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Hot Pic isn't it?

Before you read anything else on this profile, PLEASE take my poll!

I had a Warriors related penname, but the Phantom Fan in me took over.

Ok, for those of you who are wondering, I DID delete all my stories. I was not happy with them. I do not write during school for the most part, but I am really going to try to pop out some beautiful brain children here soon!


Gender: Girl

Age: 15

Name: Trista

Fave Books: Phantom by Susan Kay, Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Fave FanFic: Idk...most fluffy and/or steamy POTO Phics.

Fave FanFic Writer: RachyBaby09 and Bergerac!!

Request: PLEASE! Tell me what you think of my stories. I don't mind constructive criticism.(sniffle) Come on I can handle it...(cries) when I actually post some

Birthday: December 21st

Hobbies: Story Writing, Horse Riding, Knitting, Vollyball, Softball, and Reading. (watching and listening to Phantom of the Opera, and talking about it with other obsessed Fans)

Turn-offs: Retards who refuse to learn, people who have bad grammar, Christians that have their head so far up their butt hey push other people away, and people who hate Phantom of the Opera!

(AND! People who think Gerard Butler isn't the sexiest thing in the world when he sings in Phantom of the Opera)

Eye Color: Beautifully rich and hypnotic pools of blue.

Fave Place: Scotland (I wanna go sooo bad)

Fave Color: Purple leaning a little to the reddish side

Fave TV Shows: MASH, Ghost Whisperer, Psych, and Mentalist

Fave Movie: Phantom of the Opera! Was there ever any doubt? And also Avatar :D

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All I Ask Of You reviews
"If I went back my resolve would waver. I knew at this moment that I didn't care about anything else but being with him, but if I went back I may realize what a fool I was being" Boquet has just been murdered and Christine's first thought is her angel.
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