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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and Wheel of Time.

Straight on to it then:

Name's Lord Methene, as you should have been able to gather from the profile, if you didn't that's not really an issue. I am not the one missing on its' wonders. I adhere to the darker genre of HP fanfiction, with a focus on Purebloods and their society. In fact my first fic, coming up in a few days, (see summary below) will deal with just that.

In terms of pairings I enjoy Harry/Fleur, Harry/Slytherin Female Trio, Harry/Narcissa, and to a lesser extent Cho, Tonks and Bellatrix. It greatly depends how the romance is portrayed, however, and if Harry's significant other stays true to her original features, instead of becoming Ginny clone no. 283222344787.

As perhaps you might have guessed from above, I do not like Harry/Ginny, meaning it won't happen in my stories.

Harry/Hermione, due to how fanon has taken it and transformed it:

Variant I: Hermione is now the uber-smart-ruling-master, due to the fountain of intelligence that resides under the bushy appendixes, and thus must control Harry's every move, including bathroom breaks. If Harry should dare to raise his voice, a curt 'Huff!' will bring him back into line

Variant II: Hermione becomes Ginny clone nr. 283222344787 + 1

Other characters I dislike are: Molly Weasley, to a lesser extent her husband and Ron Weasley. I will elaborate on the three at a later time, but I immagine people can draw the conclusion themselves.

Not relating to Harry's timeline, I am a great fan of Lucius/Narcissa, in a normal fic, where Lucius actually loves the woman, instead of mistreating and imperiousing her for breakfast. I am a fan of Lucius Malfoy as well and dislike the notion that he is turned into a wimp, or made fun of. That can be actually extended to the entire Inner Circle actually. You may say what you want about the Battle at the Department of Mysteries and other such nonsense, but the fact is nobody would ever fear Voldemort if his Death Eaters were incompetent fools. No one. So canon contradicts itself in that matter.

Ah, and how could I forget: the most important announcement I have to make: I despise Slash, although I can still read fem!slash, mostly when it's a bit of fun between two female characters. If it turns into a mind blowing tale of how Hermione and Ginny fell in love, I would not touch it with a stolen pair of eyes. Won't read it, would never write it etc etc etc

That is all. For now...

Of Blacks and Malfoys

Summary: for centuries those two families have ruled the wizarding world, politically and economically. Now, as troubled times arise, will the wizarding world look to them for leadership, or will the new currents and ideas change wizarding society?

An AU novel length trilogy. Currently Book One, entitled Old Ways is up and in development.

Update: It has reached to Chapter 6, although Chapters 7, 8 and 9 are in an advanced stage of development and should be up shortly.

Update: Nov 2008

Trumpets blaring, Soldiers parading announce a new story in the making. Following my latest obsession of Rand/Lanfear, I bring you, hopefully, a story of betrayal, deceit and darkness in the Wheel of Time universe.

The Broken Wheel

What would have happened had Lanfear managed to convince Rand al'Thor to love her and turn to her side? Read and find out, naturally.

Momentarily in the work due to crap beginnings, but I promise you will see a completed first chapter before November has finished.

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