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Author has written 11 stories for .hack/SIGN, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Digimon, Fatal Frame, Arcana Heart, Castlevania, and Pokémon.

Hi hi hi to everyone hope all of you enjoy my stories and well i don't really have much too say, considering that im not a person of many words -o-, but who the heck cares XD.

By the way my real name is Pablo Cervantes and i live in Mexico, nice to meet you all .

Recently turned into 18 (yay!!)

I Like: to pass time with friends, playing video games, alsto to chat in the MSN, umm reading books and i think hearing music XD, and watching anime.

Favorite Pairings:

Full Metal Alchemist: Edd/Riza

.hack series: Kite/Blackrose, Haseo/Alkaid, Haseo/Shino, Haseo/Atoli.

Tales of Legendia: Selen/Chloe.

Tales of Symphonia: Loyd/Sheena, Loyd/Presea-

Tales of the Abyss: Luke/Tear.

Golden Sun: Isaac/Mia.

Megaman: X/Alia, Zero/Leviathan.

Digimon: Tai/Sora, Takato/Rika, Guilmon/Renamon and Agumon/Lalamon (if it could happen).

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth/Arngrim, Arngrim/Hrist.

Favorite Characters: So for i like the most

Edward Elrick, Loyd Irving, Taichi Yagami, Edmundo Dantes (Gankutsuou or Count of Montecristo), Isaac (from Golden Sun), Megaman and megaman X, Claus Valka, Mai Tokiha, Natusmi Kuga, Nina Wong, Kasumi (DOA), Fiona Belli, Tenma Kenzo, Grimmer, Johan, Masane Amaha (from Witchblade), Heart Aino, Saki Tzusura, Konoha (this three from the fighting game Arcana Heart), Juste Belmont, Ralph Belmont (Trevor Belmont in America), and finally my personal favorite Leon Belmon from Castlevania Lament of Innocence.

Favorite VideoGames: .hack all of them, castlevania, Tales of Symphonia, Golden Sun, Resident Evil, Silent hill, Devil May Cry series.

Favorite Music Group: Daft Punk, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Janne De Arc, L'Arc en Ciel.

Favorites Anime: Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Berserk, Devil May Cry, Galaxy Angel, Mai Hime, Mai otome, Monster, Last Exile, Witchblade, Etc etc.

Favorite Music Compositor: Susumu Hirasawa.

Favorite Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Lord of the Rings (the whole trilogy) by J.R.R. Tolkien.

MSN: (add if you want i like to meet new ppl =D )

google mail:

Playing: Silent Hill PSX, YuGiOh GX tag force 3, SHO, Luminous arc 2, Phoenix Wright Ace attorney.

Watching: nothig at the moment.

Waiting for: KH Birth By Sleep, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Reading: Sophy's World

Hearing to: Valkyrie's Profile OST (by Motoi Sakuraba), The nightmare Before Christmas.

Stories so far:

Full Metal Alchemist: For the One I Care for. (Completed).

.hack: The new Terror of Death. (In progress)

Digimon: Waiting so Long. (In progress)

Kingdom Hearts: Just call me Fuu (One-shot, Complete).

Characters created by me:

Alexa Hawkeye

Age: 5 years (Chapter 6 of For the one I care for)

14 (Chapter 7 the same story)

Hair Color: blonde

Eyes: Deep blue.

She is the daughter of Riza and Mustang, she appeared in chaoter 6 and 7 of For the One I Care for,

story about FMA. She will be appearing also in the sequel I'm still planning.

Tykoon Flaumbert

Age: 16 (Appears in chapter 1 of For the one I care for)

31 years old (In chapter 7 of the same story

Hair color: Azure blue

Eyes: the same color as above.

He is like pal and best friend to Edward, he became an state alchemist at a short age the same as Ed,

he knew Edward before the tragic events that took away Alphonse. Right now in Chapter 6 he started a

relationship with Meia Grisborn, she is form the anime and manga vandread.

And another thing the credit for this character goes to my best friend and pal Rodrigo.

Peter Valka

Appears in Rozen Maiden Début d'une autre, a story in progress by me and Legna 69.

Age: 15 years old.

hair color: Chestnut

Eyes: black eyes.

My OC chreated for that story. he is the medium of Suiseiseki and neighbor of Hisui.

Now i would like to talk about certain book which is my personal favorite, it is The Alchemist from Paulo Coelho this special book has helped me a lot in wich it is my personal life as it like trusting others a lot, not that i dont trust people but it make feel more sure about it also about the important decisions about life. This one also has being of great inspiration for one of my Stories which "For the One I Care For" and not only for that but also in my daily life, when there are hard times you must not look ngeative at the contrary you must always have your head up and face whatever life might bring independently if its good or bad but this is how is life.

I would like to recommend this book to all the readers and hope you can like it .

A little fragment from the tale "A monster without name" from the anime and manga serie Monster:

The Monster Without Name

A long, long time ago, In a land far away, there was a monster without name. The monster wanted a name so badly, so the monster left on a journey to find a name, he split in two and one went to the west and the other to the east, he found a little village in which he meet with a blacksmith, the monster asked "Give me your name", to which the blacksmith answered " You can't give away your name", then the monster told the blacksmith if he give his name he would enter within him and make him strong, the blacksmith Otto did and so he became the strongest on the village. Everyone admired Otto and one day he said "Look at me, Look at me, look how big the monster within me has become"...

As i said before this a little fragment from a tale that appears in the anime series Monster, this anime became one of my most favorite ones, specially for all the ordeal that Johan makes as well the plot is very interesting.

Shot Down In Flames by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (from SH zero)

Swear at the walls
They make fun of me
Day after day
Eyes that follow me
Is it you again?
Can this be the end forever?

See through your eyes
Child's heart that cries
Raven flight, flies
And the meaning dies
As it was before
It will be no more
Time does that

Say it again
Like you said

Does it sound like you?
Where are you now?
Does the young one know you're here?
Breath on the glass
Once again
Feel her you in
Nobody leaves
You won't let you
You're afflicted

Can you hide who you are?
Take a look at yourself
Can you stop what will be?
You think running will help?
Can't give up on the past
When the past never ends
Now the dead that you raised
Live in me

What have you done?
You're insane
Can you bring God down?
Plans that you made
Don't include me
One more time
But I will dance
On the wind
Breathing in your heart
Your sacrifice
Wasn't wanted
Still you try

Say it again
Like you said
Does it sound like you?
Where are you now?
Does the young one know you're here?
Breath on the glass
Once again
Feel her pull you in
Nobody leaves
You won't let you
You're afflicted

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