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Author has written 6 stories for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, .hack/SIGN, Whistle!, and Naruto.

Okay… start with introduction! (Sorry for my bad English… I’m not really well with that)

Pen Name: Dying Innocence – but because I cannot register as that name, now my Pen Name become DyingHerInnocence (I’m stuck with name)

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Currently Active Section: Misc. Games (The World Ends With You)

Now~ I'm addicted with The World Ends With You (Subarashiki kono Sekai: It's Wonderful World) and fall in love with Joshua~ And addicted with JoshNeku. Tee-hee :X I'm sorry I didn't update for a long time, and I'm not in mood for updating... I'm sorry for all of you that requesting in my story! Still, I just some like, run out of idea, and have new addict at another section...

And sorry, I'm not opening my e-mail for about 5 month lately... But I'm trying to reply PMs or review replies now XD;;

All I do now just reading fanfics and leave reviews... And not leave reviews if I were lazy...

-Fanfic I had made-

-On Going-


-Currently on Hiatus-

Unimportant Important Things
Beta: Blau
Rated: K+
Description: Drabbles of .hack//G.U. I tried to make humor in that fanfics – but they ended in crispy state.
Comment: Now I have beta for this fanfic, so I think I can get my grammar well ;3

Untold Stories about Stories that Had Been Told
Rated: T (Actually, is K through T)
Description: Another drabbles, pairings from Whistle! This fiction is only content straight and shonen ai pairings.
Comment: I write it according to requests – except for chapter one. It’s really short, but I tried to make it as cute as I can. If you have a request, just leave review there. I will make them as soon as possible. And sorry for the stupid title – I’m stuck with it.


Away From Internet
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Rated: K+
Description: Two Shot. Some effect of fangirls' works in Phoenix Wright world.
Comment: For first chapter, the grammar is sucks! The story is unclear! I wanted to delete it, but I was too lazy to do it! It’s really embarrassing, really! My first English fanfic here, though. So, please understand it. I tried to make it better in second chapter.

Not Allowed
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Rated: T
Description: One shot. EdgeworthPhoenix and one sided PhoenixMaya. Pearl knows the truth about Edgeworth and Phoenix relationship.
Comment: First try on angst – and I think is really bad. I’m not good with angst, though. Also the longest chapter I have made.

Traces of Blood
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Rated: M
Description: One shot. Phoenix doesn’t find Maya in his office.
Comment: No comment, just read it. It sucks.

Yeah, that is my profile. Really sucks, huh? I’m still a newbie, so I accept any feedback to make me know what wrong with my fic. Thank you so much!

Oh yeah, and for Indonesian Author, join this forum === Indonesian Author HEREE

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Untold Stories about Stories that Had Been Told reviews
Whistle! drabbles. Accept requests for pairings inside. Rated through K to T.
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