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So after way to long I have returned to fan fiction.

I left the Navy not to long ago and am, get ready for it, going to School to be a Heavy Vehicle Mechanic. I still love my helo's and i don't care what the Navy or anyone says about it, they are mine. Not all of them just the few that I deployed with. When you work so freaking hard on something for so long (8 years) you have the right to claim them. Or so i think.

Any who, I'll be around a little bit more and might finish a thing or two off. I should warn you all that I don't like bad endings and have re-done 30 chapter monsters just to give the story what I consider a good ending. And in my humble opinion, the transformers need a good ending, they have been re-doing the same basic story over and over and over.

Why are they fighting?

Anyone? How can it be resolved if no one knows why they are fighting in the first place.

And for the love of sporks STOP resurrecting Optimus Prime. The guy did his duty, let him rest in peace. Not saying just kill him off to promote a new toy line, but don't bring him back like Goku in DBZ.

I am rather opinionated on the story, i mean, it has all the essential parts to be an outstanding plot and worthy movie and it gets jacked away because someone thinks that Optimus has to be the leader. Or there is just to many explosions. (I think I went into shell shock after the second movie.) So far in all the incarnations of the Transformers story out there, Beast wars is the only one that has a good ending. The new animated series wasn't to bad, havent seen the newist version, TF Prime, yet. I haven't seen all of Beast machines but then I'm not overly inclined to watch it either. The original transformers movie... i watched some of in boot camp. You would be surprised how many Navy ppl love Transformers. But that's all that I've seen of it and all i want to see of it.

I have the Original Cartoon, love it as much as an adult watching something meant for young kids 20 years ago can. Not saying its perfect or anything, just good entertainment.

I was stationed on Guam for 4 years and in Japan for 1 and yes i watched anime. Was a huge Naruto fanatic when it came out (in Japan.) I saw the first movie in theaters and did not under stand very much of it. I was still stationed on Guam but in Japan at the time for training, when I saw it and when I returned I got a tattoo on my back of Sasuke and Naruto. One of the early Shonen Jump covers of them and i thought it was so cool and unique at the time.

A few years later Naruto hit America, HARD. And it is rather embarrassing to have a 5 year old see my tattoo on the beach and start crying out Naruto.

Updates are slow, Sorry, I have a life. Kinda.

One of us: Completed... At least if i can ward off the plot bunnies.

Lesser Evil: Going slow, but going. Barricade is my favorite from the movies and Blackout, he's played by one of my helios, so I gota love him. Trying to cover a few bases with this story and i think i got them all plotted out. Just gota get typing.

We All fall down: On Hiatius. I love the twins from G1 and will eventually return to finnish this, but not any time soon sadly.

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