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Freeze! you know who it is... its Garuto snitches! Thank you swiss beats for that song. Anyways the name is garuto im a author of a soon to be successful The World's Worst Rapper. I live in the Virgin Islands on the island of St.Croix and my name is... you dont have to know. I like david chappele, south park, naruto, kingdom hearts,family guy,robot chicken,yu yu hakusho, dbz, bleach and inyuasha(a little). I am a black boy(black is handsome!)at the of 17 (I graduated June 14 2011 bitches!!!!). Also check out some of my favorite stories there awesome!

Dislikes: Fools who think they bad, saskue,sakura,ino,inyuasha(I said i like the show but I hate the damn romance!)bobobo-bobobobo(do I HAVE TO SAY WHY!!)fullmetal alchamist, drawn together,whores, hoes,punks(the kind that say they would do something to you and dont do shit.) and racist.

I might also submite my other stories to cause I have been writing since the 7th grade but I was not a member at the time. So my motive to write was because of I actually did not know about until I got a pop-up one day while I was on you tube. So thank you pop-ups! Also I am not a flamer. I hate flamers. Epecially the unknown ones and the ones who have a account and does not have the ballz/courage to right a story and if they do their story downright sucks. I mean if it is a romance fic, the main character all of a sudden just gets horny and the other character magically gets horny and BAM! There already banging each other! NO!! In a relationship time must develop in order to get to that stage. Then we have the short stories. I dont mind a short story but I mean here is a example. Help!! He screamed as he ran up to me. What happen he asked. He has retured and his name is Naruto uzamaki. WTF IS THAT?! THAT IS THE GAYEST SHIT I EVER READ!! That is now that is not a short story is supposed to be. Like 22 words. Then this Is worst one, Yaio. If a girl is writing this I honestly dont care cause I dont read yaio. Personally I hate that shit. But some stories dont even warn you there is going to be yaio and I hate that. And even boys write yaio? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU DUDES!? I can understand girls writing it because boys love lesbeians (I cant lie I also love lesbians)and some girls even like dude on dude action (nasty. but you girls cant lie because some of you like that) but when a dude rigths it and claims he was bored, I JUST WANT TO CRUSH THIER LUNGS! Personally I follow the whole adam and eve thing meaning boys and girls should be together ( Even though I love lesbeains, They should not be together)(no offense to all lesbieans). I also want some gay dude to answer this but why do guys go with other guys? What the f makes it so special?! Do guys like have their "stick" in a other guys "donut"?! What you need to do is place your "stick" up a GIRLS "hole" that feels nice (to bad im a virgin) (The only reason I said it feels nice is because im attracted to a girls 2 major places (not a pervert just blame my damn hormones! I also love my damn hormones!) So in overall go with the opposite sex. (I will say it again I am NOT a pervert blame my damn hormones it is perfectly normal for boy AND girl.) Anyway back to what i was writing.

I hate lemons because it is a freaking cartoon/anime! What you like imaganing cartoons banging each other!

Okay I'm back! First off I would like to say that is starting to piss me off. Because any damn story or chapter I go to, the damn error message comes up. Well I had the balls to send them a message and I still have this problem? Oh well. This is a short rant so later!

Hello again to who ever reads my profile. First off, I freaking hate valentine's day. I hate the gay ass love every year. Random people who dont even fucking like you are all like"Happy Valentine's day. Your so nice" BULLSHIT!! First off, you got to worry about getting a valentine and wasting YOUR MONEY to buy the bitch/fag something so that they can be like"oh its what I always wanted." that is the shittiest thing I ever heard. If I had a valentine I would say go to wal-mart and buy yourself a gift bitch. Then I would say bitch get me some cherrieos! Im hungry! I need some hatered on this day. Fuck it man. Sorry for cursing so much but I really hate valentines day. Anyway I'll be on my way.

Hello for what's been like 2 years since I even thought of being on this site. Dont worry, I havent lost my passion for writing. I was just going to some things. Anyway I am still alive so be happy. Anyway watch out for these following stories:

The World's Worst Rapper- When Kirabi gets chased out another club for his shit rapping, the eight tailes make a suggestion. Why not get a teacher? I mean who is better at rapping than, The Nine tailed-fox?

R.I.P 2pac- The greatest rapper of all time and has had a major influence on my work. A true legend and west coast icon.

R.I.P-The Notorious B.I.G-The only one who can stand up to pac lyrically. You made the east coast known with your raps, your a east coast icon.

R.I.P-Micheal Jackson- The greatest singer and entertainer and dancer of all time.

Really Stupid Stereotypes:

I'm SKINNY, so I MUST be anorexic. (So I dont lift weights and exercise alot. Boo mother fucking Hoo)
I'm EMO, so I MUST cut my wrists.
I'm a NEGRO so I MUST carry a gun. (No. I dont have a gun. I dont carry a knife either.)
I'm BLONDE, so I MUST be a ditz
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I'm a GAY RIGHTS SUPPORTER, so I WILL go to hell.
I'm a CHRISTAN, so I MUST think gay people should go to hell. (They can live there own life. I dont wish death on anyone that doesent deserve it. And yes I curse even though Im christian.)
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I'm ATHEIST so i MUST hate the world.
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Stereotypes people put me under are bolded and underlined, so if you hate stereotypes and want people to shut up about them, put this on your own profile and make it known how stupid stereotypes are!!

Hello my peoples...I know I havent updated in like two years cause I honestly lost my passion for writing fanfiction but after re-reading my story, I have found my passion again. In about 2 weeks or so I will update The World's Worst Rapper. Plus since I graduated High school a month ago on June 14. So I got time now. I have also matured alot since that time and it wil reflect in my writing. Anyways when I actually am not lazy I will add some more.

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