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My name is Tobey.

Can't tell you my last name. You see, my enemies are everywhere. Anybody could be one. Your mother, your father, your sister, your brother. Your teacher. Your pastor. You.

They are everywhere. And new ones are being added every day. So we have to be careful. "We" being the Animorphs . . . fanfiction writers.

That's why I can't tell you my last name. "Tobey" might not even be my first name. But everything else I'm about to tell you is true.

I have the astounding ability to write halfway-decent stories. It is a great and dangerous power, and the only power we fanfiction writers have in this war. This power was granted to me by a dying roleplaying website. I had to quickly learn the ways of good writing, only to watch helplessly as the message board was eaten alive by Visser Three.

Since then, we have fought many threats. Mary-Sues. Chatspeak. Canon rape. It has been a difficult, at times nearly hopeless war, but still we fight.

By the way, sign the petition! Show your support for the right to freedom of thought-speech!

This petition is to allow the use of the "less than" and "greater than" symbols that are so crucial to the Animorphs fandom on Fanfiction.net (among other important symbols that FF has banned). Please resist FF's blatant racist attack on Andalites and red-tailed hawks! Sign the petition!

Okay, okay, enough playing around. Contrary to the way I just introduced myself in the first section, my entire life does not revolve around Animorphs. Well, it usually doesn't, anyway. But, of course, I tend never to be interested in anything halfway; I'm always either obsessed with something or I don't care about it at all. So if, for example, I decide to re-read Animorphs after not having read them since middle school, I'm suddenly like, "OMG, Andalites and Hork-bajir are tapdancing on my braaaaain." No Yeerks, though. Yeerks are not allowed to tapdance on my brain for obvious reasons.

In my non-Animorphs-obsessed times, I like rocks. And dinosaurs. Hence my decision to major in Geology/Paleontology.

And writing. Particularly of the roleplaying variety. Fanfic is kind of a new thing for me.

And, occasionally, pixel art. Mainly because it's the only sort of art I've ever really been good at.

Oh, and just so that there will be no future mix-ups, I'd just like to say that I am, in fact, a girl.

My planned Fics:

Book 55, The Difference, a book about the One and the Kelbrid (finished!)

Book 56, The Rebirth, a book about, well, rebirth; second chances, and new beginnings (in progress, with hit-and-miss updates)

Book 57, The Eternal, a book about I have no idea what, but that is needed because The Rebirth has to end on a cliffhanger (coming eventually)

This Is For Real, an AU story about "What if K.A.A. was really the Ellimist?" (in progress, with hit-and-miss updates)

Animorphs Anonymous, a humorous spoof about the Animorphs (and assorted other characters from the books) going in for therapy (in progress, with hit-and-miss updates)

Now if you all will excuse me, I have to demorph.

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Sequel to The Difference. Ax, Jake, Marco, and Tobias have returned home, only to face an all-too-familiar enemy. A new war is on the horizon. But the past, in its varied guises, still haunts all of the Animorphs. Chapter 29 is up! Please read and review!
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