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Hi you people!

The Crimson Curse here!
Yeah, that account is mainly for Isunusi, A.R.T (the story) & Animal Instinct, there might be more there someday though.
This account is for me & White, we'll be posting joined stories here soon, around the 27th 'cause her & I just agreed to do this, also Scry is another acount we'll be working on!

Yep, her & I will now be known as Scry & Cujio!
Well, Scry being her middle name & Cujio being my great dane's name, we'll be furry here on out.
Why? you might ask:

Well, her and I got into furries years & years ago, finally we finished a story idea called:
"Let's Start Over"
About a feline furry, Sammy Simmin the Siemese cat & Honey White the Huskey.

Sammy Simmin is a siemese with a perfect life, famous, rich, healthy & very clean, but Honey White is an average everyday citizen, Honey loves sports, she's a tom-boy, anything slimey, or challenging, she loves it.
When the two meet they make a deal with each other that they can lead each others lives, being the opposite of one another they go through a friendship & a changing expierance.

That's our favorite to be working on!

Scry's story a la. White Dragon's:
"Knights of the NY City"
About two friends who live in a normal New York city who find something beyond anything human.

Delagoji, a woman who traveled to New York City from Europe and Johnathan, a man who met Delagoji at work, two became friends and now work together, but what happens when they both find something supernatural and find out their more then just two accountants?

What's coming on other accounts:

We've got others like Ryia, a singtress who finds herself stuck in a rut when she meets a yautja.
Sana, a woman with cancer finds a miracle man who just so happens to be an alien.
Vandaxa, the perfect planet.

Most of those will be out on other accounts like:
The Crimson Curse.

Temple reviews
Ma'at a demon in Silent Hill seems to be different then other demons that haunt the Tainted Town, what it thinks is humane... Somewhat, but what it does is inhuman, yet there is a peaceful side to her. NO FLAMES OR CRITISIM, this is part of a bigger story
Silent Hill - Rated: T - English - Family/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,608 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 1/3/2008