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Well... I don't really know what I'm doing... I clicked a button and it gave me this. So I guess I'm supposed to tell you a few things about myself...

Well you can call me Lyssa. And I'm 17 years old. I have two annoying brothers who throughly enjoy sneaking up on me as I write (It gets old trust me they are 20 and 22 you think they would be more mature, or better yet moved out by now!) I hope to one day be a novelist and I know I'll look back on these and be all 'wtf was I thinking these are terrible!' and so on so on. The music I like listening to (as my friend puts it) is not conductive to the creative mind: Aka hardcore that nearly blows out your eardrums. (I guess thats why I don't hear my brothers coming up behind me hmm.. hee hee)

I am a drama geek, I love broadway and acting. I used to be in a lot of musicals until I moved out into the middle of nowhere. It's very sad. When we moved I lost my DSL and now I'm stuck with dial-up. Compared to DSL Dial-Up is like two fat men trying to get through the same door. -sigh-

I am a closet yaoi fan girl. I would admit it but I am unable to. My lovely hardcore christian parents would probably chop my fingers off just cause I wrote about gay men. (Aka They would disown me forever). But never fear! I will be graduating this year and I'll be outta here and free to entertain... my umm lack of readers! Ha!

My favorite anime/manga is Bleach. I own them all (manga's), I was so broke after. I love watching the show but my brothers don't let me. They say I'm to old for cartoons so they don't let me watch tv and my computer is to slow to let me watch them on Veoh. (They are evil) But anyways... my favorite Bleach pairings are Ichi/Renji Renji/Bya Zangetsu/Ichi Urahara/Ichi Hollow Ichi/Ichi (alothough I dont know how it's possible it's still hot) Joshiro/Toshiro (I mean come on the names are cute!) and many more that I'm to lazy to list.

Vincent Valentine is my FAVORITE anime guy. Don't touch him. MINE XP Sephiroth is mine too.

I do not like Sasuke...He's emo...

And I did not take my medication today! whee!

I have ADHD. I mean if you've even read this far you should of noticed by now. XD

I have ten more minutes to kill before the bell rings...

OH! I like Jhonen Vasquez. And Johnny the Homicidal maniac. It's funny and what not. Sadistic too. But that's what makes it wonderful. People tell me I am a human Gir (from invader Zim) Which is very true. Except I can not self destruct whenever I wanted nor can I keep soda pop in my head.

When my friend compares me to an anime character she tells me I am most like Tsuzuki from Yami No Matsuei, which is pretty true, I'm a sugar addict and I can be pretty hyper/clueless at times. All you need to do is Imagine the cute little ears and puppy dog tail.

Well if you've actually read all of this and find me interesting feel free to add me on msn. I'll talk to yah I get bored alot Tee hee. So what are you waiting for, stop listening to my nonsensical words and go read my stories! They actually make sense! (Trust me I make sure I dont go off into an ADHD tangent in them!)

I'll probably add more to this later... The day today is Jan 24, 2008

Peace homie-g's!


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