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Author has written 8 stories for Looney Tunes, Dr. Seuss series, Zootopia, and Sofia the First.

Everything personal about me is anonymous! (I will admit that I'm a female, but nothing else!) You CANNOT know my age, real name, address etc. Even if you are my readers I will still keep those things private. So please don't bother asking!

However, you may know the following.

I love writing and I take it seriously outside of fanfiction. So if I'm not on here I'm working on my own pieces. Also as of the past year, I've been working longer hours and its left me drained. So please don't despair with updates. I don't want to give up on my stories. :)

I love it when my work here is reviewed so tell me what you think about my stories. Please be polite! I always thank people who follow my stories so warning; I am VERY polite as well. :) I also love telling how I came up with ideas.

I'm not too tech-savvy. I don't have Instragram, Deviantart (I can't draw to save my life!) or Twitter. is as far as I go. :) I do like looking at fanart.

Please understand I have Asperger's Syndrome and please don't stereotype me as Rainman or Sheldon Cooper.

Here are some things things I love.

1. I adore these pairings:

-Sherlock: Sherlock and Molly

-Zootopia: Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps

-Avatar The Last Airbender: Katara and Zuko. Toph and Aang.

-Beauty and The Beast: Belle and Beast. (duh!)

-Monk: Adrian Monk and Trudy Monk

-Toy Story: Buzz and Jessie. Woody and Bo

-Talespin: Baloo and Becky/Don Karnage and Becky (After seeing Baloo Switcheroo I can't help but wonder if something could happen between them!)

-Lost: Charlie and Claire

-Looney Tunes: Pepe Le Pew and Penelope Pussycat (Strange as it is I think their characters in Carrotblanca,Louis and Kitty are cute together too. Thought I should mention that.) Daffy Duck and Tina Russo.

-Adventure Time: Fionna and Marshall Lee

-Ratatouille: Linguini and Colette

-Loonatics Unleashed: Lexi Bunny and Danger Duck

-Tiny Toons: Fifi and Hamton/Fifi and Furball (I'm torn between them!)

-Duck Dodgers: Dodgers and the Queen of Mars

-POTC: Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth

-Kim Possible: Kim and Ron

-Wreck-it Ralph: Fix it Felix Jr. and Srgt. Calhoun.

-The Office: Andy and Erin (There's other pairings in the show, but those two are my favorite!)

-The Lorax: The Once-ler and Marie (My OC or any well written OC)/The Once-ler and Audrey(Only AU!)/The Once-ler and grown-up Cindy Lou Who.

( Note to the new fandom I'm joining, The Lorax side of; if there's any pairings I'd like to read in this fandom, it's those two. I think OCs (especially well developed are interesting to read. Plus, Audrey and The Once-ler's personalities together seem adorable and Audrey can get some character development which I wish she got more of.

If curious, these are my favorite brotps.

-Sherlock: Sherlock Homes and John Watson.

-Sofia the First: Sofia and Cedric.

-The Lord of the Rings: Frodo and Sam.

-The Hobbit: Bilbo and Bofur.

-Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

2. Creating characters.

3. Cats (I have one!)

4. Animated Films (Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and Illumination.)

5. French Stuff (Anything that has to do with France)

6. Reading (So far the only thing I have in common wth my OC!)

7. Lord of the Rings (Books and movies)

8. My best friends and faithful readers

9. The Narnia series

10. Writing

11. Comics: Peanuts, Nancy, some old Disney comics and Dog eat Doug

12. (Things that are mentioned last are important to me!) My Heavenly Father (God) and Savior (Jesus) who is always there, no matter how tough it gets. I'm a Christian. No hates please. I'm not going to be mean just because we don't agree on the same things. I don't want there to be fights on on perspectives and such, just kindness. That's all I ask. :)

We're all here to read stories and build up each other on writing, not get in debates. Please respect that. :)

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If you'd like to do fanart of my stories you are more than welcome to! :) If you do, please make sure to show credit to me. I've had this happen before and while I'm sure it wasn't on purpose it did bother me. We all work hard on stories and then when someone takes a character you made and doesn't credit you it's annoying! I think we all know this, but it's a reminder! Just "bellechat on" is fine.

My name is actually French for "Beautiful Cat." Bellechat. (It's pronounced this way: bell-shawt. Just so you know.) :) :)

I keep my stuff clean from graphic scenes and language so don't expect anything to be rated M here!

An OC (if they're well written,) is one of the ways you show how much you enjoyed the show/movie. Hey, give those people some credit. They made a character on their own, looks, personality and all. I mean a well written one especially! It's not easy making an OC when you work hard on him/her. Trust me, I kept changing mine around until I was certain she was well enough of a character. Also, we have freedom in fandoms and there's no rules on how you can show your love in a fandom. Sorry to drone on, but this is my first pairing for CanonXOC and I've seen comments on DA, (yeah I like looking at fan art and one of my reader's is on there and she's made OC's,) and the comments I've read towards OC's were not said kindly. There's a right way and a wrong way to describe how you feel. I feel bad for people who make a character and they get bashed for it! There is self-insert (I don't know what to think of that because I've never done it) and Mary Sue's, it's true! If you made one, it just means you have to develop them better. It doesn't mean your a terrible person, you just have to learn a character development technique. However, I feel like those people who actually do a great OC are isolated for trying to be different. Making an OC seems like a way to show your love in the fandom. Not everyone does the popular thing; it's something we all need to accept. Also, if you're wanting to be a writer for a career making (like I am) OC's are a terrific practice. Thanks for reading!

(OC's are not based off of me, anyone in particular or a self insert character! I make them up on my own.)

Marie: Childhood friend of The Once-ler's. She finds comfort and happiness with her best friend and has a strong trust in him. Around him, she forgets her troubles and thinks his inventive side can make his successful. As a child, she was actually taller than The Once-ler. She and Once-ler get along great, but their friendship almost breaks as they become anxious with their personal lives in high school. Over time she falls in love with him and he with her. They even plan to work together in a business. However, due to their parents they keep their relationship secret. Marie's parents, Clarisse and Dashiell Finnegan were disappointed upon her arrival because they wanted a boy to carry on their family business and help replace their stillborn son Nathan. The family housekeeper and butler, Betsy and Rufus take care of Marie like she's their own. With having attention from Betsy and Rufus, Marie follows their keeping-house style in her life.

There's two versions of my story and you're welcome to read both. If you want to know more about Marie and Once-ler you'll have to read the stories! ;)

Full Name: Marie Vanessa Finnegan.

Flaws: Lack of self-esteem, over worries about huge decisions, keeps sad emotions bottled in, acts irrational when upset and lies which gets her in trouble.

(Quick note: a lack of self-esteem can be a character flaw within good reason. Quasimodo and Neville Longbottom are good examples. Marie is not truly loved by her parents who hate having a daughter instead of a son, has been teased for having curly hair as a child and has been told by one bad boyfriend that she is fat.)

Strengths/Personality: Loyal, patient, kind, curious, and modest.

Likes: Watercolor, sewing, baking, nature and exploring.

Dislikes: Fake people, messy rooms, spiders, frizzy hair, long fingernails, smoking and insults to her loved ones.

Style: Marie wears dresses a lot. She thinks they work best for her figure. She always wears a slip underneath. If she's wearing pants its for work or casual. She only wears high heels for special occasions. She usually wears black flats and when it's winter she wears black boots. She doesn't have pierced ears and rarely wears jewelry. She wears pounds of makeup, but changes later on. By then she only wears lip gloss, blush and mascara.

Appearance: Heart-shaped face, creamy colored skin and a button nose. Eyebrows are arched. She has dark blue eyes framed with thick eyelashes. Much to her annoyance and genetics on both sides, she is pear-shaped. Her legs, stomach, chest, thighs, and hips, are curvy than flat. Though she isn't fat, some boy she likes over time wants her to be skinny. Marie longs to just be average like other girls. However, there's a difference being overweight and curved. Her arms, fingers and ankles are shapely. She thinks they're her best features. Teeth are small, but straight and lips are very thin. Her curly hair is blonde and mid-back length. (There's a lot of shades of blonde; ash, dishwater, strawberry, sandy etc. So to be precise, Marie's is golden. It's a real shade!) She's about five feet and five inches tall. The top of her head is a little lower than The Once-ler's shoulders. I stink at measurements, but that's my picturing and guessing with height. He was taller than the men in Greenville!

Character Voice: Adult: Ellie Kemper. Child: Joey King.

I love the picture of if The Once-ler did have a love in his life, I like the idea of a blonde, blue-eyed girl. Why? Look in the movie, I noticed a lot of brunette characters and decided to go different. I think the contrast between The Once-ler and Marie with their hair is beautiful. His black and dark, her's blonde and light. I pictured Marie with blue eyes so they matched with his save for different shades. (A metaphor that they understand each others' viewpoint.) Everyone seemed to have brown or green eyes in the movie too!

I looked up info about curly hair and I have a precise look about her hair: (Described as Type 2c by beautians, Marie's wavy curls are resistant to being in different styles. She will either wear a ponytail, half ponytail, or head band for style. She needs much hairspray to keep it from frizzing.) Who knew there was info about curly hair?

Until I can find a good way to link it up, my icon is a drawing of Marie done by one of my lovely readers and fellow writer, BadLuckCat. She did a great job! Thanks again!

Chloe: Nine minutes younger and smaller than her sister, Chloe has the kindness of her mother and the enthusiam of her father. Chloe isn't highly intelligent and struggles making friends. She's never too far from her family when in a public place. She tries (not always succeding) to keep her twin down to earth.

Full Name: Chloe Eleri Once-ler. (Yes Eleri is a real name! It's Welsh! I chose it for its spelling; look closely to see why.)

Flaws: Childish, dependent, a pushover, gluttonous, and self-conscious.

Strengths/Personality: Tender hearted, energetic, affectionate, enthusiastic, and athletic.

Likes: Figure Skating, dancing, attempting to play guitar, hiking, mythology, animals and comic books.

Dislikes: Certain responsibilities (healthy eating, chores, homework, math, living on her own,) crowds, being taken advantage of, electrical storms, and the dark.

Style: Chloe isn't that fashionable, unless you count her ice skating outfits. As a young woman, she usually dons jeans, tees and converses. Due to the fact she works in a paint shop, her shoes have paint splatters. She has pairs in black, dark purple, dark green, teal and hot pink. Chloe doesn't like pink, but sometimes she makes exceptions (like her converses!) She doesn't wear skirts often because they're not good for hiking (and hiding her muscular legs,) but she doesn't mind wearing them if she can. If she must wear a skirt she will wear tights to keep them from being overly exposed. She likes vests too. Chloe doesn't care for jewelry, make-up or fixing her hair. Like her mother, Marie's, it usually hanging down, in a ponytail or half ponytail. She wears a watch when she's on the run. She uses her light purple Thneed from childhood as her sweater or jacket.

Appearance: Pear-shaped, but very tall Chloe stands out among her peers. Finding clothes for her body is tough which is why she retreats to comfort instead of style. She's exactly five feet and twelve inches. She has muscular legs and arms from figure skating and climbing. Out of the twins, she looks more like her father. She had his round face, faint freckles, exact smile and black hair. Chloe has her mother's dark blue eyes with thick eyelashes, shape of eyebrows, thin pink lips, creamy skin and type 2c curly hair. She keeps it shoulder length as it frames her face. Her nose is a combination of her parents'. It's small like Marie's from the side, but from the front its similar in shape to Once-ler's.

Character Voice: Adult: Emily Osment. Child: Maggie Elizabeth Jones.

Natalie: The firstborn of the twins and takes it in stride. She likes taking the lead and responsibility. She was the first to crawl, walk and speak. She has great ambition with her ideas whether people agree with them or not. Her boldness and callous attitude are part of her complex personality, yet deep down she's trying to win in "survival of the fittest." Is it possible her attitude can change? While she gets annoyed by her twin's carefree actions, she is protective of her.

Full Name: Natalie Viola Once-ler.

Flaws: Cynical, fierce temper, moody, resentful, and arrogant.

Strengths/Personality: Protective, brave, aspiring, independent, and intelligent.

Likes: Sketching, pottery, jewelry, classical music, organizing and taking the lead in projects.

Dislikes: Sports, insults, not getting her way, animals, and the great outdoors.

Style: Natalie takes pride in her clothes. She liked dressing preppy in high school and wears office clothes when she has a job in a law firm. She likes skirts, blouses and nice jackets. If her skirt is short enough, she wears tights to cover her legs. Clean cut, tailored and fitting! For casual, she wears nice tops. Natalie has no problem with a little sparkle and shine for accessories. She likes jewelry. She's the only one in her family to have pierced ears! While she wears high heels to work, she likes wearing boots. Chloe gets her a pair that she likes. Natalie hates any kind of sneaker!

Appearance: Natalie is exactly six feet. She has waist length, black hair. It's not as curly like Marie's. It's more wavy like her maternal grandmother's, type 2a curls. Natalie seems more of a combination of her parents. She has her mother's shape of face, heart-shaped. Like her twin, though fraternal, Natalie shares the same/similar eyes, nose, smile, eyebrows, eyelashes and body shape. Her nose is a tad bigger than her sister's and she's more lean. Being skinny and pear-shaped is not easy when finding clothes that fit in all areas doesn't work. Since she looks more like a young woman, than a girl as she grows up, she attracts some boys' attention more than Chloe.

Character Voice: Adult: Emma Roberts. Child: Mackenzie Foy.

Lilah: In her early-thirties, she's a gardener with a secretive past which she never reveals. Due to her life, she prefers to live alone (save for her pet gerbil, Kipling), but that changes when Sofia pulls her out and into the role of Royal Gardener. Lilah quickly develops a crush on Cedric, but is still in battle with her judgments on sorcerers, her drinking habits and insecurities from her poor decisions. Despite her flaws, she remains humble about her work and reveals her warm personality when comfortable.

Full Name: Lilah. (Read to know more about her name.)

Flaws: Heavy drinker, stubborn, secretive, insecure and quick to judge.

Strengths/Personality: Warm-hearted, witty, resourceful, modest and hard-working.

Likes: Gardening, sweets, books, card games, rain and a good night's sleep.

Dislikes: Blood, nightmares, fancy gowns, animals ruining her gardens and being called "redhead."

Style: Lilah refrains from wearing flouncy dresses and petticoats for her job. Its simple, but with bright colors. She usually wears a dark green A-line skirt which is mid-calf. Same for her brown boots. Underneath she has white stockings and if its hot enough, she wears a sunhat. She prefers her hair pulled back with a ribbon that's dark green as well. She usually wears a grey-blue vest with buttons as a bodice with a white blouse. Everything she owns has long sleeves. Most important are her grey gloves which she prefers for all wear.

Appearance: Dark red hair, which she prefers to pull back. Hair is layered and waist length. Steel-blue eyes and fair skin with a small, snub nose. Slender shaped fingernails, but hands are always gloved. Face is diamond shaped. Body type used to be lean and athletic when younger, but has gained some weight so that she's more spoon shaped. At least five feet and eight inches tall.

Character Voice: Cilla Black. (Lilah has a Scouse accent for variety of the British accents in the show. Want to hear the inspiration? Just go on YouTube and watch these:

Full Name: Courtney Madison Wilde.

Flaws: (Previously had a bad temper and vanity.) Self-deprecating, anxiety, and masking her emotions.

Strengths/Personality: Energetic, sweet, considerate and creative.

Likes: Dancing, music, and fixing her hair.

Dislikes: Shock collars, pitch darkness, missing meals and crying.

Style: Before her kidnapping, she was full-blown girly with pink and sparkles. Afterwards, she starts going for more darker shades and layers. She starts wearing a leather jacket and similar leggings for style with lots of simple skirts and tops. Having hair (like Fru-Fru) she likes to style it more often.

Appearance: Courtney is a few inches shorter than Nick. She has reddish shoulder length hair with layers. Kind of auburn, but more red tints than brown. While in captivity, her hair was almost waist length and she tried pulling it back with a rubber band. Like her mother, she has bright blue eyes with short, but thick eyelashes. (Like Judy!) Unlike her brother, her snout is a little shorter and smaller ears.

Character Voice: Shailene Woodley


Full Name: Roberta Colette (O'Todd) Wilde

Flaws: Self-doubt and hidden emotions.

Strengths/Personality: Kindhearted, witty and loving.

Likes: Tea, cooking, card games and bracelet making.

Dislikes: Cheaters, news and her children being hurt.

Style: Roberta keeps it simple. She likes ribbed shirts and blouses with pencil skirts. She especially likes wearing bracelets that she's made.

Appearance: Average red fox with shoulder length light auburn hair. (Easy for her to take care of.) She has blue eyes with short eyelashes. She has a little bit of weight left from having three kits and narrow ears.

Character Voice: Molly Ringwald

Personal Lorax Headcanons: (It's nothing personal, we all have our own ideas. Please don't try to convert me, this is what I believe.) There's bound to be more!

I think The Once-ler is asexual. First off, despite the fact I made a love interest for him, I was hoping he would have a love interest in the movie, (I thought it'd be the girl he accidentally threw the thneed at which caused the hpye) but after I saw it I changed my mind. Having him not end up with anybody makes his character even more heartbreaking. He lives in isolation while this town he founded lives in ignorant bliss and don't seem to remember him anymore, anything he could have been he never got to be and he lives looking at the damage he made. His whole youth...he lives in hurt. So that's why in my story I gave him his youth back.

Truffula Fruit has the texture of an apple, but the flavor of citrus.

Audrey learned about trees from her grandmother whom like Grammy Norma remembers trees. I also think that she lives with her grandmother, not her parents. I mean, I can't imagine parents being okay with their kids painting the whole back of a house!

Grammy Norma is younger than The Once-ler. She was about Ted's age when he came to Greenville and remembers the trees, but she never personally knew him. (Just because she knew who he was doesn't mean she had a romance with him. Plus, the movie broke fourth wall once or twice so if it's setup like the characters are performing, The Once-ler isn't really old. *sighs and shrugs* I guess I'm the only one who thinks this and will be hated for doing so.)

Ted's dad passed away when he was a toddler from a car accident. This prompted his grandparents to move in to help take care of him. He was close to his grandfather and saw him as a fatherly figure who passed away a year of two before the movie begins.

The Press would try to get The Once-ler's point of view of why the trees were gone. He thought it was too obvious as of why, but said he would only tell them about trees if he brought them the fifteen pence, a nail and the shell of a great-great-great grandfather snail, hoping they wouldn't find the objects and leave him alone. Later, kids would come around, but they never returned for the second half of the story.

Before Thneedville was closed off annoying salesmen/teens/etc. would come around The Once-ler's Lurkim, which made him build the contraptions and sign posts to send people away. He also put the Street of The Lifted Lorax sign up in honor of the Forest Guardian.

Thneedville doesn't remember The Once-ler, nor do they respect him. (Listen to the original demo of "Thneedville" about founder's name.) There's no reference to him save for the town's name.

The Once-ler tried to change Thneedville after The Lorax left, however he was only hated more for the smog/no longer making thneeds and labeled as a hypocrite. After trying, he isolated himself to his Lerkim and searched the grounds for seeds. He only found the one and feared he would mess it up. So he kept it safe just in case he got the courage to.

The Once-ler made his own clothes due to his height (I'm guessing he's about six foot and five inches,) even his green suit and bunny pajamas.

Brett and Chet are older than their brother. I can see The Once-ler being either, but I like the youngest is more responsible idea.

Though Melvin is grumpy looking he does care for his owner.

This one must be obvious, The Once-ler looks exactly like his father.

Once-ler's voice was damaged from the polluted air and also from smoking. He did it during the business years to look professional. (I'm thinking of the 1972 cartoon now!)

After they left, The Once-ler's family went back to their home and went on with their lives. Brett, Chet and Uncle Ubb may had felt a little bad about what happened, but didn't act on it.

Personal Zootopia Canons:

When I researched how long it takes police academy training it seems to vary by state. So for Zootopia, I'd say it takes about 21 weeks (five months.)

Judy and Nick first met in May. The whole case of the missing mammals and night howlers wrapped up in September. (Scratch that in a deleted scene, Judy 's phone clock had April.)

Judy has a favorite niece because she's the child of the sibling Judy was closest too.

Inspiring Songs/Playlists for my Stories. (Not all songs are my favorites, I really just remember hearing some only one time. They're just inspiration.)

Once-ler: 1. Secrets by OneRepublic. (Remember there was a Lorax YouTube video of this song long whoever did it thanks for it!) 2. Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles. 3. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. (This is kind geared more towards his dad too...) 4. Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. 5. The Once-ler by Solving for X. (Duh!) 6. Gifts and Curses by Yellowcard. 7. Coming Home Part II by Skylar Grey.

Once-ler and Marie: 1. A Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy. 2. I'm Only Me When I'm With You by Taylor Swift. 3. Hello Beautiful by the Jonas Brothers 4. Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer 5. Turning Page by Sleeping at Last. (I don't like the Twilight series, but the song is gorgeous!) 6. I'd Lie by Taylor Swift. 7. Hey Soul Sister by Train. 8. Define Dancing by Thomas Newman (Wall-E Soundtrack.) 9. Requiem on the Water by Imperial Mammoth. 10. Chemicals React by Aly and AJ. 11. To Be With You by David Archuleta. 12. The Story of Us by Taylor Swift. 13. Best of Friends by Pearl Bailey (The Fox and The Hound Soundtrack.) 14. City of Blinding Lights by U2.

Natalie: 1. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme by Abba. 2. If I Had it my Way by Emma Roberts. 3. Head Over Heels by The Go-Go's. 4. I Always Get What I Want by Avril Lavigne. 5. Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall. 6. Extraordinary by Liz Phair. 7. Everybody Loves Me by OneRepublic. 8. A New Deal by Michael Giacchino from Ratatouille. 9. Gifts and Curses by Yellowcard. 10. Into the Open Air by Julie Fowlis. 11. Vienna by Billy Joel. 12. Just The Girl by The Click Five.

Chloe: 1. Touch the Sky by Julie Fowlis. 2. This Year by A*Teens. 3. No One by Aly and AJ. 4. The Best Day by Taylor Swift. 5. Right Here by Miley Cyrus. 6. Trudy's Theme by Jeff Beal from Monk. 7. All the Way up by Emily Osment. 8. Welcome by Jump5. 9. Someone's Watching Over Me by Hilary Duff. 10. Just Around the Riverbend by Judy Kuhn. 11. Molly Smiles by Jesse Spencer.

Marie: 1. Fairground by Joby Talbot from Penelope. 2. Charmed Life by Leigh Nash. 3. Anna's Theme by Randy Edelman from Leap Year. 4. Stand in the Rain by Superchic(k.) 5. String of Blinking Lights by Paper Moon. 6. Just like Heaven by Katie Melua. 7. You Are The Only One by Emily Osment. 8. My Wish by Rascal Flatts. 9. Sleep by Azure Ray.

Links for extra info and detail:

(Really helpful! The lower the better. OC's now between 0-16! Try it out!)

(This is for a picture of how I see Marie's (and Chloe's) hair: Type 2C.) (Natalie's hair: Type 2A.)

Voice Actor Inspiration

Will: James McAvoy (American Accent.) Clarisse Finnegan: Michelle Pfeiffer. Dashiell Finnegan: Matthew Perry. Betsy Winston: Vanessa Redgrave.

Rufus Ponce: Victor Garber. Arabella Diller: Christina Ricci. Dr. Helms: Claire Danes. Mr. DeSalvo: Jeffrey Tambor. Mr. Dake: Sean Astin. Fred: Jesse

McCartney. Mr. Findow: Adrien Brody. Mr. McPherson: John Krasinski. Mr. Tompkins: Rainn Wilson. Ellie Paisley: Francesca Capaldi.

Visual Inspirations: since The Lorax is set in a certain time period. Take wild guesses of what they are!

(If you look on the page you'll see a pic that has a wedding dress, and two dresses in green and yellow. The green one with the elbow length gloves was my inspiration for Marie's wedding gown for her and Once-ler's vow renewal.) Its a 50s style, but the film's plot is likely set in the late 60s-early 70s.

Inspriation for the hair comb Once-ler gives Marie. Modern, but how could I not use it? :)

70s sunglasses for Marie. Specifically imagined for Marie because they look similar to Once-ler's sparkly blue ones.

I finally found what I searched for! So here are boots that the twin girls (preferably Natalie) could wear in the winter.

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