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Author has written 8 stories for Legend of Zelda, Okage, Phantom of the Opera, Twilight, Fruits Basket, and Princess Mononoke.

Fruits Basket rocks. Its so cool and very funny. Boys may or may not like and girls will probably love. yes i'm generalizing. So sorry. My father and mother both love them and so did my sister and i. fun books fun show. read and/or watch.

Loki Ragnarok, St. Tail, and Host Club are enjoyable too...In case you couldn't tell i like anime.

I also absolutly love every movie that Miyasaki had anything to do with. Howl's Moving Castle and Princess Mononoke are a few of my favorites. (more anime) And also everthing Tim Burton like Sweeny Todd.

The legend of Zelda Is a totally wicked awesome game and everyone should play it. Or at least listen to the coolskie songs on Ocorina of Time. Okage the Shadow king is one of my other Favorite Games.

I love the song Caramelldansen! And the song 'the fox the crow and the cookie' by "Me without you"...Great song.

I made my avatar picture...sweet huh? (My own personal brain issue.)

By the way i'm sure your wondering why i have a funny name. Long story short It was an assignment for eighth grade Drama class and i liked it. So i use the name. (I made it up;)

Also, i apologize for my distance between posting. i so busy with all my home work. but i'll try to be regular about posting.

TWILIGHT is pretty cool. and the similarities between it and another movie totally get my imagination going...New cover will be two hands holding a tomato. LOL. Read the Bella Switch to understand.

I read somewhere that TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS FUN BECAUSE ITS LIKE SHOUTING IN ANOTHER PERSONS MIND. MAKES YOU FEEL POWERFUL. I can't remember who or where but it was someone on deviantart.

I have a deviantart by the way. in case your interested.

I am an obsessive person, and as you might guess...OKAGE IS MY OBSESSION! I may have OCD (Okage Compulsion Disorder). Or maybe i have ICD; implanted cumpulsive desires. (if you play the game. Kisling refers to the evil kings as having this. It's what makes them evil kings. I think the game programmers programed obsession into my brain. it's like video game cocain.) I like to write about it... ALOT... and draw it ...ALOT...and play it...ALOT! Actually, i have so many lined up ideas for okage fan fiction it's insane...The characters are just so much fun to use. There's so many ways to look at them and use them...Rosalyn and Stan's fighting...Kisling's stalkerish personality...Ari's amazingness...Marlene and linda's girly-ness...Ari's family's stupidity...and James; need i say more...If you have not played this game i suggest you do. But if your readin my stories chances are you've at least heard of it considering the bulk of my writing has to do with it.

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Okage: The kings you didn't see reviews
Ever wonder what evil Kings there could have been? In a world where Beating Belouine was not enough, the subjugation of residual evil kings is imparitive to the future...Companion to Band teacher evil king.
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