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I'm just another asian girl who's overobsessed with writing about fictional couples and making them do dirty things.

My name's Callie--call me Cal as in California, though I go by strawberriesandsunshine on fanfic forums. I'm overly-in love with High School Musical and can probably sing and dance all the musical numbers on call.

My family is completely insane. I love them so much. My mom loves my boyfriend more than me and my dad spends his time plotting ways to get our (honestly, very dreadful) neighbors to move out. I have eight male cousins (who are really, like my brothers) who are all at least five years older than I am--making my boyfriend the prey in their eyes. It's really funny watching him pee his pants. Now imagine those genes mixed together and you get me.

I'm quirky in a way like no other.

I dance my ass off because it's what I do--stupid idea since I can't dance. My group laughs at me since I spend half of rehearsals on my ass. I also resolve to take up kick-boxing for the new year. Another possibly stupid idea but it sounds fun. Plus, the local gym is offering it at half price for the next six months, so I might as well take advantage of the discount--God knows I need to learn to save money.

I splurge on useless things (like new rice cookers and sushi bandages) that I usually buy online (iloveurbanoutfitters!) and end up wondering how I'm going to eat a decent meal. But it's ok, because I've always got my cup of noodles and oatmeal. Just add hot water!

My diet has consisted of Ramen Cup of Noodles and Oatmeal for the past six months and I'm beginning to think it's done some serious damage on me. I love eating but I absolutely hate vegetables. I won't go within 10 feet of a salad and would prefer if the world was made up purely of barbeque ribs and cheese-burgers.

Recently, I've become more touch.. with my asian side. I've gotten completely hooked onto Asian Dramas which are, in reality, really poorly written stories acted out by really hot people. The plots are all the same--love triangles, lots of drinking, someone gets cancer, someone gets run over--but they're somehow so damn addicting. I'm sure the fact that the main guy is usually the asian form of Zac Efron helps. Damn, they're good-looking.

This also leads me to my new couple obsession: Soeul (SO Yi Jung + Chu Ga EUL = Soeulmates -clever, eh? props.) God, Kim Bum is so scrumptious (have you seen his new vogue shoot?). And Kim So Eun is just gorgeous. (Bumsso) Really. If you know what I'm talking about, then you know what I'm talking about. So, HSM is still going to be my main "thing" but I might just drop a one-shot or two in honor of this perfect-baby-making (fictional) couple.

My weirdness can sometimes be translated into my stories in the form of Gabriella Montez. Sometimes they can't and I keep it bubbled inside and it explodes. Which is never good.

But still! Don't be afraid to PM me! I love meeting new people, but I'm not gonna lie. I'm horrible at replying. If you know me at all, then you know that I'm a really really really bad procrastinator. As in, "if it's due tomorrow, I'll do it next week" kind of bad. Most of the times I'll try to reply as early as possible but if it's been like, a month and I haven't replied, it's not because I don't like you. It's because you're sitting in my inbox in the email I only check like, one a month. (seperate fanfic and regular email kind of thing). But still. Don't be afraid!

I absolutely love writing stories. Most of theses are things I like to imagine would happen to me, but they actually happen to my friends (though some have happened to me)and I'm like, "Fuck you, you're lucky," but still, hopefully entertaining nonetheless.

Completed Stories-


Maybe Someday May Be Today

Hey Baby

Check it Off

Dear Santa,

Is This Our Fairy Tale?

In Progress-

Like Oil and Water- Don't lie. I know you love those stories where Gabriella and Troy want to claw each other's eyes out before deciding they love each other and have hot make-up sex. Except it's rated T, so I guess the hot make up sex will have to just be in my head.

Read and review loves

C: strawberriesandsunshine

(my name is way too long and it's so embarrassing when I spell it wrong)

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Like Oil And Water reviews
Many things in life don't mix. Like Oil and Water; Wine and Strong Emotions; and Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton. After one night, Gabriella becomes pregnant with Troy's baby and is forced to live with him, making it one future hell of a nine months.
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“I was so stupid,” Gabriella said as she saw his deep blue eyes. They were shimmering too, the unshed tears reflecting through them. “No!” Troy replied, desperately. It was a mistake. A stupid mistake, and it was never meant to be like this. TXG twoshot :
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