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Author has written 6 stories for Bleach, Dragonriders of Pern series, and D.Gray-Man.

Lilac; A flower; A color; A name.

Lilac's Favorite Things; Her dog, who is ever so fluffy and cute, Her computer and online communities, Bleach and Gin Ichimaru as well as many others including Ken-chan and the amazing Rukia, Her best friend, Dragon Riders of Pern, Allen, Rabi, Lenalee, Miranda, Cross, Tim, Komui, Tiki, and Rhode. Many other things that Lilac can't remember at the moment.

Lilac's Favorite Pairings; IchiXRuki; ByaXRenji -Maybe, still thinking about this one. XD-, OriXIshida, for Bleach. For D. Gray-Man, AllenXLenalee. Yep, that's it for D. Gray-man. =D Many others which Lilac again can't remember. From Naruto -Although Lilac shall not be doing any Naruto fanfics, because she doesn't get it, and only likes a few characters- Lilac's pairings are NarutoXHinata; SauskeXSakura -Because they complete each other. One is a emo baka, and the other is a whinny prep-. The other Manga's that Lilac read are D. Grey Man -Not so new now that she has read through it... uh... six times?-, Furuba, WolfsRain, Inuyasha -Although not to much anymore. Inuyasha is just... such an idiot-, Hellsing -Alucard! SQUEE! Working on a Cross-over with one of my friends for Hellsing/D. Gray-man- , Kenshin -Finished this one, and liked it, but it wasn't amazing-, FMA -Firmly a EdXWinry; RoyXRiza girl-, and The Dreaming. One Piece too, although I don't read it as much as have my brother spout random crap from it at me. Hm... Saiyuki is a new one for me, and Trinity Blood too. =3 Yay Abel-kun. Tres-kun too, because he just rocks. Ion-kun too... >> And from Saiyuki Sanzo kicks serious ass. And I have already stolen Hakkai's soul. =E Don't come looking for it. I'll eat you.

Lilac is, in all, a well rounded person with a temper!

Other Things About Lilac; She adores to write, she likes to talk in the third person, she has a weird sense of humor, and likes dogs and Nell from Bleach. Abel has now replaced Nell. Ph34r it! And now Ritsuka from Loveless -as well as Soubi- are in close competition with Abel...

Lilac has gotten her first two stories/poems up! She is rather proud of how the way Mirror Mirror turned out, but doesn't like What If? to much. Reviews? Lilac loves them, and thrives off them. If she gets enough, they become her life force, and she updates more often. She knows...

And now Lilac has three small things up! She is sorry for how Faded Red Velvet turned out, and will probably be re-doing it once her muse comes back from it's very short vacation. Yep. Lilac shall be doing quite a few DRoP Fanfics. Regrettably, one of the places where she gets her inspiration -One of her Weyrs- is dead, so they may be a long time in coming.

Four, isn't that amazing? Leu is one of Lilac's favorite characters. She is just so evil. Lilac's fifth shall be about Leu's twin brother. You can't mention one without mentioning the other. We love you, K'lee.

Well, chapter five of Dream Sequence is up. Yet, no one bothers to review... Why?

Weeee! Lilac actually updated~ =D For those of you who reviewed, thank you. I have another chapter for IIWWMI. =D And is working hard on LFTD, but doesn't know when that one will be finished, as it would require her to actually figure out which Weyr she is going to take it from... Hmmm...

I'm so glad everyone is adoring my DGM fanfics! And I'm also sorry for my lack up updates. The recent chapters focus more on physical things, rather than emotional angst, and I'm not sure I'm able to do that yet without disappointing quite a few people. I don't want to do that. However, rest assured, I am working on another fanfic which isn't quite what I've been doing, but I think everyone will like it. I hope so. It has the same sort of creepy edge which I'm best at. If you don't like it, tell me, I'll stick to what I'm good at. =D

I have a new type of fanfic up. No clue if anyone likes it BECAUSE NO ONE HAS REVIEWED IT. I just put up yet another one, and I think I'll switch Musician over into that story. What does everyone think? TELL ME IN YOUR REVIEWS! =3

Lilac's on a role here! I'm working on yet another one-shot for The Seventeenth Night, which I think everyone shall enjoy. =3 I hope so at least.

Well, I've come up with a few really good names for fanfics. =3 Depressing ones too. Hopefully I'll find stories in my head to go along with them, but to give you a hint they all have to do with the morgue. Heehee.

Okay, so I switched Musician over into TSN, and added a new chapter, called Leichendiener to IIWWMI. =3 Then I added a new story to TSN. I'm on a roll! Woo! Anyways, the next story that I am already working on is called A Wake. Another Lenalee one, just like Rose Cottage. Leichendiener is for Tykki. I had intended it to be for Allen, but it became Tykki. It fits better.

Yes, yes, I know. I haven't updated in a little while. I'm sorry. I'm working on other things, but I'll soon have more stories up, don't worry. Please, the more you review, the more I post. =3 It's a wonderful cycle which only you can start, and it doesn't take any sort of effort on your part. Even if you don't have anything constructive to say, just say you like it -only if you do, obviously. If you don't, please don't post. =3 Flamers will get eaten, and a flame post takes ten constructive posts to get rid ot it. So yeah, review!

Yes! I know! I haven't updated in quite some time! D= I'M SORRY! DON'T EAT ME!

Yeah. Yeah. I haven't updated until today. >.>;;; And when I did update it wasn't for DGM. So sue me. Neh. xP I am actually working on a DGM one, but... Maybe if the Manga-Ka updated I'd get it done faster. Just a thought. =3 But yeah, for those few of you who actually care about my Pern stuff, Charoigne Weyr is up. And yes, I'm actually going to finish this one this time.


Well, anyways, I've been reading many more series now, but DGM is still my favorite, so don't worry. It'll be updated sooner or later. Hopefully sooner...

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