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This is still mybrandofherion--I have changed my username to Babbit.ramblings. No worries loves, it is still me.

UPDATE--Follow up from IMPORTANT chapter in stories.

I know quite a few of you have been wondering why my stories are taking so long to be updated and I've decided on a new writing system. I feel really bad for being inconsistent with my updates. I'm an avid fanfic. reader too, so I understand how frustrating that can be. Lately, I've been very busy and slightly un-motivated to write. My teachers have some love for post-exam projects. So, my new writing system is that I'm going to write a story in its entirety before releasing it, it may seem crazy but it's what will work best for me. Which means that Goodbyes and Bella's House will be completed sometime between now and the end of this month. Unfortunetly, the wait for Marriage Counseling will be longer (I'm so sorry!). Each new chapter of a story will be released once a week(days will vary) once the stories are completed. It may take a little while since I am working on other thing, from fanfics to my own stuff. I promise that it won't take too long though. You have my sincerest apologies but I believe this to be the best method for all my stories to be completed in a timely manner. There are quite a few pros to this, the first being that I will have time to go over everything and correct it. Make it better, and it will all flow very,very well. With this in mind I am still searching for a beta. Feel free to PM me if you're interested. another pro is that the releases for each chapter will be planned out and done timely. So, you'll know when to check the site for updates! I hope you all are fine with decision of mine. Thanks for all your support and my stories are on their way to being released.

OH! Also, a few of you have asked for a follow up to Her Emmett(if you haven't read it please do). I'm not exactly sure what to do with that. If you have any suggestion or could clear up what you were requesting that would be fantastic. Please just PM me!


In an effort to avoid studying for any of my exams I am redoing my profile, again...

So I'm mybrandofherion otherwise known to the real world as Maddie. I'm definitely Twilight obsessed, no doubt about it. I'm also a compulsive writer, I write my fanfictions as much as I can but usually I'm writing my own stuff. I like to dab in all genres, so although you may see humor in Marriage Counseling or Bella's House, Goodbyes is slightly depressing. I can be a little random sometimes depending on the amount of caffeine in my system but I usually act my age. You may catch me writing on one of my more delirious nights and be surprised at how off track my mind can get. I like to come up with my own ideas and basically all I write is original. Or at least I have never seen it done before.

Since that's about as much as you need to know about me I'll give you some insight to my fanfics so far;

Goodbyes is one I really wanted to write. It's a series of four one shots about when Edward leaves Bella to go hunting for the first time. Not my usual cheery writing style but I hope its still good... I have commented on the lack of popularity towards this story but I find it to be fine now. Any support is enough.

Bella's House is my first fan fiction! I realize the characters are a bit OOC but I let my imagination soar in that one. Yes it is coming to a close but I'm currently in the middle of exams and writing the climax of my own work. I apologize for Emmett's stupidity in it but he needed to be stupid for the sake of the story.

Marriage Counseling is my favorite to write. I love the idea of it. Also something that has been bugging me for quite a while. A new chapter will be posted once I get the chance to write the entire thing--the chapters are long in this one. I found a good picture for it too!Pres. Church of Seattle

I have a bunch of other ideas in store for you all, a lot of which are oneshots or tiny one shot series. I do have an idea for a substantial fan fiction that will be brought up after I finish Bella's House AND Marriage Counseling.

I realize that my updates aren't always very fast and for that I apologize but bare with me, I have so much school work this year, getting ready for college that sometimes I'm in over my head. I hope you all don't mind too much but realize that as soon as I get the time it will be writing non-stop.


I'm looking for a BETA because I have trouble doing it all myself and want the reading process to be as smooth as possible for all of you. I'm on here to enhance my writing skill and could really use someone's help. Please PM me if your interested. Further 'instruction' will be given after you contact me but I would really appreciate it if someone could BETA for me it would be an amazing help, also probably motivate me to write faster :) Thanks!

I love your reviews and support you guys, be safe :)

~Babbit.ramblings.~ xoxo

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