoKages in the Leaf distartion arc in the fight between the Therd and Orchimaru. Since he refesed and ran off his sister was used instead, but since the Thred stoped the last summoning of the Justu in his fight Hunamaru's sister ,Sina, Died from the pain when the Justu was canceled. Hunamaru's Griaden and Grandfater was killed by Kabuto and his home was burned to the ground. After failing to save his sister he ran back into the burning home to find his Grandfater. On his last breath he told Hunamaru to leave and try to join the Leaf, Where his Grandfater grow up. Before leaveing Hunamaru took his familys sword and also took his sister's neckless and hasn't looked back since then. He is a master in the Blind Taijustu and is trying to master his sound based Justu that involes controling sound waves from raors to do Physcial damage to his target. With a split from the hand gard to the tip of the sword the sword he care's can be used like a gaint tuning fork. He also can summon Bats of any size to fight by his side. Hunamaru is cerntly on his way to the village to reunight with his family's ruts and find a way to kill both Kabuto and Orchimaru.

AGE- 16

COLTHS- wares a classic sound komono without the big slash. A smaller shash takes the place of the larger one. Cares his sword on his back, headband usely in a jacket he wares on rainy days. When he does ware his headband he wares the leaf one as a headband should be waren, ties his slashed out sound headband around his sword's helt.

PERSONA- A true mister blame himself and a caring, loving person. He is also a beleiver in true love at frist stiate, though it has never happened to him to fall in love...yet.

William Alexander Bandet- (my personal OC) Will is a man from another unervise sent to other unervises to take pictures and video record women,...nude. His computer Gensis freind Wern built a machine that could send him to other unaverises and since Wern was low on Hentai he sent in the Super Perv Will to get him his pictures. Will's history is hard to come by so this profile will be short. Will can also weild fire for he cares the ring of the Fire Bird THE PHOENIX.

AGE- 22

PERSONA- A perverted, but careing man. He loves to start a fight and is a talented fighter. He also will never hurt a women ever unless he is forser he has to. And if he ever see's any other man hurt a woman infront of his eyes, or hears about it he will go into a unstopable rage. He can't be bort out of that state intell he is beaten out of it, or he is stoped by a haveing a girl shove her boobs in his face. I know what your thinking but it's true.

O'Ryan- Is a wondering Soul Reaper who was banished from the soul Society for disrespecting the laws by making a outburst in a Captain's Meeting. O'Ryan inraged went to Hunco Hundo to fight power hollows o prove his worth. His best friend went with him as support, but when they got there they were at numbered by Hollow's. In the spark of the moment O'Ryan's firend used his sercert relase inside his Zanpuk-tuo and sacroficed himself to save O'Ryan. So in compairsion O'Ryan forever decieded never to put those he cared about in danger to prove his own deeds. HE wonders across the human world looking for a way to get back to Hunco hundo to advange his friends death and finally give him a poper burail. Also in honored memory of his friend he carry's the Zanpuk-tuo of his fallen freind. He has mastered relasing the Shika from his friend's Zanpuk-tuo and has found a way to reach a new style of Bankai, Which he has titled Unighted Bankai. Unighted Bankai is were he takes both his Blade and his friends and combines the helts together. When the engery from both Zanpuk-tuo's come together the blades as in there Shika forms in the form of a gaint Butterfly blade. Wings of both a demon and a angel appear on his back and a helmet covers his head. The helmet looks semular to that of a titan helmet.

Looks- Hair; a black mohack. Colths; Basic black soul Reaper kimono, but the sleves are gone. Swords; Wares the blades on his lower back with the helts pointing to the same side.

Age- Unknown, a good few hundred of years though.

Persona- O'Ryan is a quiet, but outspooken fighter. He is skilled in both hand to hand combat and Kedo.

Favorite parings: All the way, die hard, ShikamaruXTemari or TayuyaXShikamaru supporter. (I can't chose between the two girls to be with him.)

InoXHidan- (just think about how awesome that would be, I might even write my own story on it)

InoXHunamaru-my oc




The other pairings I support are too long or I just feel like being lazy. XD LOL!

Quotes: I don't remember all of them, but My favs are these ones. NOTE:They are not in order!

"Ore Sanjou" Momotaros

"Women are troublesome" Nara Shikamaru

"Baw-chicka-baw-wow" Tucker from Red VS. Blue

"If your not down with that, Then I got two words for ya... SUCK IT!" DX

"I may be a perv, but at least I am truthful about who I am!" me

"De.Da.De" Carlios Manchia

"The Bandet has spoken" Me

"I'm a party ANIMAL!" Beast Boy from Teen Titans

"The difference between Genesis and insanity is only measured by successes!" Some Dude

"Life's a garden, dig it!" Joe Dirt

"I hate Vampires!!" Blade

"I LOVE Vampires!!" Me

"If your mother is still driving you to school your not ganster so your pull your DAMN PANTS UP!" Jeff foxworthy

"You can't fix stupid!" Ron White

"The Muka Gods will have there sacrifice!!" My best bud Cef

"I reject your reality and sub my own!" idk

"Shun the nonbeliever!" idk

"Baaaaaannnnnkai" It just sounds pervy my friends, just try it.

"Oh you? I kill you for Klondike Bar!" Achmed the dead Terrorist

"Don't make me mad, I'm running out of places to hide the bodies!" massage on a lighter i found totally awesome. (and no i don't smoke)

"Trespassers will be shot; survivors shot agian!" Sign on my damn door

"I don't want to be good at killing, what scares me is I think it may be what I'm best at." Melanie Rawn

"Life's like a rollercoaster; its fun until someone barfs!!" Powa Beawr

"If you leave as much as one sillable I'll hunt you down and GUT YOU LIKE A FISH!!... If you want to fax me press the star key." the answering machine from The Grinch Stole Chritsmas.

"Just let your inner perv run free. Trust me, it is a very educational experience." Say it with a wink my friends!

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