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Now nineteen wonderful years old, Lady Donut was dropped on the side of a mountain as an infant, then taken in and raised by a family of yetis. Her favorite activities as a child were drawing, writing, and gnawing on animal bones, preferably caribou.

She likes all things Inuyasha, sleeping cuddled with the cranky white puppy by night. Literally. It's a plushie. She keeps Vash the Stampede on a short leather leash by her bedside, and shares, like him, an unhealthy donut addiction for which she is currently seeking treatment.

~Is an art fiend.
~writes fiction
~Plays the air guitar.
~loves feedback.

Please read my stories, and don't hesitate to review!

And, since I'm more of an artist than a novelist, perhaps you'll take a look at my gallery as well:D

Hanyou on the High Sea~ FINALLY! CHAPTER TWELVE! throws confetti It ain't much, but it's something.

Bag your Prince: A Dysfunctional Fairy Tale~ This one has been on hold for awhile... Main reason being that I find it extremely hard, (time-wise) to juggle more than one story at a time, I'm seventeen, in school and studying desperately for my SAT's... I love the concept in it though, so I'll probably continue once Hanyou's finished.

A Tale of Two Festivals~ Nope. Dead. I don't like my writing style, and the plotline was too complicated for my poor brain to handle. Don't ask for updates.

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Ever wonder why there aren't many youkai around Kagome's present time? Or possibly why they are hiding? After Naraku is dead, many years pass in the feudal era, unaware of a new terror about to arise. (I'm hoping to have a ShippoxSouten romance in here)
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In a mysterious and eerie forest, Inu-Yasha finds a beautiful rose, and presents it to Kagome. Accidentally, she prickes her finger on its sharp thorns,and something terrible happens to her...
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Hanyou on the High Sea reviews
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On a moonlit night, our saucy little heroine meets her prince. ...Or... does she..? After ten long years pass, both the puppy prince and maid meet again, but what miracle will make this story a 'happily ever after'?
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There's a Winter Ball at Kagome's school... but what's this? A popular jock's after her green skirt, and his jealous, conniving blonde toadie makes 'downfall' her mission. There's a mysterious demon/shard hunt in the air, and a blooming I/K romance. CH5!
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