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Hi. This is CommodoreWinchester. This account is shared by Spontaniously Insane and Twisted Ingenue. Spontaniously Insane (Tori) = Norrington and Twisted Ingenue (Spider) = Dean.


Dean: Shut your cakehole, old timer.

Norrington: I am not old, you scoundrel! My wig is a symbol of my high stature, and those who denounce it shall rot in eternal damnation!

Dean: Dude...use contractions once in awhile, K?

Norrington: You are the most insolent, little...

Dean: Hey...if I'm anything, buddy...I'm certainly not little!

Norrington: (flush) Well...(pause; mutters) You have a little brain...

Dean: (pulls out huge gun)'re askin' for it, mother-fucker.

Norrington: (pulls out sword) En guarde!

--violent, raging, show duel with good music and much, much blood and cursing ensues. Censoring is a bitch and won't let us show it, sorry.--

Spider: So...a little bit about us...crickets chirp Umm...okay...we've said enough. Err...Tori? You wanna put up a bio of Norrie and I put up a bio of Deanie-poo?

Tori: Sure, why not. I'm putting the others up here too because I can. XD


Name: Commodore James T Norrington.

Age: 37

Height: 6'0

Hair Color: Dark brownish-black

Eye Color: Hazel-green

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: He's a man with strong morals and a big heart. He will save the weak and kill the strong,and he will do whatever he thinks is right. Under strange situations, though, he may crumble like a kitten until he finds his bearings. Then he is a man to be respected and feared.

Pre-Fic History: James Norrington (after the third movie) met, or more appropriately, rescued, Captain Kat from death. (See the Cherished for the full account). He then served as a Commodore in the Navy for another year before his death at the hands of a hurricane.

Quirks: Girly squeal, biritsh accent, hate of pirates.

Name: Dean Winchester

Age: 28

Height: 6'1

Hair Color: Sandy...brownish blonde

Eye Color: Dark green

Sexuality: Supposedly straight...though possible feelings for younger brother, Sam.

Personality: A very, very funny guy who loves flirting, rock music, Jack Nicholson, and Oprah. Though he acts like a big tough guy, (who has an exceptionally good shot and is quite good with hunting demons) his brother Sam means the world to him and he will go to any lengths to protect him. Diddo for Lucy. He also is terrified of planes and cherishes his Chevrolet Impala.

Pre-Fic History: A very tragic history with a lot of deaths. He apparently had one year to live because when Sam "died", he sold his soul. But for the sake of OSAM...we're going to make-believe that the threesome (Dean, Sam, and Lucy) wormed their way out of it.

Quirks: Constant sexual innuendos, making light of serious situations, cursing, making fun of sissies, calling his brother "Sammy", and flirting excessively (even with girls who are clearly not interested cough Kat cough)


Name: Captain Kathreen Karol Sparrow

Age: 23 and 3/4

Height: 5'2 and a half

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Sea-blue with the ocasional fleck of green

Sexuality: Possibly Bi, though acts straight

Personality: She's as witty as all get out, for sure. She's as changing and as dangerous as the sea, with a love of songs and stories and her family.

Pre-Fic History: Kat Sparrow Captained a crew of several woman and two men. She sailed the seven seas as a ferocious and terrifying pirate, until she died young from an unknown illness. She had a son, Maco and a neice, Eli, on her crew.

Quirks: Heavy Cokney accent, uses pirate jargon, Calypsoist, may or may not be drunk at any time.

Name: Sam Winchester

Age: 24

Height: 6'4

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Light green

Sexuality: Straight...but maybe likes older brother, Dean

Personality: Rational, sensitive, and smart. Sam is pretty compassionate and understanding about other people's problems and he longs for a normal life more than his brother. He often scolds and chides his big brother and their personalities clash pretty badly.

Pre-Fic History: His girlfriend, Jessica was killed by the same demon that killed his mother. He also went to college, unlike Dean...but had to drop out to begin life as a demon hunter. Sam is also the one that rescued Lucy from the Succubini demon (read "Each Day's a Brand New Life). He was stabbed by some bastard, but resurrected by his brother.

Quirks: A cute puppy dog pout and snoring a little in his sleep.

Name: Lucinda Love

Age: 23 (I'm serious, Tori! Haha!)

Height: 5'6

Hair Color: Ash blonde

Eye Color: Dark brown (almost black)

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Lucy is a seemingly uncomplex character who is an optimist and fairly chirpy. Not true! Though she loves waking up in the morning and making coffee for the two people that saved her life from Peter the Succubini...she has trouble telling people whatr she wants. The thing is, when she was little, she was a middle child. Her brother was a genius and went to law school, her sister was a daredevil who actually was the youngest girl to summit Everest, and humble Lucy who went to a two year, community college to study the culinary arts. She never got much attention from anyone but her brother, so she longs for attention and love. A little too much. GAH! Lucy is hard to describe! Well...after her brother's death, she learned a way of getting love and affection...the damsel-in-distess act. How about you read some of the stories and you can try to figure her out. Lucy also LOVES cooking and just taking care of people.

Pre-Fic History: She has no family left (Used to have a mom, a dad, an older brother (Leo), and a younger sister (Megan)) and since the demon incident, has stayed with Sam and Dean...taking care of them, breaking up fights, cleaning up blood if she is too late to break up the fight, fixing up their injuries after a night of hunting, and...most importantly...making the best damn coffee in the world.

Quirks: Whistling the song "Edelweiss", talking in a "sing-song" voice, imitating various birds, cooking excessively when angry or upset, crying (I mean...serious crying when upset), acting as a damsel-in-distress, and slamming Sam and Dean's heads together.

Of Sissies and Men reviews
Dean Winchester is walking through a graveyard when something amazing happens. He meets up with Commodore Norrington, someone...quite different from him...and they form a special bond...or a not so special bond. PiratesSupernatural Crossover.
Supernatural - Rated: T - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 8 - Words: 18,668 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Updated: 11/9/2007 - Published: 10/24/2007