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Author has written 13 stories for Power Rangers, Harry Potter, Ratchet and Clank, Burst Angel, Rosario + Vampire, and Halo.

Name: Blueberry Blaster / Alternate BB (or ABB) ((Please note that we are, in fact, two seperate entities that have their own fics. You can discern between the two by using one simple method: check the aliases. Blueberry Blaster (AKA BB) = she, the lazy maniac; Alternate Blueberry Blaster (AKA ABB) = he, the productive sibling (WHO IS NOW FREE OF THE CHAINS AND SHACKLES THAT IS SECONDARY SCHOOLING!!). Easy, no?))

Location: Somewhere in the southern end of the world (the both of us). Drats! The country feature shows you where we are! NOOOOOOOO! (Blueberry: Bwahaha! Oh, wait... this is my cue to scream in anguish, isn't it?)

Our Message to the Reader of This Profile: You have entered our domain (HAVEN! I call it - The Zen). Hopefully you have come here to read and therefore review our stories, so ABB shall leave you to it, unless Blueberry has something to say... STAY AWAY FROM THE HAMSTER FOOD! (Blueberry sends her love)

We have many, many, interests in many, many things, which we will dabble in whenever we can.

ABB has now graduated from high school. He begins university in March, so he has plenty of time to write. BB, meanwhile, spent her December in France and has begun Year 11. Hopefully she'll be more organised this year and will actually be able to allocate some time to fanfic writing.

UPDATE: Discovered the awesomeness and epicness that is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Mind is severely blown from sheer epic overload.

Side note: If you want to talk on MSN, feel free to send a PM or ask in a review, and I (we) will PM or reply back, I suppose, with the address. And if you do, please write who you want to talk with; ABB or Blueberry. It'll make things so much easier... (Or you could just talk with both of us!)

Upcoming Stories/Current Projects:

This is a list of all current, done and upcoming projects. Look here for updates of a chapter's progress, or information about an upcoming story. Stick with the program Blueberry! Keep your massive audience informed of the next chapters progress! (BB stows away the deck of cards hastily.)

(Blueberry's) Hell's Advertisement. Let it be known: never, ever destroy the television of a certain Genocide Angel. One-shot, complete. My first Burst Angel/ Bakuretsu Tenshi fic! A little on the pointless side, but meh. I just had to let it out. (Why has there been no response? Is it that bad?)

(ABB's) Bridge Carson, Secret Agent Extraordinaire: I have plans for this fic, very big ones indeed. Hoping for this to be my finest work, and with BB beta-ing, it looks to be.

(ABB's) Ratchet and Clank: In the Beginning...: A novelisation of Insomniac's Ratchet & Clank (the original!). First chapter is uploaded! Celebrate people, damn it! Where are da fireworks and coffetti? WHERE'S THE CONFETTI?! WHERE IS MY SANITY?! (BB stole it - the sanity - just because she felt like it. Don't worry, brother mine, sanity is highly over-rated.)

(Blueberry's) The Jaded Brothers: Trials of Magic - AU - Part I. UPDATE: As of the 24th January, I, BB, have decided that this story will be on hiatus. A complete remake of the original concept may be in the works... it may not. Depends.

(Blueberry's and ABB's) Katastrophic Konsquences.:Alrighty, first chapter is done and uploaded for your viewing pleasure at no expense! Except maybe a few minutes (maybe even one!) to leave a review. Come on, it's not that hard to type out a few words is it? Second chapter is mainly going to be written by Blueberry, while I will be writing some others. Of course, we regularly check each other's chapters, and make changes, if necessary. So it's the first of hopefully many co-written works between us. UPDATE: Has stonewalled. Unfortunately.

/Friday, 18th of December, 2009, 9:25PM/


(cough). Now that the melodramaticisms are over (is that even a word?), I bring you exactly ONE update on ONE thing within ONE announcement. READ THE ANNOUNCEMENT!

We, the sibling duo, have once again decided to join literary forces and begin WORLD DOMINATION!

Okay, seriously, just another co-written fanfic between the two of us. Here it is:

(Blueberry's and ABB's) Currently Untitled: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! We bring you, the first, and currently, only Halo and Claymore crossover! (dead silence, save for the chirping of uninterested crickets) We are in need of your help: a title must be decided, and currently, both of us have ideas but none of them sound particularly pleasing, so therefore, if you have any ideas, submit them to us please! Plots are being drawn, chapters are nowhere finished, and Claymore characters are currently crying over the character derailment that awaits! No promises, but the first chapter will potentially be up sometime early 2010!

/Sunday, 20th of March, 2011/

Okay, so things didn't go as well as planned. University came, and along with it brought a metric ton of work. Year 12 has also hit the second half of this being, and thus, priorities must shift. But, never fear! For writing is still being done, and new stories are always being cooked up in the maelstrom of chaos that forms the Blueberry Duo. Currently, joint project is on temporary hiatus while we convene and discuss (*coughplaygamescough*) plots and other author-related...important...stuff...

Stuff will be posted in the near future!

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