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Hey guys, what's up I am Maihowl or you can just call me Mai or Kenzi.

Well, here I go refreshing this old thing again, what was it...three or so years ago last time I updated this profile? Yeah, it was quite awhile ago. Anyhoo here is the page where I will inexplicitly talk about myself and how "amazing" I am. In all honestly, I'm just a girl of 22 (currently 2015) just trying to graduate with a Biology degree while secretly writing in the mist, crying during harsh homework sessions filled with Chemistry, Physiology and other biological aspects. Don't get me wrong, I love the zoological facts, but the whole organic chemistry deal is getting old, very fast.

Don't expect my writing to be top notch, I am only a novice... I am no author and I write when I "feels like it". So if I don't update for months at a time, well, that's not unusual. Sad...but true. I tend to get stuck in one story and stay there for days then I'll just leave it in the dust until I pick it back up again. I'll finish a story one day, just wait and see. Oh and yes to answer your question, all my stories are still being worked on. In fact, most of them have many parts finished throughout the chapters. I just have a hard time staying in order. :p

Although I recently got into a accident where my usb port was submerged and is no longer working properly I assume. (I have yet to test it) So...I may have lost some material...but I'm hoping I can regurgitate most of it back :3 Ok, ok I will :)

Anyway, here are some of my favorites out of the groups!

Movies and TV Shows

This one is a hard one to really talk about because a year from now I'm going to come back and just shake my head at what I chose. So I use these lightly. If I am fanfiction specific then that is a different story all in itself. So to keep it fair, I'm only going to list those that really hooked me in and got me wanting more. Whether that be by fanfiction, fanart or just begging for another movie/series run.


Well, first off will be a movie that will never move from its number one spot: Lion King and I am sure anyone who grew up around the early ninties will know exactly why that is such a fantastic movie in itself. Second is DreamWorks, How to Train Your Dragon. I think this movie is more of a fan love for me...yes...I did get a toothless build a bear...problem? Finally I have to add the Avengers and the other movies connected to it. I always have been a super hero fan, so to have everyone together (mostly) in one giant film is beyond amazing. Though it would be nice if a certain someone would join the ranks...I'm looking at you sony...I want the Amazing Spiderman in the Avengers...then I will go happily. But, I'm a huge fan of animation, anything dreamworks or Disney I will gobble up pretty much. :3


Ok, ok this one is dead obvious...Teen Titans grew on me from the first episode I accidently stumbled upon one bored afternoon. I remember I was eating some frozen dinner in bed, flipping the cartoon channels between Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network and I happened to come across this weird show with a green alien dog. Yes the alien dog was the first episode I saw. After that I had to see more, and here I am today-writing Gawd knows what for this series that is still quite alive! (they even have a kiddy show attached to them now...its more for comedy than anything related to Teen Titans, but Teen Titans Go is a show meant for kids younger than myself so I let it's not like they were actually going to give us another season anyway.) Another show I found myself hooked on was Avatar the Last Airbender and Danny Phantom...but those two have recently dropped off on my enjoyment list. Inuyasha is another honorable mention for the anime category and Grimm is a recent show I found liking to that represents the live action series.


I really have not been a big reader to be honest with you guys. Perhaps it is the textbooks, who knows. But the series Warriors will always have a place in my heart alongside the Hunger Games series and Harry Potter.


Ok, so fanfiction wise I believe there have been about 3 types that I have ever read, or attempted to write but never published. Wait, no 4 types. The first game series is the newest of my rankings and that is Fire Emblem Awakening. This series just attached to me straight from the demo. I remember watching those cut scenes and BEGGING for more. Hands down my favorite 3ds game of all time. Pokémon is another series that is quite famous and it does pretty well for fanfiction as well. While I don't typically go off looking for fan fiction I did however, role-play pokemon for quite awhile. Arcanine is one of my favorites alone with Umbreon :3 Next is another Nintendo favorite, The Legend of Zelda! Actually to be more specific, my all time favorite game ever; The WindWaker. Yes, ladies and Gents that was my first Zelda game, haters gunna hate I know. But it's true and I've loved the series ever since. I have played orcarina of time and while it is good, I feel as though WindWaker was more deep. Besides I even looked for stories on fanfiction based on them alone. (they had 3 freakin games for crying out loud! XD) Finally the final candidate is Sonic the Hedgehog. I honestly should put him in the show category but knowing that Gaming was his origin I couldn't put him anywhere else. I actually fell in love with the blue hedgehog not by the games but by the tv shows. Unlike his plumber rival, he can put on fairly good children's shows :) Besides him and his comrades have an abundance of personality, you have to love them.

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