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A 28 year old nobody with a random internet name he cooked on SSX3 in 2004... AAH!!! Where's the time gone!

Even though I am an unknown I do seem to have some attention from the great readers and fellow writers out there. I will not let any praise go to my head (despite its ridiculous size) but I feel I have to respond to any kind of popularity, since I didn't expect any. (It's already gone to my freakishly deformed head, hasn't it? Dang.) Anyway to anyone enjoying Control and/or Concern, yes all 10 of you, please take note of the poll. It will be open all the way until the to end of the story.

(I did steal that quote about my head from a youtube video, but I don't know where the maker's of that got it, could have been Invader Zim I think. But trust me my head was a vocal part of a bully's verbal assault until I had the puberty growth spurt, I'm still proud of it though it's been solid as a rock my entire life)

I apologise once more for not being very active, but I now promise to update EVERYTHING before I focus on anything from my new ideas list.

It seems only one person enjoyed reading 'Contrition' but hey. That's more than enough.

What to reveal? hmmm- The evil ending option for Control is actually in the lead, just kidding. I need to get a better sense of humour. Just so everyone knows what I mean by "'Berserk' anime level evil ending" I mean a tradgic ending with no equal, all who have seen the ending of the 'Berserk' anime know what I mean. I personally haven't seen it but I have read enough of the details and I love 'Berserk: The Abridged Finale' by hbi2k on youtube links:

Berserk: The Abridged Finale (Part 1 of 2) and Berserk: The Abridged Finale (Part 2 of 2) (for anyone who can stand blood and swearing.)

Why not now tell about my nobody self the first topic shall be all the cartoons (including anime) I have watched in my life so far and no my opinions of them:

One Piece (up to 427)- This is my favourite series and the fact it still continues just makes me sit on the edge of my seat to see the next episode that isn't a filler. It makes me laugh, cry, and think with the story, and stare in awe at the awesome fights. But it does occasionally suffer from bad filler arcs when it gets close to the manga storyline, e.g The Lost Memories arc. (Just to get one thing clear I watch the original Japanese version with subtitles, you'll see why below)

Teen Titans (all)- This is my favourite non-anime series, however I find that whenever I lookback and rewatch an episode I find myself thinking "Both the scripit and direction could be better" but then it is for children, not 18 year olds, but it still never fails to draw a smile to my face with the jokes; namely "Three words: Disgruntled Radioactive Clone" sends me into laughing fits.

Bleach (up to 248)- One of my favorites. It's story never fails to amaze me and fool me into predicting something that is nowhere near to what really happens next, but it is ruined by fillers (not the Bounto arc that was acceptable) about cooking, football, stuffed toys and a weirdo commanding a group of 8 year olds.

Trigun (all)- A very good series which is hard to predict, even to people who read the manga, and has the ultimate message that the taking of life is wrong, while promoting fancy gun work. My main problem is that each episode feels like it lasts an hour and only lasts half of that, and I find it hard to watch the episodes consecutively.

Yu Yu Hakusho (up to 12)- Well, I'm a little further in now and take back my slow pace comment, still took awhile for the real fights to start and they're not all that impressive...yet. The arcs are surprsingly fast comapred to every other anime I've seen that was longer than 13 episodes.

Code Lyoko (up to 86 eng.)- I have mixed views on this series. One: I enjoy watching it, but feel I shouldn't due to lack of original battle sequences since each series has one formula to the fights and nearly always end the same way. Two: I like the character development, but I find the story too easy to predict sometimes e.g. William turning evil and being a Zak/Cloud cos player. However, I find myself watching it, and being entertained, when I can.

Eyeshield 21 (up to 75ish)- This just makes me laugh at the pure ridiculousness of some of the characters and their behaviour and the fact its an anime about American football. However, it suffers from being set in the real world and containing characters that belong in animation.

Ruroni Kenshin (all, including the movie, and Samurai X OVAs)- This series will last forever in my memory. The original series was fun to watch and contained good storylines alongside great characters, the movie simply being another extension of this. The only faults I find with series is animation style, for some reason it's just not my favourite, and couple of arcs which I think were filler are completely rubbish also the ending is hardly conclusive although happy. However, this all changed when I watched the Samurai X OVA episodes telling the story of Kenshin's origins and then a summary of his entire time with Kaoru. Let me put it this way, with the series you care about the characters but with this it's taken to a whole new level; you see what causes Kenshin to keep going and the love that Kaoru has for him is shown to its fullest (trust me that's not a spoiler). Kenshin is noticably different in the OVAs compared to the series, even when the contents includes parts of the series, he is much more serious and sad as is the general tone, especially since all comedy is removed. The animation style is much more to my liking but that might be because it involves the terrible blood physics anime has become known for. Seriously though watch the series before the OVA because you won't truly understand who Kenshin is and who he is to Kaoru and vice versa. The ending is final this time, as was the whole point, but just have several tissues on standby; I've watched the ending 6 times now and it still brings me to tears.

Dragonball (most of it)- I can't have an absolute opinion, since I haven't seen significant sections, but I enjoy the fights, the story, the characters and the jokes. Yet, it does not grab my attention as other series do but it is worthy of the fandom it possesses since it is the inspiration of the writer Eichiro Oda who writes the manga of my favourite series: One Piece.

DBZ (most of it)- I do enjoy this series alot as it contains all the elements of Dragonball that I enjoyed, but it suffers way too many more faults. For example, in the middle of arcs there are episodes where only one thing happens as a result of the anime catching up to the manga and episodes only being able to cover one chapter at a time (this is even known as DBZ Syndrome among anime fans).

Naruto (all, including filler)- This is a good series and worth watching up to a point where the anime becomes rediculous. There were at least 80 filler episodes where nothing relevant happened. This was a result of catching up to the manga like DBZ but instead of suffering the same problem, or adding an acceptable arc like was shown to be possible by Bleach and One Piece, they created a new problem which involved a bunch of random below standard storylines that for some reason had to involve Naruto everytime.

Naruto Shippuden (up to 65)- This shares all the good qualities of the Naruto series and was a welcome end to the fillers, but it does suffer from a medioake form of DBZ Syndrome just not to the same extent. Can I just say this to all the Sasuke fangirls, as well as any over of his supporters: he's not the best all powerful villain ever. With that kind of villain you should want him to win all the time, but I desperatley wanna see Naruto kick his ass, not to mention Sakura's. Not because Naruto's the nice guy, or anything like that: the Kyuubi is so much cooler than cursed seal or any ultimate technique Sasuke will ever learn.

Dexter's Lab. (not enough)- I always have found this funny, but in more recently made episodes I find the jokes to be lacking, but I know I haven't seen all the great episodes so I will continue to find them and watch them.

Samurai Jack (feels like I have watched all of it)- I love this series' fight sequences, music and animation but it falls down on the overall story format, but if there is an episode I haven't seen I would pay good money for it. I say this because Cartoon Network seem to repeat the same episodes over and over again, and I know no new episodes will emerge due to the death of Aku's voice actor Mako, whom I have only respect for.

Avatar (all): I do enjoy this series alot and can't wait to see the end, but I find the predictability in some areas to be testing e.g. Zuko's other grandfather, also I'm jealous of Sokka's affect on women. (That sounds really pathetic, doesn't it?) At the end did anyone else ask: what the hell happened to Azula?

Yugioh (up to 100 eng)- Lets get something straight: I hate 4kids. I hate every dub they have ever done especially their version of One Piece which means every person who doesn't just speak english in the world gets a decent version and I don't and I have to watch subs illegally on the internet. I hate their puns and their censorship, but with Yugioh and GX I can't seem to turn off the T.V. I started watching it after watching Yugioh: The Abridged Series by Little Kuriboh (this the original abridged series ever and if you haven't seen it, then go watch it on youtube or anywhere else you find it) in the hope of understanding more of the jokes, but then I found I needed closure and I now find myself addicted to something that makes me wanna puke at the dialogue.

Yugioh GX (up to 131 eng.)- I truly hate this series, or at least the english version, if you thought I had a bad opinion of Yugioh you're gonna love my opinion of this. It is the second worst series to ever damage my ears with the bad puns and corny morale guidance it contains, which in this case is via card games. The worst is the 4kids dub of One Piece. I have no idea why I keep watching it, all I know is that it has caused me alot of hatred for many things, including card games.

Samurai Champloo (all)- This is a great series containing three awesome main character as well as many great supporting characters. The fights and story contain a sense of realism despite some standard anime physics, plus even the filler episode about baseball is hilarious due to some historical accuracies as well as complete inaccuracies. The two flaws it contains are references to modern culture such as graffiti, I know graffiti wasn't invented in the 20th century but watch the series and you'll know what I'm talking about, and the series isn't long enough.

Afro Samurai (all)- This series will live on forever in the memories of anyone graced with the fortune to see any of the five episodes. The fights: awesome. Physics: ridiculous but totally believable due to main character. Story: tragic and vengence filled. (Just be warned it's an 18 for a reason) Main Character: Samuel L. Jackson as a vengence driven samurai with an imagenery friend, also played by Samuel L. Jackson, they have black and white afros respectively; simply put the best main character ever. One flaw: series is only 5 episodes long, but each is worth the million dollars (US) the animation company spent on it.

Ghibli collection (most of it)- These are great films for the family equivalent to any Disney classic, so much so Disney actually dub some of them if not all. My personal favourites are Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Lapauta: Castle in the Sky, Porco Rosso, and Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind. These are all films written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, not to say anything against other writers and directors who have worked for Studio Ghibli, and simply put he is a great story teller. I would recommend any of the films that I have seen to anyone who wishes to laugh, cry, be gripped in suspense and/or simply feel happy.

Lupin III (all of part 1, up to 33 of part 2, 4 films)- Finally been able to find the original series and I was pleased by what I found. Although, it is no means perfect the original Lupin III series is very entertaining just falls on a few points. One: continuity- some of the episodes don't fit very well next to each other at the beginning of the series, but those could pilots, plus some of the episodes don't seem to flow and things happen without real build up. Also, a factor when you consider more recent movies e.g episode 0 which is the story of how the gang meet and involves the retelling of events that occur in the original series, such as how Goemon meets Lupin. Two: animation, it was made in the 70s so you should really just let it slide. Part 2 has so far proved a different version of Lupin in the sense that he isn't as all knowing as before, it's up to a person if they like this or not. A word of warning for the film "Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo" is a film you should prepare yourself to be confused and/or freaked out by, trust me.

Akira (once, need to see again)- I can't really say anything since I've only seen it once and it's incredibly long and complex film to remember in detail. However, I do know it had a very good plot, and contained stella animation worthy of the 10million dollar cost.

Steamboy (many times)- A film which gives real meaning to the words 'steam power', the only flaw in this film is Robert Stephenson's accent. Simply put this film is thrilling and fun and artfully plays with an altenate version of 19th century England, and the fact it has Patrick Stewart playing a barmy 70 yr old scientist who wanted to build a carresele on a machine that became a war machine is just perfect. The voice acting is first class from everyone and the animation surpasses that of Akira by a long mile, somehow, Katsuhiro Otomo (director of both Akira and Steamboy) sure knows how to spend money and time, but it's definitely worth it. This took ten years to make and 26 million dollars to make (most expensive anime movie ever).

Batman: The Animated series (at least 56 but not enough, and never will be enough)- This series has the best intro ever, some of the best voice acting ever (a.k.a Mark Hamil as The Joker) and the majority of episodes are instant classics. As a child this intimidated me to no end and as an 18 year old I want more, I want it all. Tragic thing is if I even watch every episode of this and (sorta) same universe cartoons I'll never be satisified; I even let myself watch Justice League even though Superman's (I've nothing against the character of Superman just his abilities allow him to do EVERYTHING, but at least the series points out that Batman could give him a beating anytime anywhere) in it and the ears on Batman's mask look like he's compensating. Simply because the Batman character, and associated villains, makes me interested in any story. One flaw: some of the episodes have ridiculous plots or villains, e.g. Mad Hatter, or The Underdwellers, and the Killer Croc of the series isn't that good either, but it's still better than the Texas version from 'The Batman'.

The rest of the previous list will be uploaded in time.

Now to discuss future plans, that is plans for after the end of Control... I think... but anyway:
New Ideas:

Teen Titans -Conflict An AU fic based on a movie series I like, so yes not all my 'Con' fics are going to be the same universe. I belive I'll use it for any BB/Rae fics seeing as we were conned out the pairing in the series. P.S. It's about Vampires and Werewolfs and I DO know it's been done before.

Bleach -Mr & Mrs Kurosaki If you can guess what the AU basis is for this from the title then please don't ask why I've chosen it. I don't know myself. I really, really don't.
-11 AU set in the city of Konpaku Sekai where the Central-46 government based in Seireitei at the heart of the city is struggling to maintain order in the 80 Rukongai districts.
-Request: Blindfolded Retsu tells Yachiru (and Rindou) the story of a woman who chose to ignore the suffering she caused and the price she eventually paid.
-Request: Spa Kenpachi visits a hot springs spa, coincidently on the same day as his Forth division counterpart, did one of them plan this? If so, which one?
-Request: Beasts Animals roam the endless plains. One is a giant among wolves, another is an adoptive mother to hundreds. This is story tells how their packs became one.
-Request: Rescue Based on very recent manga chapters. An alternate event line where Kenpachi saves Yammy from doing something monumentally stupid

MSG to any readers of Request or any KenUno fics, I've created a forum to discuss such matters 'cos I can't stop having ideas and I'd apreciate all advice or any new ideas from you guys, and I'm quite happy to give the same. I'm literally taking requests (Urgh, what an awful joke!)

Lupin III -Pride Just undergoing a rewrite of sorts since I read it through after posting and felt that I could make more out of the first chap (and part of it confused me!)

One Piece -Innocent Eyes One-three chapters max about the actions and views of two Stawhats
-Chained Monkey AU story based on the situation of a Jet Li movie which I beleive I can mold to the characters

Current Works (I shall never let a story die)
Teen Titans -Concern
Update now at top of priorities

Justice League -Paradise Update is still high on priority list.

Code Lyoko -Professional A challenge I set myself, it's an AU set in late 1870s; you see how it's a challenge? It's not a challenge I'm dealing with very well though, at this rate it'll take me several years just get half way through.

So, as this account grows my I be the first to say: Welcome to the Third Place.

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