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Welcome gals and gents!

I thought it was about time I updated this thing. I hope I don't bore you too much. Enjoy.

Thanks for visiting my profile! I suppose you have done so because you are somewhat interested in my work. Or maybe you just arrived here by accident. Either way, let me talk to you about my stories. So far I have only published two stories, but I hope there will be more to come!

Towards the Setting Sun

This story is not entirely my own work. The first 13 chapters belong to icedragon6171. Since she left the story unfinished, and after reading it I thought it was too good to leave it so, that's why I took it upon myself to finish it (after having asked for permission). It's a Mulan fic, a secuel to the first Disney film, that has nothing to do with the second movie (which in my opinion was rather bad).

In the story, Shang is going to lead an army against the Turks in the west, and asks Mulan to accompany him. I, as well as icedragon6171 before me, am trying to make it as historically accurate as possible. I hope the change of authors halfway through the story is not too noticeable in terms of quality. Since English is not my first language, and icedragon6171 is a very talented writer (in all senses: grammar, spelling, plot...), it is proving to be quite a challenge for me. Nevertheless, I hope you like it! For those who are already following this fic (as well as for those who haven't yet) rest assured that this is a Mulan/Shang story! Even if there hasn't been too much romance until now, the story is far from over, so don't worry and be patient. It will come!!

Also, for those who have been bearing with me all the way, and wait so long for each chapter, I truly apologise, but school keeps me busy and normally I don't have too much time to write, however I really appreciate all the support you've been giving me!! You people are truly awesome!! Don't worry, I'll manage to finish this story (even if I'm not really sure of when that will be...). Anyways, again, thanks for the constant support and the reviews. They truly mean a lot!!

By the way! If you have read this story, you will have probably seen that I mentioned I would post the link to the original story here so that you can leave a review. I said there would be a link for each chapter, however, I thought it would be better if I gave you the link to the whole story (so that you choose which chapter to review), but also to the original author's profile (that way you can read her other story and contact her if you want to).



Story Recs:


Levy120 (featured in deviantart's #FaMulan-FanClub)-

I made a cover for this story! Check it out! (Please note the original pic is not mine, just the editing)

Towards the Setting Sun: Darkness

This is the prize for the 200th reviewer of TtSS. It's a one-shot, related to the main story (actually it's a missing scene) and the prompt was chosen by the reviewer.

There is also a cover for this story, and it looks very much like the one for TtSS. Here is the link:

Et tu, Brute?

This is my first "Rome" fic, or at least that's where I posted it because it was Ciarán Hinds performance in the series that inspired me to write it. He truly did make a great Julius Caesar. Probably one of the best I've seen. This is a one-shot about what could have happened if the events of the infamous Ides of March (and prior to it) had gone a little differently.

In the story, Brutus and the rest of the Liberators had planned everry little detail of the assassination of Julius Caesar. Everything had been taken into account: the place, the hour, the weapons... Everything except one little detail: what had Julius Caesar himself planned? The night before the Ides of March Brutus is visited by someone very special. This visit changed his fate and that of the Roman Republic forever.

I really love roman history, and Julius Caesar is one of the people in history I find more interesting in all aspects: as a politician, a ruler, a military man... That's why I enjoyed writing this story so much. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much.

I made story covers for this fic!! I'm so excited about them! I'll leave you the links here so that you can check them out. Please note that the original pics are not mine, just the editing.

Cover 1-

Cover 2-

That's all for now, however, I hope more stories will join the list shortly! If you have any questions, comments or requests for stories to make, or just about anything you'd like to say, don't hesitate to contact me!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!


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