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Name: Amanda
D.O.B: 09/02 (mm/dd)
Sign: Virgo
Sex: F
Ethnicity: Asian

"Everybody live like it’s the last day you will ever see"
- 'Born For This' by Paramore

So I used to have another account to but I sort of screwed up and wanted to start over again. I love reading fanfics and writing them, because, you know, I'm cool like that. Lol. I started reading at three years ago. I got addicted. Who wouldn't? Haha.

Music, books, and art, are pretty much my life. I wanted to be a (computer) graphic artist but my mom's pushing me to be an architect. I don't really have to worry about all that crap now though. I've got a couple of more years to go. But back to music, books, and art. I love pretty much all punk, rock, indie, alternative, pop, classical, and some dj remixes. Books; I'm into fantasy, angst, romance, action/adventure, and comedy. Oh and comics, can't forget comics. Lol. Art, I love it. As long as I'm inspired, moved, or just think it's just plain wicked, I like it. But I like rough art too.

Time is something that I have trouble with. I'm usually hella busy with school, homework, and trying to find a decent job to save up for a ticket to New York. Then of course there's friends, family, and myself. Sometimes I don't take long to update, and other times I take forever. I'm sorry to all those who read and want an update quickly but don't get it. I just have a lot of things to juggle. And I suck at juggling. I tried, really, but I can't. Hahaha.

I'm Filipino, but I was born and raised in Canada. I love my family dearly. My dad's a nut, and my Mom's just plain nuts. My sister, who can be a bitch at times, has some weird talent of making me laugh. My cousins say it's a phase, but I hope it's a phase that'll never end. My younger cousin is more like a brother to me, and I love him. His house is my second home and my house is his second home pretty much. We do almost everything together: Summer road trips, Winter celebrations, Spring camping, and Fall boredom.

What I write about is sometimes clean and happy, but some people don't like that. Some people like the dirty, angsty, and violent stuff. To be honest I like both. Squeaky clean and Mud dirty is my style. I like One-Shots if they're over 2,000, but if it happens to be 1,000 I might not read it unless the summary for it is good. Long fictions, I love them. It gives me something to do if I have time. The longest one I've read was Vox Corporis by MissAnnThropic and it was an amazing Chapters: 68 and Words: 316,065. That's extraordinary. I will probably never be able to write like that. (Note: that I may never say "'Mione" in my fictions. I don't mind the name, I just don't want to put that into a story)

Pairings, I have no problem with any pairings. No discrimination against anything... except for incest. George? Fred? Not cool man. I can't take that. As for weird Man/Animal pairings like Finch/Mrs. Norris, that... that's not my cup of tea. No offence to anyone who does read and enjoy that. Also, I do understand that people think Harry/Ginny is weird because Ginny sort of looks like Lily, Harry's mom, but come on, maybe Harry likes Ginny because she reminds him of the family he never had. Besides, it's cute, the whole school girl crush thing. Slash and FSlash is really no big deal for me, as long as the story's good, I'll enjoy it.

So... that's me. Have fun reading.


06.01.08: Song for "Whispers In The Dark":

09.09.08: Well I am proud to say I'm working on another story. Femslash and again, inspired by a great song. If you like Michael Buble, I hope you'll like this story coming up. (Hopefully by October 1).

09.14.08: Okay, I don't know if people get my content abbreviations or not. So:

- S: Sexual Content

- ex.S: Explicit Sexual Content

- N: Nudity references

- L: Language

- ex.L: Explicit Language

- HS: Homosexuality

- V: Violence

- H: Horror

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