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Author has written 4 stories for Twilight, Chronicles of Narnia, and Kingdom of Heaven.

First of all I now have four stories up here on fanfiction. Two that are still on going and two that are finished, 'It started out as a feeling' and 'Leave the real world behind'.
I'm really sorry for the lack of updates on my twilight story, but I just haven't had any inspiration :( and at the same time I still have to work. I'm really hating my writers block, though I was happy that I could put some of my creativity into the Narnia stories.

So let me introduce myself:

I'm Karin, i'm 24 years old and I'm dutch. I studied english at uni. I like to read stories about Twilight. I also used to read a lot of Harry Potter fanfic, but i kinda stopped doing that when the series ended. And now i'm reading lots of Narnia stuff (argh reading is so addictive and working in a bookstore isn't helpful at all!!)
My other creative outlets are photoshopping/drawing (i upload that on deviantart: ).
Recently I've been reading a lot novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon, also currently loving Jenniffer Lynn Barnes, Lauren Kate, Richelle Mead and Cate Tiernan.
Also you can now follow me on Twitter @JaeniverTopleaf

Bye for now

For those interested in my art:
I do mostly photomanipulations from both actual photos and digital images. my gallery is filled with original pieces, final fantasy fanart and now I also have my first Narnia fanart piece (it of course portrays Susan and Caspian ). Check it out if you want and let me know what you think.

My thoughts on Twilight The Movie:
So the Twilight movie was finally released here yesterday, me and my best friend went to see it just for laughs, we knew it would never measure up the books and we weren't dissapointed... THere was soo much wrong with the movie that all we could do was keep laughing, except when James appeared, then we drooled. Besides James the only good casting was Charlie. He was brilliant. Other than that I wasn't impressed. Why didn't they even mention Jasper's ability? And why does the guy who plays Jasper look so, well sorry to say it, ugly. He's supposed to be gorgeous, and well he clearly wasn't. And what about Rosalie, I've seen the actress with her own natural hair colour and then she looks amazing, but the fake blond is sooo not working for her! Emmet wasn't big enough for me and neither was his truck, it's supposed to be a monster truck people not a simple jeep. Oh and the hair of the quillete boys is too long! i know it's supposed to be long, but there is long and there is long. Come on, my hair is long(reaches to top of my butt) and one of those guys hair was longer than mine! Well whatever, i'm just gonna stick with the books (well the first 3, BD was totally predictabe).
Oh and dont hate me for having an opinion you might not like!

My thoughts on New Moon: the movie:
So i went to see New Moon this morning (November 19th) and I have to say it was better than i had expected, which basically means it was better than Twilight but clearly not as even close to the greatness of the book. In my opinion on Twilight I commented on Jacob's hair, and I am happy to say that I really do like the short hair better and was really happy when he finally cut it off in the movie. However (yes i have a new complaint about Jacob) his new muscles made him look like a scarry body builder instead of just a really big strong guy. Really give the guy some body oil and he can join those body builder competitions... Oh and the muscles make Taylor's head look too small for his body :S Other pet-pieves... Bella hitting Paul (you've all seen the trailers so no complaining on spoilers please). How can she hit Paul with no problem and then break her hand in Eclips when she hits Jacob for kissing her?! Yes this bugged me the first time I saw it in the previews. Rosalie's blond hair looks better in this movie and though I didn't like her acting during the birthday scene, I did like it during the vote on Bella's mortality. As some of you might have already heard or seen Edward's car is different then it was in Twilight, however it still isn't even close to what it should be or what Stephenie describes it as. Charlie is still my favorite character in the movie same goes for Bella's truck (cause come on that thing has it's own personality). Emily's scar looked great, they did that really well and I loved the short scene where we see her interact with the wolf-boys and especially Sam. Edward's apparations are somewhat comical at times, cause it just looks kinda weird.
Oh one more thing that really bugs me about the movie... the papercut... i have never in my life seen someone bleed so much from a freaking papercut (and i get those them things all the time... mine never bleed though). I would have preferred it if they had just let a small drop of blood come out the wound, not drop to the carpet all dramatic and stuff. But like i said this movie is better then the Twilight movie, acting has improved a little and they stayed closer to the book. What made me laugh really hard during the movie was the scene where Mike gets sick at the movies, that guy really looked ready to through up all green and sweaty and gross, great stuff. That's all for now, if i think of more or remember more then i'll let you know Hope you all enjoy the movie.
Oh, just remembered: send cookies to the makers for finally acknowledging Jasper's ability

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Return of the Queen reviews
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It Started Out As A Feeling reviews
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