Vampires Will Never Hurt Us
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The Coolest Quotes/Inside Jokes You Will Ever Hear. =)

Tigerlake: Kale was standing over Brooklynn, panting hard
Me: "Sorry if the bed's a bit wet," he murmured apologetically
Tigerlake: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! - Me and Tigerlake writing a novel thingy. Tigerlake wanted to make it kinky, but I refused, and this is what she came up with.

Tigerlake: Oh my gosh, I keep farting!
Me: Well, I'm gonna fart before you!
Tigerlake: I farted again!
Me: I'm gonna FART!! - Me and Tigerlake playing WoW. She had a bad gas problem, and we kinda made up a joke thingy.

Me: Oh, yeah? Well, you're constipated!
Tigerlake: No! You're constipated!
Me: Well, you're constipated in the brain! - Another inside joke me and Tigerlake have.

Me: Oh, my gosh, dude, listen to this! plays music
Jack: Whoa. Escape the Fate sounds hilarious!
Me: Yeah. I think chipmunk screamo is just about the best thing ever next to mozzarella cheese and zombie bunnies. - OK, so our garage computer is really stupid, and the speakers make everything sound chipmunky. I was listening to Escape the Fate and then my brother and I started joking and this came up.

Tigerlake: MICHAEL JOHNS!!
Me: What?
Tigerlake: Michael FRICKIN' Johns!
Me: Yeah, what about him?
Tigerlake: Smexii... Yummi-licious! ; - I was working on my Awesome Internet People list (below) and Tigerlake decided she wanted Michael Johns on my list, so she started yelling his name.

Izzy: So, whatcha doin'?
Me: Listening to music.
Izzy: Oh, cool! MCR?
Me: Nah. ETF. Second generation, not first generation '07.
Izzy: Oh. Cool.
Me: Do you even know what I'm talking about?
Izzy: Nope. Not a clue. - Me and Izzy talking via text message. I was listening to Escape the Fate and decided to confuse her with a bunch of made-up information. =

"Oh, SNAP!!" - Explanation: In the locker room, me and my friends Natalie and Deja like to goof off with the other girls. So, one day, we were talking to Deanna before we went out to the track/football field, and she was talking about this guy who was hitting on her. So every time she said something about him, me, Nat, and D would say the above. It's pretty freaking shveet.

"Nooo!! Don't put it down your shirt!" - Me and Tigerlake were coming up with random quotes to put on here, and we had a Snickers bar that said 'Nougatocity' on the back, so I said it out loud, and she said 'Snickahs,' And then I tried to grab it from her. In order to protect the delicious nougat from me, she dropped it down her shirt. XD

Me: I told you I was over him right?
Rielly: Yeah. What's new?
Me: Well, I think I like him again.
Rielly: Oh, wow. What a shocker.
Me: Well, see, he smells REALLY good, and I LOVE guys who smell nice.
Rielly: Ooh! What does he smell like? Chocolate?
Me: Pfft. Don't I wish. I don't even know how to describe what he smells like.
Rielly: Well, I'd try to get a whiff of him, but I don't go around sniffing people for fun! - Me and my friend Rielly talking about this one guy. Obviously, he smells really good. (For the record, I don't actually go around smelling people just for the heck of it.)

Me: Hey, look, Herbert Hoover Middle School!
MaryCarol: Cool! Herbert's an AWESOME name.
Me: Oh my gosh! I just realized something!
MaryCarol: What's that?
Me: Herbert rhymes with sherbert! - Me and MaryCarol outside of this Egyptian museum. We were visiting it for a class field trip, and there was this school across the road that we were talking about. It was pretty awesome.

Me: Yay! The garbage man honked his horn!
Eddie: Hey, see if you can get this guy to honk his horn.
MaryCarol: He won't honk his horn! He's Mexican!
Me: Hey! I'm Mexican!
MaryCarol: You are?
Me: Kinda... - Me, Eddie, and MaryCarol at the class trip. We were trying to get people in trucks to honk their horns at us. This garbage dude did, but the Mexican in the silver truck didn't. I'm a bit Mexican, so what MaryCarol said kinda offended me. But not really, 'cuz it was kinda funny.

Me: This is Felipe! Say hi, Felipe!
Michael: Well, this is Jalupe! He's super cool! - Me and Michael in Bible. I had a little dude on my finger, and Michael took his pen and drew a dude on his finger too, and then we had a whole little conversation through our fingers. It was funnay. =)

Mrs. B.: The Taco Bell slogan is run for the...
Marin: Ummm...I dunno...
Mrs B.: The border. The slogan is "run for the border."
Reilly: Wait...That's racist!
Mrs. B.: It kinda does sound like that, but it's Mexican food, so I dunno.
Aly: So racist! - English class. We were doing example questions for a quiz run-through, and this came up. You kinda had to be there to understand the hilarity of the situation.

Mr. H.: OK. Who can answer this question for me? -points to board-
Me: Ooh, ooh! MEEEEEE!!
Mr. H.: OK, go give it a try.
Me: Yay! -goes to podium to answer question-
Mr. H.: I'm going to be Anna now. -sits in my desk and opens up my book-
Rielly: -whispers to Mr. H.- Hey, Anna, I sent you a text message this morning. - Math class. Mr. H. was kinda making fun of me because I always read during class. Also, that day, I had detention for having my phone on during class. When I got in trouble, it was Rielly who had sent me the text message, so it was really funny if you were acutally there. Mr. H. portrayed me surprisingly well. XD

Awesome Internet People:
Tigerlake: Me and Tigerlake are tight in real life. =) She's pretty freaking awesome. IDK if she has any fics out yet, but when she does, you should, like, totally check 'em out! =)
some crazy girl who likes pie: I don't know her outside of the Internet, but she's cool, man, like jam on toast. Or like Cool Whip on pie. ;) And her fics are pretty freaking ownageful. (made-up word. Belongs to moi!)

The Five Coolest Bands on Earth
Escape the Fate - Ha ha, yeah. Total no-brainer, if you know me. Craig's OK, but Ronnie and Omar need to come back! It sucks beavers that Ronnie's in jail. I'm hoping Epitaph will record his new band's record when he gets out. Best song ever = When I Go Out, I Want To Go On A Chariot Of Fire
Blessthefall - Again, if you know me, this is an obvious choice. Craig freaking BELONGS in BTF! Their new singer can suck a beaver for all I care. Best song ever = Pray. Go listen to it, seriously.
Emarosa - Another coolio band. I've just started listening to them, but they are pretty freaking sweet, which is why I decided to put them up here. Best song ever = Can't pick, honestly! =O
AFI - A FIRE INSIDE!! These guys are hands down one of the coolest bands in the world (maybe even in America)! If you have never listened to them, go look 'em up. Best song ever = Silver and Cold.
My Chemical Romance - My favorite band of all time! =) Me and Nat are two of their biggest fans (or not) in the universe! Best song Ever = House of Wolves/ Vampires Will Never Hurt You

The Top Ten Book Characters of All Time. =) (IN FREAKING PROGRESS, PEOPLES!)
Jacob Black - OMFG! I've always loved him, but now I love him even more! He finally imprinted on Nessie! Hooray! Although, I think Jeah is one of the cutest pairings in the history of cute pairings.
Ashfur - I don't freaking CARE if he's EBIL! Evil kittehs kick major BOOTAY!! I hate Squirrelflight for hurting Ashy. >=(
Emmet Cullen - FREAKING LOVEEEEE HIM!! Especially since the movie came out. That boii is FINE!! ;)

Stories (Soon To Be Released)
Legend tells of a great warrior, born with six toes on each paw, one of the fiercest fighters in the universe. Clans are skeptic about whether or not he actually exists, and have often refused to succumb to the great tales of his might. Suddenly, the whole forest is shaken, and it's up to one cat to find Sixtoe's mountain home and bring him back to save the Clans. STATUS: Still In My Head. This story will probably be released towards the end of January/beginning of February. CATEGORY: Warriors

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