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Author has written 18 stories for Dark Angel, One Tree Hill, 90210, Fast and the Furious, Harry Potter, Heirs/왕관을 쓰려는자, and Glee.

Gender: Female

Things I LOVE!

1. Reviews of any kind; Feedback lets me know you are reading and actually enjoying the story, so even if it a short please continue I would appreciate it. If it’s nice, long, and detailed I’m even more inspired to write…

2. I love alternate pairings. Why? Because writers find a way to make canon pairings annoying (except Daniel and Betty. They are awesome the way they are.)

Pairings I like

Dark Angel:

1. Alec/Max – I loved this pairing until every single story I read was the same. Either Alec is totally in love with Max and takes crap that any sane person wouldn’t from Max, then they live happily ever after. I doubt Alec would go without confronting Max, heck in the show he did confront her on her crap more than once. Other scenario, Max screws up, Alec gets hurt or dies and woe is me Max takes flight. Slit my wrist kill me now! I’m guilty of these little storylines too that’s why I’m staying away from writing or reading this pairing. But I still LOVE them to bits.

One Tree Hill:

2. Nathan/Peyton – they were fire even though they fought. I think I would still be watching if they let the hinted love triangle in season 2-3 was followed through.

Harry Potter:

3. Luna/Harry – should have happened in the book to some extent, but JKR's work is her work so nothing to say about that.

4. Luna/Draco– she’s a pureblood so there's no blood heritage problem and she could mellow his mean streak and keep him entertained. Yeah, I don’t get it either sometimes but sometimes I just do!

5. Luna/ George (Fred) – Hilarious boy and unintentionally funny and insightful girl equal too perfect for words.


6. Liam/Annie – they have chemistry and their interaction was really what got me interested in the show fully. They are awesome.


7. Cuddy/House – enough said.


8. Puck/Rachel: I think he can cancel out her rather annoying personality it.

9. Santana/Finn – I like these to together, I actually think they can cancel out each others annoying traits.

10. Sue/Shue: Dude, when he tried to seduce her it was hilarious. And there’s just too much in your face thing going for it not to be obvious. Way out of left field I know, but seriously the woman is just a little too determined to bring his down fall.

Crossover Pairings

Supernatural/Dark Angel:

11. Dean/Max – she’s bitchy and he wouldn’t take her crap. Family is everything to them, and they both have the world on their shoulders. They call their mode of transportation “Baby” and they would be insanely hot together. If anyone has come across a well written story let me know

12. Dean/Alec/Sam(not slash): As brothers or Dean playing Daddy, I love them.


13. Dean/Lois – I could go on forever! They both love classic rock, they can both kick ass, they both have military type dads, they both raised their younger sibling, imagine them bantering and all the pop culture references … they would just be funny and steamy together.

14. Sam/Chloe – Sam likes blonds enough said.

Supernatural/One Tree Hill:

15. Dean/Peyton – I don’t know how to explain it. They are broken and together they can fix each other.

Glee/One Tree Hill:

16. Peyton/Puck – It just works!

17. Jake/Quinn: He’s a god guy, he isn’t a walk over, he knows what it’s like to be a teen parent, he can help her heal after Beth.

Supernatural/Harry Potter:

18. Harry/Dean/Sam (NOT SLASH) – Cousins or brothers, they are awesome.

Pairings I absolutelydon’t get:

Dark Angel:

1. Logan/Max – uh…snore? Forced, dragged out…I could keep going but I would run out of words.

2. Asha/Alec: Dude, ever heard of zero chemistry? Friendship I get, relationship I don’t get.


3. Jo/Dean – I don’t want to be mean, so I won’t.

4. Sam/Dean – “they do know we’re brothers right?” (Dean). Blood brothers! Same mommy and Daddy people. NO GO ZONE.


5. Naomi and Liam - they have as much chemistry as oil and water, infact their interactions are forced and rather fake borderline unbelievable. Apart yay, together no!

One Tree Hill:

6. Nathan and Hailey - slit my wrists and die slowly boring. They had sparks for like a season (1) but then they become so romance novel, it made me want to hurl.

7. Peyton and Lucas – When they are together they annoy me.

Supernatural/One Tree Hill:

8. Brooke and Dean - I just don’t see it.

9. Hailey and Dean - should have never been thought up!

Harry Potter

10. Ginny/Draco – Really? I mean really?

11. Ginny/Harry – I didn’t get it in the book, and I don’t get it now. I like both characters and you would never see me bash them, but it came out of left field. If anything I was doing jumping jacks when they introduced Luna, and Harry asked her to Slug’s party then she had Ginny and Harry get together? Yeah whatever. If they aren’t the main pairing of the story, I don’t mind.

12. Hermione/ George (Fred) – never in a million years would that happen. Hermione is obsessed/love with Ron so never going to happen. She takes herself too seriously for her to have a relationship with either so NO.

13. Voldemort/anyone –Man was 99 types of psycho and don’t even get me started on how selfish and self absorbed he was. Maybe with Bellatrix who was obviously inlove with him, but I doubted he cared for anyone but himself.

Rurouni Kenshi

14. Aoshi/Misao: No offense to shippers, but the guy raised her like a daughter and it would be kind of weird. So I don’t really like or see it. As siblings I do, romance not so much.

Things that annoy me:

1. How often I update, most of the time I’m just lazy or get too easily distracted by a new idea. But sometime I want to write something that doesn’t totally suck. It annoys me but I hope you’ll persevere.

2. Endgame – this word ANNOYS me, especially when referencing high school pairings. They are in high school, nothing is concrete in high school. The die hard support for some pairs made me turn rogue and like alternative paring only.

3. Cutesy Couple/Pairing Names: Annoy me, if I use them in a story it’s because a character is saying it during dialogue. Finchel? Sounds like some sort of animal. Klaine? Washing detergent. Chair? A piece of furniture. Finn/Rachel, Kurt/Blaine, Chuck/Blair.

4. Twilight: A fairly good concept was taken and bastardized in the worst way possible. It’s the creepiest thing I’ve even encountered to date. And I say this just by reading what the plot entailed on wikia. Good god! Maybe, if someone had written it ,and in another way, children wouldn’t be corrupted so evilly. Writer either took too much or not enough of a loony drug!

5. The Covenant: after watching it a second time…wtf. No seriously, what the hell was I thinking the first time. Oh yeah, the pretty boys.

6. What the writers did to One Tree Hill.

7. Lana This character is more resilient and annoy than a cockroach. To be honest, I gave up on Smallville because of how much Clarke/Lana was drawn out. And how many guys did she have to drive insane before the writers decided it was time to stop?

8. Bashing in stories it’s tempting, trust me when I say it is. But if you don’t like a character and bash them sometimes you make your story more comical than it’s meant to be, because the evilness turns out to be cartoon like. My remedy for this is, if you can’t help it, ignore the character entirely or mention them in passing.

9. Flames that have absolutely nothing to do with your writing or the actual story you are writing. If you can’t be constructive, best be quiet!

10. Manchester United

11. Too much she and he use in stories. E.g. she opened the door and screamed because she couldn’t believe it. She looked at him in shock as he stood there. She never thought she would se… About the third she gets to me and I leave the story, even if the plot is good. It’s a personal pet peeve so if you write this way and people like your style more power to you. And I’m not perfect either so we all learn, right?

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