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Author has written 3 stories for Edgar Allan Poe, and Alice in Wonderland.

I love to wirte. I really do. However, I tend to get writers block... often. So if I take a while to write, DON'T YELL AT ME!!! I can't help it... I'm very evolved. I tend to hang out with intellegent people, and talk with a large vocabulary. If you ever do meet me, don't sweat it. I explain myself with the utmost of precision, and will use small words. If I'm with friends, I am very casual, but still somewhat formal. Gomene... I was raised that way. My friends are all really funny, and if any of them were to get hurt, I would find the culpret and cut them down with my katana. Yes it's sharp. One of them is a fanfic writer too. They would be ziggymeyers, and if you ever make them cry, I will hunt you down and make your life a living hell. But nothing to fear, I'm sure they would do the same for me, ne?

Okay you bastards... You have been jiding me about updating my story and profile for so frikkin long that now I'm pissed off... WHY CAN'T YOU LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE?!!! I'M UP TO MY FRIKKIN NECK IN GOD DAMNED HOMEWORK ALL THE TIME AND YOU ASK ME WHY MY PROFILE AND STORY ARE NOT UPDATED?! YOU LITTLE-- (breathes for like 10 minutes)

On to you other people... I can understand your unrest. However, I ask kindly that you be patient with me. In the first paragraph, it clearly states that I have much homework during the shool term, and that I (often) get writer's block. If you did not notice this, I suggest that you reread the paragraph. I do not wish to repeate myself. My patients with this is dwindling, and I know your's is as well. Forgive any rudness which may have occoured in this profile entry. I hope that you treat me kindly and learn to be consiterate of other people's situations. If you must threten me further, I will accept you flames, however, my outlook on you will greatly deminish. I humbly thank you for at least considering my story to be presentable, and hope that you will continue to read them...



Hair color: Brown/Black

Eye color: See above answer

Skin color: naturally pale, but has a nice olive tan

Weight: It's a secret (like with every other girl)

Height: about 5'4"/5'5"

Personality: normally calm, peaceful, and unsocial however, the rare times that I get mad; avoid me the times I get really ticked; hide the times I get super angry; run the times i am pissed off; you may not live... -smiles-

Western Sign: Pices

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog

Elemental signs: Water and Fire

Gender: Female

Age: Who want's to really know?

Dating experience: NONE...

Ever Have considered anyone to be a boyfriend: ... do I have to answer? (why did I even write this question?!) --seiously asking

Lowes Grade on a Report Card (ever): B-

Standard GPA: 4.000000

Things I love: My family, poetry, music, fine literature, a good story, people not bothering me, sining in the shower... when I'm alone, watching the sunset, watching the moon and the stars, medical shows, acupuncture, having fun with my family, sitting in a tree in the park... again alone, sleeping (when I'm not all insomniac-like), persons, persons who can speak well (annunciate you fools!!!), my teachers... even though they try to kill me with their homework, band (in general, not the current class we have at my school... they are mostly ignorant fools who speak blasphamy and cannot set a good example... they tend to also be loud and obnoxious), good food (needs to be healthy), flowers

Things I love (when I'm mad): death metal, seeing people suffer menatlly (from logical abuse), using logic to beat others down, winning futile arguments, seeing others behave

Things I hate: people, horrible criticisim (non-constructive), impropper grammar, spelling mistakes, when people keep things from me (secrets, my stuff, etc.), when people try to argue with incorrect information and try to convince you that they are right and that you are speaking lies, being eight-balled (if you don't know what this is, ask your mom or dad...), cheating, moocing off of others (like when they persistantly ask you to explain things to them that they already know and are just trying to make you give them the ansers without even trying themselves), asking obvious questions (ex: someone hits you in the face with something and asks "Are you okay?" Of course you're not 'okay' you're injured!!!), having to explain one's self for misinterpretations, having to update because of threatening e-mails, about half of my band class

Things I want to hunt down with my bow and arrows, katana, and giant paper fan: -looks to the south/south-east- hmm... I wonder

Things I want to do right now: Burn all my homework, blow up the school, sleep, talk with my... friend... on, talk to my gaia brother who always is logging off and on randomly so I don't know when he's on..., sleep, sleep (did I say that already?), go to the beach, watch the moon, go to Big Bear so I can see the stars... sighs, look for inspiration for my story... (gomene... writer's block... but I'm working on it!!!confident face), spread good cheer (and morals...), spend time with my family, finish a bunch of pictures and post them on deviantart... (my deviant name is Gaaralvr), play my ps2 (Full Metal Alchemist) whoot whoot, play my piano, learn how to dance from both of my parents (they both have very different styles... and tastes...), dance like no one is here, master Beethoven's Moonlight Sonota (first movement cause that's the only one I have...).

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