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Hey everybody! I, uh, have some bad news. I know y’all are aware of how lengthy I can get when it comes to writing out conversations so I’ll do us all a favor and simply keep it short and sweet.

I don't know how FF authors usually do this, wether they just drop off the face of the Earth or simply snatch their stories right from under you without any explanation, but I've been nothing but honest with you guys for 2 years and some now. That won't change now, no matter how afraid I am of the backlash, silent or none. To my greatest lamentation I’ve decided to discard of Yaoifreak01’s existence for reasons you probably don’t care about, because, I’m saying no more smut writing for me. When the shock’s over I know you’ll probably be wondering, well, what does that mean for HTILY then?! And what about the Yum Sum and Lurid Affection's series'?! It means that I won’t be able to finish them after all.

Not for one second should you believe that this sacrifice comes with out consequence. I feel like something’s gnawing on half my heart. It won’t extract its teeth, and it won’t stop chewing, and as a result, I can’t stop bleeding. To all you die hard fans, and to all you simply die fans, lol, I am very, very sorry. I am so sorry.

And, unless anyone steps up and wouldn’t mind taking over the story (WaRnInG: I’ve already deleted all the notes I’d gathered. Sorry.) I’ll be taking HTILY down soon.

You guys, I am so sorry. I love you all and I’ll miss you even more.



P.S. How was it? Short enough for ya'? XD

I did my first collab recently with an FF author named Inogirl13. It's a ShikaIno pairing and I was oh, so kindly offered the lemon. I wrote it, she posted it, and it's up there nice and ready. If you like me even a little, lol, check out Inogirl13's story at http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5547997/1/Leather_Glass_and_Cherry_Tomatoes. Of course I personally believe you won't be disappointed. Be sure to review!

I recently found out that an FF authour named FallenMary has rewritten Just See Me in Portugese! How exciting is that! I, of course, cannot read a lick of it! But if anyone can, and would like to, you may most certainly do so here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5401094/1/Simplesmente_Vejame Don't forget to review. We'd both most certainly appreciate them!

Name: Rae/Yaoifreak... Rae is Yaoifreak -_- (I thought it was obvious but I guess it's not.)

B-day: 9/11

Gender: Female

Race: Black all da way, baby!

For the record, Rae, me, is the girl who does everything but write. I'm talking 'bout damn near all the boring stuff. Yaoi's the writer in me. Yeah I help, especially when it comes to the grammar of things, but she's the idea man. She's the one who actually pumps the ideas to life, I simply fix up and refine them. That's how this Rae/Yaoi thing works.

Sexual Orientation: I-am-very-straight...but i'm even more open minded. Hence why you'll soon see why I have no problems writing yuri or whatever else a straight author wouldn't.

Virginal Status: Though sometimes I wish I wasn't, believe it or not, I am a virgin...despite what my writings suggest. Someone reviewed one of my stories and said I must be sex obsessed!! ... It's true. I can't deny it. I really am. I've done everything but the actual act. I've watched it, read it, wrote it, fantasized about it, but I haven't done it. sigh. Life's rough.

Mental State: Sane enough...

Favorite Word: Fuck

Likes: JAPAN, boys, anime, boys, manga, boys, reading, boys, writing, boys, acting, boys, singing, boys, stepping, boys, dancing, boys, laughing, boys, movies, boys, music, boys, food, boys, porn, boys, rain, boys, roses, boys, l-l-...love, ... boys, nudity, boys, the R rated, boys, gay peeps, boys, Bi peeps, boys, reg. peeps, boys, seclusion, and...BOYS WITH BOYS!! XD YEAH!!

I also like all pairings, good and bad. I even like odd pairings. I have some faves but they're always changing so I won't evevn bother. Anyway...

WaRnInG- before you continue, please know that there is no gender limit for the noun bitch. (Decided by Rae and Yaoi alike.)

Dislikes: Haters, flamers, bitches, hoes, players, ass holes, jerks, meanies, tar-tars, the hopless, space wasters, time wasters, enemies, the devil, losers, ass wipes, shit eaters, shit speakers, people whose breath SMELL like shit, fat girl dissers, fat girl haters, fat girl wannabes and fat-girl-think-they-ares, plain bullies, stupid bullies, smart bullies, nerd bullies, cyber bullies, young bullies, old bullies, aspiring bullies, rascist bitches, dumb bitches, raggedy bitches, uppity bitches, in-my-way bitches, no class bitches, embarrassing bitches, they-get-on-yo-goddamn-nerves bitches, and...well, that's pretty much it for the type of people I dislike, now for the things. I don't like vegetables, bad grammar, flames, peer pressure, problems, making mistakes, giving up, failing, falling in love, being jealous, and... well that's all I care to espress at the moment.


Hate That I Love You - First story ever posted on fanfic. It is about a relationship gone all wrong between Naruto and Gaara. The downfall of this relationtionship has led a certain someone from their once so cheerful and bright persona to a wholly other one. Naruto is now colder than even Gaara once was. For, where Gaara once killed with sand, Naruto uses the ultimate weapon in all of existence to jack the red head up. Love. And he's deathly serious about the entire ordeal. One of the reasons he absolutely does not mind fucking whoever the hell he wants whenever the hell he wants to fuck 'em. Whether Gaara is there in sight or not.
Though that is greatly due to Gaara's own doing. For, Gaara has used his Kage status and made it so that Naruto must be near him until he says otherwise. All an attempt to force the return of Naruto's love for him. Despite Gaara being the cause of their breakup, he wants Naruto bad.
Heh. As if Naruto gives a fuck.

YUM SUM series (It all sums up to pure yumminess!) - This is a series solely devoted to hot, plotful, well written, straight-no-chaser, I-don't-care-what-you-think, I-need-pussy-dick-or-both-right-now!...Fucking. Though I'm still pretty new at this fuck writting, I'm getting there. Anyway, they're all connected and are in correct reading order below.
The series is one made to contain every appropriate couple (though some may not be) from the rookie 9, Gai's team, Suna's top three, and maybe even Sai and Haku, in some respect, eventually, fucking each other's damn brains out. They are all adults. They may all be in America. They may all know each other; for as I said, the stories in this series will all, in some way, shape or form, be connected.
If indeed you were turned off by this summary, if in fact you were offended by the vulgarities that I know I must seem apt on using...fuck you. Don't read my stories. You just won't be able to handle it, I promise you that. 'Cause trust that it gets worse...or better in some cases. And anyway, I really don't care for the flames and chastisement that I'm sure your righteous self would send my way. XD Capiche?

More Than Architecture -Neji and Tenten

Just See Me - Shikamaru and Ino

Make It Good - Sasuke and Sakura (I must admit, my best of the series yet. Was supposed to be a oneshot but...well, you'll see.)

More yum-yums to come!

The Lurid Affections series- Yeah! Gots me a new one bakin' in the oven! Oh, yeah! It's pure hotness all up and through this kitchen! So if you can't stand the heat, (:you know what they say:) then get the fuck out my kitchen! Oh! lol. It's all Yaoi in it's purest form. No bullshit, just straight dick up the ass for a fangirl's liking. What's my name, huh? What's my name?! It's YAOIFREAK, baby! And you know I'm all for it. Believe that Lurid Affections is a series that shall be filled with nothing but forbidden smut. The type of stuff that'll make you wanna' press your face against your computer screen smut, the kind of literature that you don't want mama catchin' you reading type of smut! lol.
The pairings may well be about as irregular as they come. No, I am not basing stories on just MY favorite couples alone, as I truly don't really have any. So be prepared for some possible discomfort. Every story will have a plot, make no mistake, that has NOT changed. I haven't decided if I want the individual oneshots to be connected yet, but I'm thinking that they will be.
The first story in the series has been posted, accompanied by a very related poem. Go easy on me. It's a first Yaoi oneshot and the first dick-on-dick thing I've written in a loooooog time.
So, anyway, my dear yaoi bashers, please stay away from this series. I'm slowly but surely trying to make it so that every area of the anime smut community can be happy. Please don't get nasty and bash my...as well as other people's kinks. It's just rude. LOL!!

Delicious Damage- Lee and Sai. (Soooo much better than it sounds XD)

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Delicious Damage reviews
Sai had no choice but to moan the words, as what Lee was doing to him allowed for no other means of iterating them. His tears, his saliva, his lips, his tongue, his hands, they all worked about his... YAOI! MA! LEExSAI! SMUT! BRAND NEW SERIES! R&R!
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Yaoifreak: OMG! Sakura raped Sasuke! Rae: No. Sasuke raped Sakura. Y: What! Then what was that loud male scream of pain I heard? R: That was definitely a female scream, but I’m not so sure it was a painful one... MA. Plot. Smut. Yum Sum Series: Book Three
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 8 - Words: 35,783 - Reviews: 94 - Favs: 240 - Follows: 61 - Updated: 11/17/2008 - Published: 9/8/2008 - Sakura H., Sasuke U. - Complete
Just See Me reviews
Shikamaru's had it with Ino. He's Done. For real this time. But, before he leaves he swears he's gonna' teach her a lesson she won't ever forget. Heavy on the Lemoness. MA. Plot. Yum Sum Series: Book Two
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Tenten has banned sex from their bed for two whole months! See what happens when the ban is finally lifted. One Shot. MA! EXPLICIT MATERIAL!--READ-RELISH-REVIEW-- Yum Sum Series: Book One
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