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"Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns..."
-Homer's Odyssey

This is a profile for a Teddy Lupin-centric Round Robin from the Character Sketches Forum. Obviously, it follows Teddy Lupin around Hogwarts and other such things that depend almost solely upon the writers of the fic. Speaking of, the writers of this fic will be:

-Cuban Sombrero Gal
-Frayed Misfit

(also known as Cupid, Paddy, Cuba, Frayed, Dizi, Love, and Huffie.)

But who are they?

cupid-painted-blind is a teenager without a purpose who writes to feel good, because words are her drugs. She likes the Black family to an almost scary degree and writes far more angst than is healthy, sane, or intelligent. She is random, highly ADD, and tends to act in extremes. Of everything. She got into Harry Potter with the release of the first movie and still thinks Oliver Wood is hot. She lives in the United States, prefers vanilla to chocolate and strawberry to either one, and adores pretty words. She does not bite unless bitten and takes great pleasure in dousing flames. Also, she came up with the idea of writing a Round Robin with the lovely group on the forum, though everyone else took it and ran and that makes her unreasonably happy.

Padfootatheart is your typical kid who lives off of junk food and friends. She has many lists of quotes, song lyrics that touch her, and beautiful words she comes across when reading. Her favorite word today is pugnacious. Her ears are still ringing from last night's game, and she has currently discovered a sense of school pride, and subsequently, patriotism. She worries that those happened in the wrong order. She was excited to work on this collab because she hasn't written anything Next-Gen, nor has she had the pleasure with working with all but one of her lovely partners in this project. She is looking forward to the road ahead and hopes that others will enjoy their story as much as these authors enjoyed planning it.

Cuban Sombrero Gal is sarcastic, sporadic and smart. she can't function properly without caffeine. IShe's a typical Australian high school student, sun-tan, melodrama and all. She loves learning Japanese; although the thought of sushi makes her gag and she probably wouldn’t be caught dead in a kimono. She hates every aspect of winter, yet longs to see snow one day. Procrastination, idiocy and her iPod are nothing more than tools of the trade. Cuba is looking forward to this project because of the awesome people she gets to work with, and because she wants to see exactly how much she can manipulate poor Teddy Lupin's character.

Frayed Misfit is an idealistic dreamer. She studies too much at the state library and is usually seen with her head in an unsually large book or a messy journal. She loves poetry and images, and loves sentences that can conovey so much emotion and intrigue. Virignia Woolf's "Is this life?" is one of those sentences. Fray would quite happily rendevous with a certain Regulus Black as he tickles her fancy. She tends to write in a very lyrical and emotional way and pours her whole heart and soul into writing. She also enjoys chai lattes, bath bombs, christian dior, ethan hawke and sylvia plath. She is wonderfully excited about this project and feels honoured to be working amongst her favourite people.

Dizi 85 is the Severus Snape addict of the group, and proud of it! She is the oldest HP fanatic in this round-robin. However, she will usually act like the youngest. Dizi has recently had to upgrade the memory size on her computer because of her rather super-sized clump of icons, images, and HP story ideas. (One of these being the Character Sketches logo on the LJ, which she designed) Dizi's fics range from the shortest, to the weirdest. No paring is safe from her, and as long as its well written she will read anything. She will also write anything, stretching this to include paired fics between Snuffles/Fang, Crabbe/Goyle (which she personally now loves when she finds a good one) and Norbert/Easter Bunny. Other than that she is 'The Songfic Master'. Enough said.

something-like-love is a teenage girl who writes too much for her own good, gets easily distracted by pretty objects, and has written this profile bit three times because others keep posting their's at the same time and canceling hers out. She has a rather tremendous list of quotes and lyrics from anywhere and everywhere stored on her computer, and each will one day get it's own shiny fic. Her fanfic and original writings include way too much about Ariana Dumbledore, schizophrenia, teenage pregnancy, and a number of other slightly odd subjects. If you want to be her friend, offering her a good character sketch or frighteningly overdone pizza is a good way to go about it. She is also fantastically excited to work on her first collab ever, especially with such wonderful people.

TheOriginalHufflepuff has no real goals in life, and is here because she enjoys writing and reading. She loves playing music so loud that she can't hear herself think, long random conversations, living for the moment and staying up so late that she can now class herself as semi-nocturnal. Her insomniac habits are actually a good thing though, as everyone else involved in this project is on different time zones to her. She lives in Scotland, quotes Dumbledore at the most inopportune moments (say, when meeting new people who don't actually know how nerdy she is yet) and sings constantly . Her favourite Harry Potter character is Remus, and Tonks is her second-favourite, so writing in this project is something she is really looking forward to. She has never written Teddy yet, but has several little plot-bunnies in the back of her mind. She is addicted to purple, chocolate, eyeliner, Harry Potter, Scrubs, Ugly Betty and Heroes.

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