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Author has written 11 stories for Avatar: Last Airbender, Danny Phantom, Naruto, Junjō Romantica, and Kuroshitsuji.

birthday: August 15, 1992

likes: Danny Phantom, drawing, kitties, Avatar

dislikes: Blonde jokes (I use to be blond), people that think are cool, cathaters, and hip-hop/rap.

favorite DP pairings: DannyxSam, TuckerxValerie, and DashxPaulina.

favorite Avatar pairing: Kataang, Tokka, and Maiko.

DP next Generation OCs:

Danielle Fenton:

age: 16

eyes: blue (green in ghostform)

hair: black (white in ghost form)

Info: Daughter of Danny and Sam. She appears to be a mix of Danny and Sam. She was born two weeks before her best friend, Mallory. Her personalities are Clueless, stubborn, smart, kind, independent, heroic, brave, and caring. She inherits all of her dad's ghostpowers including the ghostly wail! She has a huge crush on her best friend, Jeff, and her worst rival is Kathy Baxter. She is a goth like Sam. She may complain about things like Sam does, but she can be a goofball like Danny!

She learned martial arts from her tow older cousins, Amanda and Lily. When guys flirt with her, she probably won't need an overprotective brother when she would have two older cousins taking that role.

In one story called "Danielle Phantom: Back From the Death", she is very curious about who is Vlad Masters and her dad wouldn't tell her about him. Vlad died when she was three, so she had no memory of him. Amanda and Lily might remeber him, but not very much.

Here's what she looks like:

Mallory Foley:

age: 16

eyes: green

hair: black

Info: Daughter of Tucker and Valerie. She looks exactly like her mom. She appears to be a tough girl, but she has a soft spot when it comes to seeing her best friends upset. She is expert on technology just like her dad, but she won't admit to anyone. She can really scary when people are trying to snoop into her business. In her group, she's the cupid because she is aware to the fact that Danielle and Jeff are having crushes on each other. She hates Kathy as much as Danielle does. She is also a ghosthunter, who fights side by side with Danielle, and also has a blue jumpsuit like Valerie's first one, except for the mask.

Jeffery "Jeff" Watson:

age: 16

eyes: green

hair: blond

Info: He is a new student at Casper High and became friends with Danielle and Malllory during his junior year. He's sweet and gentle. He had a crush on Danielle, who also likes him back and is too clueless to notice that! He's the kind of guy, who doesn't fit in so that's why he gets picked on for his cowardlyness and his kindness. He can a bit of a coward at times, but when a guy tries to picks on Danielle, he stands up to her! That shows that he truly cares for her and always be there for her.

Here's what the trio looks like:

Kathy Baxter:

age: 16

eyes: aqua

hair: blond

Info: Daughter of Dash and Paulina. She is a spoiled popular girl at Casper High. She is self-conscious about herself, and she thinks of herself as if she were center of attention! She is spoiled rotten because Paulina spoiled her with such shallow ideas and never had the heart to say "no" to her. Her dad can't handle her very well, so at times he wished that his daughter is like Danielle. Kathy has a huge crush on Jeff, and she hates Danielle as well as the trio hates her back! Her hatred gets stronger when she witnesses Danielle's ghost fighting performance. She is also very jealous of Danielle because her talents and ghostpowers!

Amanda Brown:

age: 20

eyes: aqua

hair: dark red

info: She is the oldest daughter of Jazz and Robert. She looks alot like Jazz except for her haircolor, and she even acts like her too! She can be a smartmouth, know it all! She has a little sister named Lily. She has no powers, but she knows martial arts! Her personalities are very similiar to Jazz's such as overprotectiveness, smartness, and kind. She loves to read books, and is very interested in becoming a doctor. Plus, she really cares for her sister and her cousin, Danielle. As for her appearance, she wears a purple long-sleeved shirt, black capri pants, and black ballet flats. She doesn't wear a headband like her mom does, but she also wears a purple clip in her hair. On occasions, she have been told that she looks exactly like her mom except she has her dad's dark red hair.

Lillian "Lily" Brown:

age: 18

eyes: aqua

hair: orange like Jazz's

info: Lily is the second daughter of Jazz and Robert. She is like a bit opposite of her mom. She has some her mom's personalities, but she's more of a tomboy type of girl. She likes to read, but not as much as her sister does. She is very athleltic in sports, and she is interested in becoming a professional trainer for people who had injuries. She has no powers, but she can do martial arts like her sister. They learn martial arts form their mom, and they taught it to Danielle because they wouldn't let Danielle fight ghosts without learning how to do martial arts. It could in handy just in case Danielle had her powers shorted out by her enemies. Lily cares alot about her sister and her little cousin, Danielle. When it coems to guys flirting with Danielle, she wouldn't need an over protective brother because she has two cousins, who were VERY protective of her! She appears to look a bit like Jazz as for her haircolor and eyecolor. She wears a light blue long-sleeved shirt, black capri pants, and black ballet flats. She has straight bangs that hang in her face.

My favorite shows:

1. Danny Phantom

2. Avatar

3. Total Drama Island

4. Home Improvement

5. The Nanny

6. icarly

My favorite character from Danny Phantom: From greatest to least

1. Danny

2. Sam

3. Jazz

4. Tucker

5. Vlad

6. Dash

7. Paulina

Why I like Danny: He's cute, and I can totally compare myself to him, except I don't have super powers!

why I hate Paulina: She's a witch, Duh!

Favorite characters from Avatar: Greatest to least

1. Mai

2. Zuko

3. Katara

4. Aang

5. Sokka

6. Toph

7. Azula

8. Ozai

Why I like Mai: She's so sinister! She and I are so much alike in so many ways.

Why I hate Ozai: He's the worst father EVER! What kind of a father would just burn his son for no reason! He clearly has no idea what he's doing!

Favorite icarly characters: greatest to least

1. Freddie

2. Sam

3. Spencer

4. Carly

Why I like Freddie: He's cute!

Why I don't like Carly: I don't know! I just don't like her! If she's with freddie, then she's okay.

Pairings I like from icarly: I like both seddie and creddie! I don't know why, but I just do.

My fave Naruto ships:

1. Narusasu: Sasuke as uke and Naruto as seme! I prefer it like this! Besides, I like yaoi! Gotta problem with that?

2. Kibahina: I don't know, I thought it sounds cute!

3. Kakasaku: Trust me, I seen couples whose age difference is much worse than this!

4. ShikaIno: They just look cute together.

5. NejiSasu: I don't mind this pair. I just find it rather interesting.

My current InterestS

1.) Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji

2.) Fullmetal Alchemist

3.) Avatar

My favorite pairings from Black Butler:

1.) Ciel and Sebastian

2.) Grell and Will

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