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Greetings. I am known as the Sonic Phantom.

My favorite Animes are: Sonic X, Dinosaur King, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, Kirby: Right Back At Ya!, Ultimate Muscle, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Mew Mew Power, Code Geass, Spider Riders, Cowboy Bebop, Magical Doremi, Big O, Tai Chi Chasers, Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL, and Tenchi Muyo GXP.

Video Games that I currently own for the GameCube: Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Assault, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Riders, Soul Calibur II, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time / Master Quest, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Sonic Heroes, Metroid Prime, and Tales of Symphonia.

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These are video games that I am wanting to get: Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, Halo Reach, Fortune Street, Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Alice: Madness Returns, The Amazing Spider-Man, Borderlands 2, Sonic Lost World, Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101, and Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U.

These are my Friend Codes (PM me if you want to add me to your list or vice versa so that we can play)

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These are my OC's. If you want to borrow them, PM me.

Name: Larcen

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 18

Physical Description: Dark blue hedgehog with dark green eyes. He wears white gloves, blue sneakers, and a green necklace to remember his mother, Ellen the Hedgehog, whom died of illness.

Special Abilities/Techniques: When Larcen's necklace glows, his speed and agility enhance on himself. The necklace also can create a green barrier to protect himself from projectile attacks. In this way, he can cut through almost anything. Including Eggman's robots. But he will never use his weapon for killing.

Weapons: Dagger

Background/History Description: At around age 4, Larcen's mother died of a mysterious illness, but not before passing on a green necklace that contained special powers that would help him one day in a bad situation. After she was gone, Larcen's father disappeared and was never seen again. That's when help came by. A large group known of strangers known as the "Eagle Underworld" came by and took him in. Larcen didn't really know that at the time, but these were nothing but a bad group of thugs that wanted nothing except to be better than anyone. The leader, Diesel the Eagle, was the one who trained Larcen to be as bad as he can be. For the next 9 years, Larcen was a member of the group that did nothing but steal for a living. Although he didn't care about the law, all he cared about was his own survival. At around age 12, he realized what he was doing was wrong and decided to change his dark ways. He left the group without a notice. The group, of course was angry by this action, including Diesel. They decided to take action and show him what they do to traitors. When they finally found him, Larcen was out-numbered and he thought that his life was about to be over. But that's when Ellen's necklace started to glow green. It enhanced Larcen's speed and agility. While fighting the Eagle Underworld, Larcen grabbed one of the thug's dagger and used it to fight back, even though it was such a small weapon. After defeating the Eagle Underworld, Larcen left Westopolis to start a new life of his own. Suddenly, he met a 12 year old human girl, who is Marisa Harmon, whom was crying because she was lost and didn't know where she was. That's when Larcen decided to care for the young girl and decided to let him come along. When he heard that she was a mage, Larcen was surprised by this fact. Little did he know that she was the daughter of Louise Harmon, the most famous sage to have ever lived. Normally, he wasn't someone who cared about anyone, but somehow, he knew that Marisa was a special person and he this was the first time he ever cared about someone. After getting to know each other, the two became fast friends and have been traveling together ever since. Around that time, he started to grow more attached to Marisa, that he even started to have feelings for her, although he is somewhat nervous to admit to her, so he's keeping that silent until he's ready enough to tell her.

OC #2

Name: Marisa Harmon

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 17

Physical Description: Long red hair with red eyes. She wears a black shirt, brown gloves, black boots, and a black miniskirt that reaches her knee length.

Abilities/Techniques: After a few more years in training, she finally becomes a sage. Although she is nowhere near as strong as her mother was, she still intends to grow stronger everyday without stopping. Her magic consists of Wind, Fire, Thunder, Light, and Darkness.

Weaponry: None

Personality Description: Marisa is a carefree fun-loving person. She's funny, serious, tomboyish, and loves to travel with her best friend, Larcen.

Background/History Description: Marisa was born and raised in Station Square. Her mother was Louise Harmon, whom was one of the greatest sages to have ever walked the Earth. At an early age, she was taught how to use magic by her own mother. It took a few years for her before she could learn how to use that type of magic. Then one day, Louise just disappeared without warning or a reason. Marisa tried finding out where she went to, but she could not find her. After giving up on her search, she went off on her own to become a great sage, just like her mother. But little did she soon realize that she had no idea where she was going. She soon started to cry knowing that she was lost. That's when her new best friend, Larcen comes by to help her. After getting to know him, the two instantly became close friends.

OC #3

Name: Samson

Gender: Male

Species: Swallow

Age: 19

Physical Description: Samson is a black bird, with red eye brows. He wears an old-fashioned Cowboy hat, wears brown country boots, blue jeans, and always has a Cigar in his mouth wherever he goes.

Personality Description: Has somewhat cocky attitude, speaks some Spanish towards others, but he is friendly nevertheless.

Abilities/Techniques: He doesn't have any powers, but he is good with guns.

Weaponry: Two pistols

Background/History Description: Samson once lived in Soleanna, but he didn't like the city life so he moved somewhere with a little more peace and quiet. That's when he discovered Rio Salaz. When he first got there, it was nothing more than a Ghost town. Even so, he decided to clean up the place around th town before he can start his new life in his new home. He eventually became a bartender and has worked there ever since. He first met Larcen and Marisa when they first visited Rio Salaz and came to rest in his Saloon. Larcen and Marisa told Samson about their traveling. After hearing this, he offered them a place here to live, seeing as how Larcen and Marisa seemed tired after all of the traveling they had done for the past few years. His love interest is Viola.

OC #4

Name: Hellsing (Deceased)

Gender: Male

Species: Bat

Age: Unknown

Physical Description: A black bat with everything else he wears is black. Hat, boots, and trenchcoat. He also has steel blue eyes.

Background/History Description: Unknown.

OC #5

Name: Kera

Gender: Female

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 21

Physical Description: Kera is a purple hedgehog. She has golden eyes, wears black gloves, a black Chinese-style dress and a white undershirt, and brown boots that finish her attire.

Special Abilites/Techniques: Kera is a swordmaster, and like all swordmasters, she carries a sword. The sword that Kera holds is known as the Dragon Sword. The Dragon sword can affect other dragons, but it also possesses the power of dragons. The hilt of the sword has crest on it. Depending on the color, it will unleash that certain power of the dragon. For example, if the color turns red, it will unleash the power of fire. Depending on the mood of the wielder, the crest will change color.

Red Crest: It will unleash the power of Fire.

Yellow Crest: It will unleash the power of Thunder.

Blue Crest: It will unleash the power of Water.

Light Blue Crest: It will unleash the power of Ice.

Black Crest: This will only turn into that color if Kera's emotions get out of control. When the crest of the sword turns black, a spirit image of the black dragon will appear for a short time and unleash it's Dark Fire Breath before disappearing.

Weaponry: Dragon Sword

Personality Description: Even though she is a female, she doesn't fall for the guys that easily. She is not the damsel-in-distress that some would make her out to be. She's serious, somewhat humorous, and loves to duel others at dawn. Her love interest is Knuckles.

Background/History Description: Kera is known as the Sword Demon. She was born and raised in Rio Salaz where Samson runs his Saloon. Her mother and father were both killed by the Black Arms invasion, and her brother has gone missing. She is on a mission to find him and reunite with her brother, Yamkir. She also intends to kill the leader of the Black Arms, Black Doom to avenge her parents. The Dragon Sword she carries has had a long history. 1000 years ago, the first person to ever use it was Laichion, who was known as the dragon slayer. Laichion used the Dragon Sword to kill the Black Dragon, whose intentions was world domination. When the Black Dragon was defeated, Laichion disappeared and returned the Dragon Sword back to the Mystic Ruins altar, where it belongs. Kera found the sword at the altar that was hidden in the Mystic Ruins and has carried it with on her ever since. Whoever possesses the Dragon Sword, will have the power of multiples dragons.

OC #6

Name: Yamkir

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Age: 20

Physical Description: Yamkir is a red hedgehog. He has blue eyes that his shades cover. He wears a stylish fur coat, black gloves, purple colored boots, and two spike-shaped bracelets on his wrists.

Special Abilities/Techniques: Yamkir has no powers, but he does hold a guitar that not only plays loud music, but it can be used as a weapon too. The guitar's designed to play rock music and when Yamkir plays it, sound waves from the guitar will burst everywhere and create a headache to those who hear it.

Personality Description: Yamkir has a big ego among himself. He likes to impress the ladies and loves to get attention. He's basically in it for the money.

Background/History Description: Yamkir disappeared on the day the Black Arms invaded Rio Salaz. The reason he did this is unknown. Even though he has an ego, he still cares about his sister, Kera. Yamkir always wants to look good no matter where he is. Yamkir learned how to use a guitar after he met Xion, who failed at becoming a rock star. After a few months of teaching, he mastered the guitar and the two have been traveling together to see if there was more people that wanted to become like them. Shortly afterwards, they met Robin the Mammoth, who was into Extreme Gear and Rock music. Sometime after joining their group, they decided that the next time the EX-World Grand Prix, they would do anything they could to win it.

OC #7

Name: Rothion

Gender: Male

Species: Owl

Age: Immortal

Home: Black Comet

Physical Description: Rothion is a black owl with a black magicians hat, silver gauntlets, a hard-blue-plated chest that covers his body, dark blue boots, a blue cape, and creepy green eyes.

Special Abilities/Techniques: His body is immune to weapons, such as swords. Unless it is a legendary weapon, then Rothion can't do anything about it.

Weaponry: Rothion holds an axe, but this axe has special powers. When he wields this, any magic that is directed towards it, the axe will just absorb the attack and reflect it back towards them. When it is struck down, it will create a huge shock wave much like an earthquake. The axe is colored dark purple with a red crest on the handle. It also has two sharp sides, so he can swing the axe like a tomahawk.

Personality Description: Rothion has an obsession of taking over the world, He will destroy anything and anybody that gets in his way. And he loves to laugh insanely when he wins a battle over the heroes.

Background/History Description: Rothion was created by Black Doom. He was born with Mephiles personality, but he is a little more crude than him. His weapon was created by Mephiles, who assisted Black Doom in the Black Arms invasion. Rothion has a lot of respect for Black Doom and Mephiles. In the Black Arms invasion, he went off with a commando of Black Arms to take over a city, but while he was doing that, he had a run-in with Sailor Moon. The two battled and Rothion lost. The Black Arms in the city were destroyed by the Sailor Scouts. Ever since that loss, he vows to take his revenge on Sailor Moon and destroy her for good.

OC #8

Name: Maiza

Gender: Female

Species: Raven

Age: 23 (Life) 100

Home: Amegakura (Hidden Rain Village)

Physical Description: A black raven with three long head feathers twisted together into a ponytail. She also bears a scar across her eyes from her mistake during battle. She wears a red sleeveless shirt, a black belt wrapped diagonally over her shoulders and across her chest, red form-fitting slacks, blue sandals, and two steel rings on each of her wrists. Her sharingan has a red background and black lines shaped like a whirlwind between two rings.

Special Abilities

Sharingan: It's copying ability allows her mimic any jutsu she witnesses as long as she has the strength and stamina to perform it. The Sharingan can also allow her to predict her opponents moves at a certain extent. She can also activate the Mangekyo Sharingan, which can unlock the sharingan's true abilities.

Tsukuyomi: This ability allows Maiza to trap her opponents into an illusionary world where three days can pass by in one second. This illusion can cause a person to suffer mental trauma or breakdown. Unlike the Kuasagan, Tsukuyomi cannot kill or cause bodily harm.

Amaterasu: This technique can allow Maiza to call upon the black flames of hell. The flames cannot be extinguished and can burn for seven days and seven nights. The flames are a pin-point attack that will not stop until it has destroyed its target. After years of training, Maiza learned how to stop the flames with her mind, but suffers slight vision damage.

Kamui: This attack allows Maiza to transport objects and people into alternate dimensions. This technique is precise and can only transport things from a certain pin-point view.

Weaponry: Chakrams, which she carries on her back by her belt.

Personality: A calculative mercenary that lives off of war. She creates situations that starts war between two countries and works for the highest bidder. She holds no alliance to anyone, but will serve anyone who pays or has the power to kill her. She is almost fearless and will jumped straight into battle without a moments haste.

Background: She was born during the endless years of wars one hundred years ago. Her family was killed during the war and Maiza was forced to fend for herself. Watching the raging wars, Maiza learned how to fight and eventually joined in the war. Through her many victories, she earned the title of "The Bird of Prey". But during one of her battles, Maiza made a mistake and was cut across the eyes, permanently blinding her. She tried to live off being blind, but it was too much. Frustrated, Maiza snapped and ripped the eyes of the nearest person, which happened to be an Uchiha. After transplant her new eyes, Maiza received a power she had never thought possible: The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Thanks to her new sharingan, Maiza's body remained young forever. In later centuries, Maiza attempted to join the Hakumei. But to join, she needed to defeat one of the members. Unfortunately, she was forced to face Terro, whose Kuasagan was more ancient and powerful than the Sharingan. Maiza lost almost instantly. Humiliated, Maiza went to work as ninja for Amegakura, plotting her revenge against the Hakumei.

OC #9

Name: Louise Harmon

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 35

Home: Unknown, but she currently resides in Rio Salaz with her daughter and her friends.

Physical Description: Despite her age, she still looks like she is young. She is a white human with long chocolate brown hair. She has clear blue eyes. She wears long black fingerless gloves. Her attire consists of a clear violet shirt with a small green clear cape attached to it's brooch, a black miniskirt that reaches her knee-length long brown boots. She also carries a locket that carries of picture of her daughter, Marisa.

Special Abilites/Techniques: Her magic is consisted of Fire, Wind, Thunder, Light, and Darkness. After she was trained by the old sage, she has perfected her magic to her fullest and is far better than most other mages.

Background: She was learned the ways of magic ever since she was five years old, by an old sage, which happened to be her grandpa. Seeing as he didn't have much time left due to his age, he decided to teach his magic arts to Louise. She went through many trials and sessions just to get her magic perfect. Three years after the sage died, she was picked up and taken to Westopolis, where she went to school there. That's when she met her boyfriend, who would soon become Louise's wife. After school was finished, the two got married and had a child, which was Marisa Harmon. Sometime after she was born, her husband died of a terrible accident. She was now fearing that she was the only one to take care of her only child. She decided to make Marisa a sage after she was old enough. In Marisa's early years, she was always mad after every attempt to do magic failed. However, Louise always smiled at her and encouraged her to try again. On some days, she takes her daughter out to a large field of grass that consisted of one large tree they would sit underneath as they looked at a large view of Westopolis. After Marisa turned 12, Louise disappeared without a trace or warning. She returned after returning to help stop Mephiles.

OC #10

Name: Xion Herra

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 19

Home: Station Square

Physical Description: She has long dark-black hair that goes along with a blue cap, she wears blue goggles over her head. Her eye color is also green. She also wears Goth make up on her face. On her body, she wears a stylish blue shirt a picture of a Rock N' Roll guitar on it, blue leather gloves, black jeans, and black boots to finish her attire.

Personality: Xion is someone who's not really into meeting new people. She mainly acts like a person who wants to be better then others. Despite this, however, she is an expert when it comes to technology and rock music. If she meets who likes what she likes, then she will feel happy.

Background/History Description: Before she got into Extreme Gear, she wanted to become a Rock star who wanted fame and fortune. That's when she decided to try and fulfill her dream, so she signed up for a talent show to see how well she would fare up against others on stage. However, she didn't get the reception she was looking for. When the crowd booed at her performance, she immediately stopped what she was doing and decided to never play in front of anyone again. A couple of years later, she watched the EX-World Grand Prix on TV that featured The Babylon Rouges going against Sonic and his friends. She became interested in it and wanted to try it out. That's when she met Yamkir and Robin, who had the same type of style that she likes. After getting to know each other, they formed up their own Extreme Gear team known as Team Rockers.

OC #11

Name: Robin

Gender: Male

Species: Mammoth

Age: 26

Home: Holoska

Physical Description: He has brown fur with a black motorcycle jacket, wears shades over his eyes, has two large tusks, and has large black boots.

Personality: Robin is a kind-hearted mammoth who speaks Scottish. Unlike Yamkir and Xion, he's more of the friendly type of person towards others, but he mainly considers his team members his best friends.

Background: Robin was once a member of a not-so-popular rock band that made very little money. After the band broke up, Robin decided that it was time to see if he could make a name for himself by becoming a professional rock singer. Unfortunately for him, it didn't turn out all that great. That's when he saw the EX-World Grand Prix on TV. After watching it, he then wanted a professional Extreme Gear Rider. A few days later, he met Yamkir and Xion, who were rockers, as well as Extreme Gear Riders. They talked about how beating the Babylon Rouges would earn them fame and glory. Seeing this opportunity, they formed together to create Team Rockers.

OC #12

Name: Kyla Vonstar

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 19

Home: Future City

Physical Description: A white-skinned female human, who has long light blue hair, light green eyes. A blue tennis shirt, blue shorts, black tennis shoes, and she also has a metal arm on her right arm.

Personality: She use to be a girl who had no emotion or sympathy towards others, but after Louise got to her heart and when Kyla learned of what was really going on, she had a change of heart and has become friends with our heroes.

Special Abilities/Techniques:Her metal arm was can absorb powerful energy attacks, but only one at each time. When she attacks, she can fire the energy back at her opponents by whacking a tennis ball with her racket.

Background: Before she was even born, her parents lived a life of proverty. They had low-paying jobs and had little money, but they didn't care much about it. When Kyla was born, someone told her parents that they didn't have the money to raise her, so they had no choice by to send her to foster care, where she stayed there for six years, until she was picked up by new parents. But unfortunately for Kyla, these parents were agressive and violent. They were abusing Kyla for years, and this caused Kyla's anger to grow. It grew to a point where she wanted them dead. At a surprising turn of events, she got her wish, but at a price. An accident had accured, in which caused her arm to be broken. By the time she was sent to the Emergency room, it was too late. Her arm was unrepairable. So she had to live her life, armless. That was, until a man named Zed Goodwin came by and took Kyla in, where he raised her to let her anger be let out by hurting other people in tennis matches. It stayed like this until Louise Harmon got into her life and talked some sense into her, where afterwards, she had a change of heart and became friends with our heroes.

OC #13

Name: Saladan

Gender: Male

Species: Tiger

Age: 30

Home: Catacombs

Physical Description: He wears a forest-green hood over it's head. He wears stone necklace that was shaped like the moon. On it's body, he wears a light-colored robe. He wears shoes to where it's head shaped with a single swirl. And it's eyes are bright yellow.

Personality: A crafty character that likes to speak calm, no matter the situation. He never yells or snaps angrily, but there will be moments when something doesn't go right, he gets a little ticked off. But he usually doesn't get mad easily. Saladan is always careful and always has a strategy before excuting his plans. He has a rather mysterious aura, which sometimes makes others question him sometimes.

Background: Early his childhood, he use to be afraid of the dark because of how everything around him made it look scary. However, there was one thing that always guided him through the night: The moon. He never had any parents, because they were mysteriously deceased. Despite this setback, Saladan moved on and became a lone mercenary, traveling around the world at night, and never appearing by day. When he was older, there were druids that discovered him and saw that he had a passion for the darkness, so they gave him a scythe which would allow him to communicate with the moon telepathically and find out what it's saying.

Weaponry: A scythe that gives him dark energy powers that help him fend off enemies that would get in his way. He can also summon a small pack of druids to his aide by simply tapping the handle of his scythe on the ground.

OC #14

Name: Viola

Gender: Female

Species: Lorikeet

Age: 20

Home: Westopolis

Physical Description: A rainbow bird with a blue head, a green back, a red and yellow upper body it's lower body was blue, and she has red feet. She has orange eyes with a yellow beak, and it's hair tied up in a ponytail. On it's body, she wears a short black dress, small black fingerless gloves, and black boots.

Personality: Viola can tend to be very shy at times. She usually likes to keep stuff to herself, but she can willingly open up when she needs to. She is usually sad and shocked when she sees death right in front of her eyes. Whenever she feels frightened, Samson usuall comforts her and tells her that he's always there for her, which makes her grow more attached to Samson and grows infatuated with him each time.

Background: Viola grew up in Westopolis with a nearly perfect life. Her parents were always living the high life, and she always got what she wanted, mainly because she was an only child. But around at the age of 16, her life suddenly fell down. At around the Black Arms invasion happened, her parents fled the city to avoid the skirmish before it could happen. They left Viola to fend for herself, mainly because they were selfish. Viola was barely able to escape the city before the invasion could happen. When she escaped the city, she went off by herself, without knowing where to go. She went as far as Shamar and was no longer able to continue on. That's when the druids encountered her. At first, they were thinking about eliminating her from their path, but when they saw the look in her eyes, they saw something interesting about her. So instead, they took her back to the catacombs and bestowed her the power of the healing magic: Sacrifice. But in return, she would swear loyalty to her new leader, Hellsing: AKA the Lord of Darkness. Hellsing sent her out as a spy for our heroes in Rio Salaz, she had to leave a tracking signal for Larcen's necklace. But when she saw Larcen getting killed in front of her eyes, she found that what she did was wrong. But thanks to her and Silver, they were able to revive Larcen and Viola stays with our heroes, and including her love interest, Samson.

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