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A little something about me.

I'm NOT emo just... obssessed... with Twilight... doi. I love that. I do have a beta, I'm just missing the stories, but don't worry I will post. Um... I can't update everyday because I have a life and I''m very busy right now, I get pissed when people like put a cliffy and then don't update for a very long time, I understand the cliffy but not the delay, hello we want to know what happens. I'm very impatient. Yep, okay so the poem bellow is how I think Bella felt in New Moon, personally I think it sucks and I'm not putting it in an FF so just put what you think of it inn one of your reviews in one of my upcomming stories!


All I have left,

Was little shreds of hope...

To maybe find,

Someone who will start,

A life of love.

My life was shredded down...

Piece by piece by piece.

I will never be whole,

As long as we're apart

Favorite color- lilac, amber

Favorite song- (Here) In Your Arms by: Hellogoodbye

Favorite book- Eclipse

Favorite animal- Snow Wolf

Favorite season- Winter

Live your life, like it's meant to be lived in. Love others, as if they loved you. Sing as if you have something to sing about. Rejoice as if you have something to celebrate. Know as if you had something to think about. Talk as if you had something to say. Feel because you have felt. Ignored, your existence is ignored. Eternal Damnation is the key to life. ~DaRkDeSpArE