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General Stuff:

Name: Anatole Selah Terebinth (obviously fake :P)

Age: I dunno... I'm not sure when I was born. (kidding.)

Country: Er... I forget what it's called...

Phone number: 11111111111

... Yeah, I guess you get the idea that I don't share personal info on the internet. And that I have a weird sense of humor that is sometimes sarcastic, sometimes confusing, and always random.


Jesus Christ. He is God, my Lord and Savior, my Friend, my Everything, and the only way to spend eternity in heaven. If you want to know about Him, feel free to message me. :) I'd love to share about my beliefs and hear about yours, too.


Martha Finley, A.W. Tozer, Thomas Hardy, Virgil, Homer, Aeschylus, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, C.S. Lewis, Gaston Leroux, J.R.R. Tolkien, Alexandre Dumas, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, Emmuska Orczy, Nathaniel Hawthorne... Um, I love reading. Most recently I've fallen in love with the books A Tale of Two Cities (Yay for finally reading something Dickens other than A Christmas Carol!) and The Count of Monte Cristo (my second Dumas novel, and, sorry, I like it a LOT more than The Three Musketeers. I got bored with parts of TTM. This one? NO boredom. I mean, I had to stop reading it several times because it is over 1000 pages long and I had school and such... but I never stopped because I was bored with the story.).

Since I'm on the subject of books...I might as well give some (let me emphasize the some) of my favorite literary characters (in no particular order, as I like them more or less depending on my mood):

Percy Blakeney (I mean, come on, the man's a genius who convinces everyone he's an idiot and saves lives!)

Heathcliff (Yes, his idea of morality is completely skewed...actually, he doesn't really have any idea of morality...but he has the most intriguing, heartbreaking character... I want so badly to hug him or something, but I know he would punch me in the face and tell me to go and die because no one except him and Cathy is worthy of living, blah blah...)

Edgar Linton (Come on, the poor guy gets so much hate from Heathcliff/Cathy shippers. All right, I'm totally for Heathcliff/Cathy; if they had gotten together in the first place, a lot of the tragedies that occur wouldn't have occurred. Sure, they'd have been poor, but they'd have been happy, and everyone else would've been glad to be rid of them. And yes, Edgar is a bit of a wimp. But he tries! He genuinely loves Cathy; he can't help it that she's a terrible wife! He's a great husband, and treats Cathy much more kindly than she deserves.)

Hareton Earnshaw (LOVE. Enough said.)

Sydney Carton (I hardly liked him until...well, a certain point in the book, which I won't mention, for fear of SPOILERS... Oh... *looks up at Edgar rant*... guess I should've given a SPOILER warning there.)

Edmond Dantes, a.k.a. The Count of Monte Cristo

Maximilien Morrel

Noirtier de Villefort

Erik, more famously known as The Phantom of the Opera (poor, unhappy Erik...)




...And many, many others...

I love writing. I'll write anything. I prefer to write fun things, like stories, or just random stuff that's in my head. But I can have fun writing papers for school, too. Especially if it's about something I already love, like Poe's "Ligeia" or Tennyson's Idylls of the King!! But yeah... I'm an English major, so I get to write!!

Playing piano, singing, listening to almost any other instrument, musical theatre... um, yeah. Music. I'll pretty much listen to anything, as long as it's not (c)rap or country. My top favorite genre, though, is musicals. Favorite musicals...

CATS (VERY very favorite ever!!)

Starlight Express (VERY very close second... it's constantly competing with CATS... they're so similar...)

The Phantom of the Opera


Sunset Boulevard

Whistle Down the Wind

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Beautiful Game

The Woman in White

((basically anything Andrew Lloyd Webber...))

Les Miserables

Miss Saigon

The Pirate Queen

Martin Guerre

((Boubil and Schonberg!!))


((er...Tim Rice writes awesome lyrics, and them dudes from ABBA pretty much write BEAST music!!))

Jekyll and Hyde

Scarlet Pimpernel

The Civil War

((kudos to Frank Wildhorn!))


Beauty and the Beast

The Lion King

The Little Mermaid

Mary Poppins

((wooot, Disney!...and Tim Rice...and Howard Ashman...And Elton John, I suppose, love his contributions to Disney but do NOT agree with his lifestyle...And whoever else contributed.))

The Sound of Music

The King and I


Flower Drum Song (Okay, I've heard like ONE song from it, but...)

((yeaaaaaaah, Rodgers and Hammerstein!!))


My Fair Lady

((Lerner and Lowe!!))

Sweeney Todd

Into the Woods (all right, truthfully, I don't like this one a WHOLE lot - but to tell the truth, I've hardly listened to it. Every time I try, I get...well, bored. I should probably watch the movie, so I can actually understand the story... I have listened to one song, and love it: "Giants in the Sky." But I'm not even sure that one's originally in the show or movie, since it was an added song on my CD...)

((Steven Sondheim!!))

Children of Eden

... And many, many others...

But seriously, I like other music, too... mostly singers I discovered from musicals... but others too! Like... Josh Groban! He's not exactly involved in musical theatre! ... Well, he was in Chess... But that was a concert version!! And Celtic Thunder and High Kings! They have NOTHING to do with theatre! And Christian Contemporary groups and singers like Casting Crowns, Matt Redman, Steven Curtis Chapman, but FAVORITES are Michael W. Smith and Steve Green!! And... Michael Crawford... he's done stuff besides theatre! And Michael Ball, and Terrence Mann, and Donny Osmond!! He's not at all best known for his awesome Joseph performance!!... Plus, I don't just like male singers. Celtic Woman! Jackie Evancho! Marie Osmond! Elaine Paige and Sarah Brightman! ... Who I...probably never would have heard of if it weren't for CATS and POTO. But still! Plus I like random old groups like U2, The Monkees, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys. Not to mention people are constantly showing me random songs, from which I randomly discover new (...well, usually old, but new to me) singers/musicians that I like! For instance, Frank Sinatra... Err, because someone showed me a musical that he was in... But so what?! And how about David Bowie, and Muse, and Coldplay, and ... other random people about whom I know little but whose music I enjoy (what I've heard of it...)...

CATS theories (should probably include this, since all my fanfics [so far] are CATS...):

First, you should know that most of my opinions change depending on what new things I've noticed in the movie, what I've remembered about the live show from the two times I've seen it, random things I wish were true, and whatever I'm happening to, at the time, decide to read too much into. Which is why I actually had deleted the section on here that used to show my theories - I was tired of updating them every time I changed my mind. There are, however, a few things I'm (relatively) firm on, so I guess I can post those here - and heck, why not the ones that aren't so firm, too, I mean, it's fun and all, so...

Pairings on Which I Am Adamant:

Munkustrap/Demeter. (No matter how many times I've been told this pairing is SO common, and SO boring, and SO uninteresting... I don't care! I don't want to see either of them with any one else, ever!! People only say Bomba and Munkustrap are together because of the stupid US Tour [errr, which is the one I saw, but..., the movie makes it seem like they're {Demeter and Munkustrap} mates, and the movie is largely based on the UK version, and it started first in the UK, so that one's correct!!! *runs out of breath] ... All right, this is the kind of thing that gets me in trouble...I'm not good at accepting others' opinions... Yes, that is very childish, and I apologize for the above rant. You are all free to have your own opinions on this... :P)

...And, actually, that's the only pairing on which I'm totally adamant. The others, I could possibly be persuaded otherwise. But... there ARE pairings, that

I Am Totally Against:



(The Misto/Cassandra one is mainly because they were mates in the tour I saw, and it kind of grossed me out. The Alonzo/Cassandra one is because I simply like pairing Alonzo with so many other people...ANYONE, in fact - just not Cassandra.)

((...Can you tell I don't like Cassandra that much? What with the above sentence/s, and the fact that she usually behaves like a total jerk in my stories...But I'm learning to like her better, it's just she's so creepy in the movie, which kind of scarred me for life...))

Pairings I LOVE But Am Not Saying they Absolutely MUST Be Together:

Alonzo/Bombalurina (Just because I think they would do so well together, and EVERYONE pairs Bomba/Tugger... Yes, I know the same can be said for Munkus/Demeter, but I don't super-super care for the Tugger/Bomba pairing in the first place...)



Mistoffelees/Victoria (I prefer them as brother and sister, but they make a cute couple as well. [NO, I would not be okay with them being both siblings AND mates.])



Mungojerrie/Cassandra (thanks to a CATS RPG in which I played Mungojerrie and he and Cassandra ended up together and it was the cutest thing ever and I actually liked Cassie for once...)



Pairings that I think are Random, but Cute:


Rum Tum Tugger/Jemima


((By the way, you may notice I don't mention Exotica in any of these... that's because, although I do include her in my fanfics and try to give her SOME attention, as a sort of tribute to poor Femi Taylor, who was totally ripped off when it came to her screen time in the movie, I honestly find Zotti more of an annoyance than anything, and really not a canon character. Yes, she's in the movie, but she never really DOES anything, and her costume keeps changing, and she disappears and reappears [which, I know the other cats do some disappearing randomly, too, but Zotti does it the most, and she wasn't in the original shows and still isn't in any of the tours, that I know of, maybe I'm wrong]... Anyway, the point is, Exotica isn't consistent enough for me to really understand her, so I pretty much avoid pairing her off or doing a whole lot with her; I mention her in my stories, hopefully enough to keep her fans happy, but that's all.))

Oh! So on a less-CATS, more Phantom-ish note, I suppose I ought to give my opinion of the...er...sequel...*cough*

Umm...So, opinion:

Love the music. Love it. Beautiful. ALW still writes great music (when he's not stealing it from other people :P). But by golly! Who on earth did he get to write those lyrics?! Some of them are all right - "Til I Hear You Sing" is one of the better ones - but most of the lyrics are just so...I don't even KNOW. Lame.

And, wow, don't even get me started on the story... Sooo silly and ridiculous! But I'm actually kind of glad it's so silly and ridiculous, because it makes me laugh, and I love to laugh! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Loud and long and clear...!

Well, anyhow, that's about all I have to say about that. I made a long, obsessive blog post a while ago, so I think I've flamed it enough.

Besides, I really don't want to flame it...Make fun of it? Sure, but not flame it hatefully.

So, if you are an uber-die-hard fan of Shovel the Fries - er, Straighten Your Tie - er, Paint Never Dries - er, Love Never Dies - please be warned: If I ever do end up writing LND fanfiction (which I am considering doing; a story idea has been in my head lately...), it will be, in a word, mocking. Understand, I'm not trying to be mean; it's all completely in fun. Do I think the show is stupid? Sure. Do I hate it? No. So, please, if you can't handle a bit of - okay, a lot of - fun being poked at the show, then please refrain from reading my fics on it, if there ever are any.

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