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Hey, sup if your looking here either you like my fan fictions, the other way around , or your just bored. Well I'll try to keep you entertained (don't think into that to much hehehe). Well okay then yeah read one of my fan fictions now!! Just kidding but if you have read someone of my stuff or commented on it THANK YOU! If you like 'em comment don't be shy.

Poems by me for you:

I am...Nothing
I feel like I am exploding from disappointment.
The text I will never receive haunts me.
Love unknown, never to be know, is the saddest love to be felt.
This is the love I have the kind that will never be known,
hidden love, that is so passionate, it burns my heart to feel, to know nothing is in this feeling.
Nothing to be gained nothing lost,
friendship, yes it's there,
trust, yes that to,
he's told me all that he has told no other.
But I still am a nothing to him.

a circle

is beautiful

but simple round and

cute. But so hard to make

perfect. Add a smile and

2 eyes and it can

wink at you

Emptiness, a dulled knife in my chest.
My throat tight my hope dimmed,
He cut me down,
I asked him out and I was so proud of myself, then,
He told me about a girlfriend, that’s it a girlfriend.
No name, no face, no place, and no heart.
He didn’t care. Doesn’t care.
And here I am again boyfriend less, typing out all that my heart weeps.
Sewing myself up again, getting ready to confront the world, strong again.
Holding back tears, wishing I could let them fall,
Wishing I could fall. I wish I knew hope.
I saw a shooting star, and you know what I wished for,
to have faith in that star again...


I'm very weird and LOVE writing I used to be athletic but people on the teams made me mad so I quit :) I love mange/anime it's amazing here's some of my faves:

Yatteranzee, Chrono Crusade, Love attack ,and High School Debut


Yatteranzee, Gravitation, Sukisyo

I do love other books too like:

The Twilight series, False Colors, Twisted, Hero , Girl in Blue, Small steps, Maximum Ride, and Flipped

Oh and I cannot forget music:

I love so much of it I have a hard time narrowing it down! Sorry do not pick favorites there. But I did write a song once, it kinda has the beat of that song your beautiful.


You don’t know that

You don’t know that I

Am in disguise

You don’t know that

You don’t know that I

Am the lying kind

I tried to tell ya

I tried to tell ya that I

Am not good enough

Cause I’ve been lying

Cause I’ve been lying to

Your eyes

I can’t take it

I can’t take it


I really am

I really am


But I had to die

Do do do do do do do

Doo I had to die

Do do do do do do do

Doo so this is my good-bye

Do do do do do do do do

Doo so this is my good-bye

I had a hard time picking favorite mangas too though

Okay so please read my stories...yeah bye rushes off (afraid of awkward silence that is left behind)

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