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Hello, and welcome to my fanfiction page! I originally wrote "Journey to Destiny" from June 15, 2001 - December 29, 2002. I was really into Pokemon back then, especially Vulpix and Ninetales, the fire foxes, and was very disappointed with the Pokemon anime for hardly ever showing Vulpix, except usually as an extra Pokemon to lose battles. Given the many Japanese legends of foxes, or kitsune, I thought these Pokemon deserved a much better treatment in the anime. Anyway, I was a member of the Yahoo Group "The Vulpix Club" (which I'm still a member of - my handle there is firevulpix037) and we got into a discussion sometime in June 2001 that we should write fanfiction about Vulpix to make up for the anime's lack of Vulpix appearances, and battle losses. So, I came up with JTD. My intention was a 100 chapter, 5 year epic, following the adventures of prodigy Pokemon trainer Joseph Ehlle (pronounced like the letter "L"), from his beginnings as a novice Pokemon trainer, to gym leader of his small hometown of Crimson Town (not to be confused with Crimson City). Joining him for his journey is his faithful Vulpix, Flamefox, as the main Pokemon. Later in the story, he is also joined by another Pokemon trainer, May Redfield (who, incidentally, is in no way related to the May who joins Ash on his journey in the anime - I actually had no idea there would be a character in the anime series named May when I developed the JTD character, and it's just one big coincidence). I got the idea for May Redfield from the twin trainers, Amy and May, in the gold/silver games.

"Journey to Destiny" begins a few years prior to the anime, before Ash begins his journey. As such, I tried as much as possible to stay true to the anime and include mainly the original 150 Pokemon, but there are cameos of some of the Johto Pokemon (they are just not part of the Pokedex yet! I decided that, as with many things in real life, there has to be a lot of red tape gone through before a Pokemon can be included in the official Pokedex - I think I even mentioned that in the story somewhere. And, since Ash sees Ho-oh in the first episode of the anime, it's not unprecedented!) However, it should be noted that I stopped watching the anime as of the episode "Beauty and the Breeder", so I had to improvise a lot, especially with the gyms and gym leaders, and therefore, the Johto part isn't 100 percent true to the anime (but the Kanto part is!) And, eventually, the JTD timeline does meet with the anime timeline.

I made a few online friends during the course of writing JTD, most notably glacierspyke, who wanted to be in the fic as the character of Martin, who is the son of Pryce, the Mahogany gym leader. We often collaborated via IM and he gave me quite a few ideas and insights for the story, and was also my primary proofreader. JTD wouldn't have been the same without his input! Another online friend, red_fur73, wanted to be in the fic as a Growlithe, so he is the character of Redfur. Anyway, glacierspyke's favorite Pokemon was Sneasel, and he convinced me to include a few Sneasel appearances, despite my wanting to keep the focus on the original 150 Pokemon, due to the time frame of the story.

Within the fic is the mini-epic I refer to as "The MechanPokemon Saga". This covers a Team Rocket plot to create highly advanced robotic Pokemon, which predates the Mewtwo project. The first part is chapter 23, "A Real Steel", the second part, chapters 56 and 57, is titled "The Souls of the Machines", and the third and most epic part is chapters 81 - 83, the three part "The Machines of the Gods". I still think "The Machines of the Gods" would have made a very cool Pokemon movie! (Incidentally, all of the 3 part stories within JTD - "Encounter With Legend", "Shock Waves", "The Unown Mystery", and "Machines of the Gods" - are what I would consider to be the "movies" that take place throughout the timeline of the fic, the same way that the Pokemon movies which supplemented the anime series did).

Anyway, I got tired of writing the story near the end of 2002, since I wasn't really into Pokemon as much anymore, but I really wanted to finish it, so I condensed a lot of things towards the end, particularily the league finals (writing about Pokemon league battles can become VERY monotonous after a while - besides, after the epic scale of "Machines of the Gods", the league final battles would pale in comparison) and finished with 90 chapters. It's 10 short of my original goal, but still tells the entire story I wanted to tell. I actually had chapter 90 written well before I finished the fic, because I knew exactly how I wanted to end it! I've had the fics posted at several boards, including both of the old ezboard Psypoke forums and Eevee's Message Board, before finally posting it at my own ezboard in 2002, and in October 2007, finally posted the entire story here at!

I also posted "The Crimson Gym Chronicles", which I wrote from 2002 - 2003, and are a series of 5 short stories which take place after "JTD" (but long before the epilogue). I really recommend reading "JTD" first! CGC also gave me the opportunity to let off some steam about unfair treatment of Vulpix in the anime, particularily in the first story, "Mickey Meets Her Match". The middle 3 CGCs are all collaborations with glacierspyke that were mostly his ideas, but the final one, "Molly's Unlikely Discovery", was completely my idea. I originally intended for there to be more CGCs, but my fading interest in Pokemon just closed the door to any new story ideas.

For the record, I haven't been into Pokemon since 2002, but still do still have a soft spot for Vulpix and Ninetales. I just thought this was such a good story, it deserved to be seen by anyone interested, as well as other Vulpix and Ninetales fans. I haven't written any new fanfiction since January 2003, and don't have any plans to start again anytime soon.

Anyway, I put a lot of time and energy into this (not to mention a year and a half of my life), so I hope you enjoy! And by all means, feel free to review the stories! I do check for new reviews whenever I'm online.

Disclaimer: Please note that these stories were written during the days of the gold/silver/crystal Pokemon games, so things that were introduced in ruby/sapphire (such as abilities, most notably "flash fire") will not apply, and I'm sure some of the move sets were also probably different. As such, parts of it will NOT be consistent with the game rules and move sets, but it was never meant to be completely consistent with the game rules anyway, since it's based on the Pokemon anime (which has, many, many times, been inconsistent with the game rules and move sets)! So please take this into consideration before posting any reviews with the sole purpose of pointing out inconsistencies with the games, especially the games that came out AFTER gold/silver/crystal! And there will also be some inconsistencies with the anime, because I stopped watching it as of the episode "Beauty and the Breeder". The bottom line is, JTD was finished in Dec. 2002 and the last CGC was written in Jan. 2003, and unless I feel it's really necessary, I'm not changing anything in them now.

Be sure to visit the official JTD website! Along with a complete, in-depth history of JTD (the one posted here is a condensed version), there are profiles of the main characters, recurring characters, and most of the main Pokemon, as well as a lot of useless info I remembered from back when JTD was originally written, and direct links to the stories and artwork. The website address is

"Journey to Destiny" celebrated the 10th anniversary of it's completion on 12/29/12! Hard to believe it was that long ago now that I completed the 90th and final chapter (and epilogue). The story continues to be well viewed, and as of March 2013, has over 29,900 page views (and it's only been posted here since 2007 - imagine how many hits it would have if I had posted it here back in 2001 - 2002, when I originally wrote it!) Thank you to all the fans, old and new! Even though this story is very dated in the Pokemon universe, it still seems to have some staying power!

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